MakerDAO Approves $100M USDC Deployment at Yearn Finance

carbon news 2023-01-24 16:23:13 阅读数:36


Carbon Chain Value APP news, according to official news, the Maker DAO community approved a proposal on Monday to deploy up to $100 million of its stable currency (USDC) in reserves to DeFiProtocol Yearn Finance, the deposited stablecoins will earn income.Maker will set up a personal non-custodial vault in Yearn, capped at $100 million, for transfers from PSM to USDC.Based on a proposal submitted in late November, MakerDAO expects the strategy to yield 2 percent annually.Some 72% of voters supported the plan.Additionally, for transfers of USDC reserves in the PSM, an additional "executive vote" is required.

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