Golden Morning Post | The first nuclear-powered Bitcoin mining center in the United States is completed

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▌The first nuclear-powered Bitcoin mining center in the United States is completed

金色财经报道,The first nuclear-powered data center in the United States to host bitcoin mining services(Cumulus Susquehanna data center campus)Recently completed. Independent Power Producer Talen Energy 子公司、Manufacturer of zero-carbon data centers Cumulus Data Has completed its first by 25 The power shell of the data center powered by the gigawatt nuclear power plant,The data center will be directly connected to Northeastern Pennsylvania Susquehanna 核电站,其占地 1,200 The acre campus is expected to host bitcoin mining and cloud computing services.据悉,2021 年 8 月,Talen Energy and crypto mining companies TeraWulf 签署合资协议,It is expected to be available in the first quarter of this year 50 Megawatts of net mining capacity.










▌South Africa adds encryption-related advertising standards,Regulate crypto companies andKOL

金色财经报道,近日,South African Advertising Regulatory Commission(ARB)Added terms for advertisements involving cryptocurrencies,Designed to protect investors and consumers. The new terms stipulate,Ads that include cryptocurrency offerings are required“Clearly and clearly”声明,Investments may result in capital loss,Ads for specific services and products must start with “容易理解”explained to the intended audience.Ads must also revolve around rewards related to related products or services、Features and risks provide balanced information.社交媒体KOLand brand ambassadors are also prohibited from giving advice on trading or investing in crypto assets,Promises of return on investment are prohibited.

▌Europol组织:BitzlatoConverted to crime-related support Ultra10亿美元

金色财经报道,Europol said in its latest statement,加密货币交易所BitzlatoTraded approx 10 亿欧元(10.8 亿美元)Assets associated with criminal activity,包括比特币 (BTC)、Dash and Litecoin,As well as dollars and Russian rubles.Europol also said,Crime-related assets accounted for about 50% of the platform 21 亿欧元(23 亿美元)The total amount of funds received 46%.


▌以太坊开发者:The Shanghai upgraded public testnet will go live in the next few days

金色财经报道,以太坊基金会 DevOps 工程师 Parithosh Jayathi 透露,They have successfully created a shadow fork for the Shanghai critical upgrade(Shadow Fork)Blockchain copy,影子分叉是一个较小的测试分叉,Some changes that need to be implemented before the Shanghai upgrade can be deployed.The shadow fork happened this morning EST 5:40(北京时间下午 6:40). According to a software developer at the Ethereum Foundation Marius Van Der Wijden 称,within hours of the fork,使用 Geth The client's Ethereum node experienced some failures.此外,开发人员表示,The Shanghai upgraded public testnet will go live in the next few days.

▌FBI:Lazarus Group和APT38为HarmonyHacking is behind the scenes

金色财经报道,The FBI confirmed Monday,Lazarus集团和APT38是去年6月对Harmony进行1The mastermind behind the $100 million attack,他们试图通过RAILGUNPrivacy protocol to launder money.Lazarus Group和APT38is a cyber actor associated with North Korea,在6月24日报道的Harmony的Horizonimplemented on the bridge1billions of dollars in virtual currency theft.The hack was linked to a group called "TraderTraitor "related to malware activity,The campaign is led by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. North Korea uses the money it gets from hackers to fund its ballistic missile and weapons of mass destruction programs.去年4月,LazarusGroup and value6亿美元的Ronin漏洞有关.

▌彭博社:BlockFiWill sell gross1.6billion in bitcoin mining loans

金色财经报道,在破产过程中,加密贷款机构BlockFi正寻求出售1.6$100 million in loans backed by bitcoin mining rigs.Bidding started last year,Due to the drop in machine prices,Some loans may be undercollateralized.Mining profits have been squeezed by falling bitcoin prices and soaring electricity costs,The price of mining machines has dropped over the course of the last year80%以上.

▌Europol:BitzlatoLaw enforcement action has resulted in arrests5人,seized value1800million euro encrypted wallet

1月24日消息,According to Europol official sources,在对Bitzlatoin law enforcement actions,目前已有5人被捕(1people in Cyprus,3人在西班牙,1人在美国),1people under investigation in Portugal.BitzlatoThe main administrator was arrested in the United States,首席执行官、The chief financial officer and marketing director were arrested in Spain.价值约1800Thousands of euros worth of cryptocurrency wallets were seized,100of multiple other crypto exchanges1账户被冻结,金额5000万欧元.据此前消息,The U.S. Department of Justice said it would target Russian trading platformsBitzlato采取执法行动,Its founder and major shareholder Anatoly·莱科迪莫夫(Anatoly Legkodymov)Arrested in Miami,The reason is that he is suspected of operating a money laundering business,Violation of U.S. regulatory safeguards,Including anti-money laundering requirements.Bitzlatois a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Hong Kong and operating globally.BitzlatoThe requirements for user authentication are very low,并明确表示“Neither need a selfie,No passport is required either”.

    ▌Grayscale:美国证券交易委员会的“执法监管”Cryptocurrencies are being dragged

    金色财经报道,Grayscale 首席执行官在《华尔街日报》表示,美国证券交易委员会的“执法监管”Cryptocurrencies are being dragged,Grayscale Investments 首席执行官Michael Sonnenshein 表示,美国证券交易委员会的“执法监管”Methods are preventing the development of Bitcoin in the United States Grayscale Investments With the crypto lender that recently filed for bankruptcy protection Gemini 共享母公司.

      ▌Maker DAO批准在DeFi协议Yearn Finance上部署1亿美元的USDC

      金色财经报道,去中心化金融(DeFi)巨头Maker DAOThe community approved a proposal on Monday,从其在DeFi协议Yearn FinanceDeploy Gundams in the reserves above1亿美元的稳定币(USDC),Deposited stablecoins will earn income in them.

        ▌赵长鹏:The industry needs robustness appropriate to its cross-border nature、Comprehensive and globally consistent crypto regulation

        1月24日消息,赵长鹏发推表示,IMF的BoLi和Nobuyasu Sugimoto A great way to implement encryption regulations.Strengthen financial regulation and develop global standards,can help address many concerns about crypto assets,Regulations need to be clarified as soon as possible.Our industry needs robustness appropriate to its cross-border nature、Comprehensive and globally consistent crypto regulation.For how it works globally,It must adapt to the changing industry landscape.








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