Polygon Ecological Weekly (1.16-1.22)

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Ecological events

Rarible extends market builder to Polygon

The community-focused multi-chain NFT marketplace now supports the Polygon community.Creators who mint NFTs on Polygon can brand their own specific NFT collection for free, offering creators new ways to engage with the community.


National Geographic Launches NFT Collection on Polygon

National Geographic (National Geographic) has partnered with SnowcrashNFT to release their first NFT series - GM: Daybreak Around The World - on Polygon to celebrate National Geographic's 135th anniversary.


Polygon hard fork upgrade completed

On January 17, the Polygon PoS network completed a hard fork upgrade. After this upgrade, the performance of the Polygon network has improved to another level.


Reddit Avatar NFT Holders reach 6 million

Reddit’s Avatar NFT series on Polygon has reached 6 million unique holders as of January 16th, the largest adoption rate for an NFT to date.


Polygon Partnered with Viker

Viker is an experienced mobile game studio dedicated to bringing P2E to the masses.The partnership will bring everyday mini-games like Solitaire and Who Will Be a Millionaire to Polygon.


Polygon New RPC Provider - LlamaNodes

LlamaNodes now handles over 100 million requests per day on Polygon and provides users with the lowest latency available in Web3.


Alethea AI Partnership with Polygon

Alethea AI and Polygon have partnered to launch the world's first AI collectibles event, which allows any user to quickly generate AI characters as NFTs on Polygon.


BitGo will support Polygon

BitGo is the first digital asset company focused on institutional clients.Currently has more than 1,500 customers in more than 50 countries around the world, including the world's top cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms.This partnership will provide MATIC holders with two services: MATIC custody and staking.


New Partners

Aelin Live on Polygon

Aelin is a permissionless multi-chain protocol for funding and OTC transactions.It allows anyone to raise funds and find investors for their projects or OTC transactions.


About Polygon

Polygon is a leader in Ethereum scaling solutions and infrastructure development.Polygon's growing number of ecological projects allows developers to easily access all expansion solutions and infrastructure solutions.Including Layer 2 solutions (ZK rollup and Optimistic rollup), side chains, hybrid solutions, independent chains and enterprise chains, data availability, and more.At present, more than 53,000 applications have adopted Polygon's expansion solution. At the same time, Polygon has also processed more than 1.9 billion transactions, has more than 160 million independent user addresses, and guaranteed more than 5 billion US dollars in asset security.

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