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Written by: liam.eth (OP Labs CEO)


Ethereum core developers will hold a conference call this Thursday to discuss whether to take EIP-4844 into consideration (CFI).

This is a big moment for the many teams working on getting this EIP into production!

Here is why I think EIP-4844 should be taken into consideration.

Reminder: EIP-4844 adds a new fee market for short-term data on Ethereum, which Rollup will use to improve data availability.

This is a game changer for Rollup-centric roadmaps as fees can be reduced ~100x.

TL;DR Why 4844 should be considered:

  • ️ Build on withdrawal

  • ? Specification ~ completed after more than 9 months of iteration

  • ? Interop repo with stress tests

  • ? KZG Ceremony Specification Completed + Working Front End

  • ? KZG library supports Node, C#, Rust, Python, etc.

  • ? Devnet v3 will support 6/9 major clients

Let me explain each part.First, EIP-4844 is built on top of the withdrawal specification.Both the enforcement layer and the consensus layer work directly on top of the existing withdrawal implementation.No need to rebuild, it's purely additive.

The specification has undergone 9 months of intensive iterations, and the rest of the changes have been minimal.

Most client teams have already reviewed (and even implemented) it!Additionally, there are complementary consensus layer and engine API specifications.

A lot of work has been done by the developers on interoperability, which has resulted in multiple different devnets, and an additional one by Georgios KonstantopoulosNetwork stress test.Conservatively, though, we have reduced the blobs parameter for the initial iteration.

In terms of the KZG trusted setup ceremony, we are all set.

There is a finished specification with three front-end implementations and a sorter implemented and reviewed.

We have also made significant progress in the KZG library to make the implementation smoother and more reliable.C-kzg-4844 is active and implements the required components using NodeJS, CSharp, Python with Rust bindings in progress.Go-KZG is ready.

We have also made great progress on the developer testnet (devnet).

The next devnet v3 will support 6 of the 9 major clients (not bad) and should be ready by November 30th.

The community and ecosystem has been keeping up with the ever-evolving public site that contains all this information and has been for almost a year now.

In my opinion, EIP-4844 is the most promising EIP to contribute to the future of Ethereum after The Merge.

Several L2 teams, various core developers from the Ethereum Foundation, large crypto operations, and major new projects have all contributed to it, as we want to seeto Ethereum to win.

Now, I would like to add that CFI is not meant to be "included" in the next hard fork upgrade.The decision on Shanghai's promotion is an independent process.

However, given that both EIP-4844 and the withdrawal touch both the consensus layer and the enforcement layer, there seems to be good reason to consider it for inclusion in the Shanghai upgrade.

In any case, I hope that in the upcoming ACD conference call, we will be able to understand the status of EIP-4844 and make a strong judgment on the soundness of CFI status!

If you have any thoughts on this EIP and would like to comment on the next ACD conference call, please check the agenda:

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