like many crypto twitter users,I spent too much time watching last weekFTX新闻.I've been following the revelations,Rolling eyes at disclosures about company culture.It's a collective ritual to express anger and doubt,这是可以理解的.

A closer look at the disaster,We've seen its splintering horror.放大来看,We're seeing in-house psychiatrists prescribing stimulants to designers.当然,And the main event,Investing Client Funds in Bad Investments.zoom out,我们看到SBFLobbying for stricter regulations in Washington,as he advocatedDCCPA(数字商品消费者保护法),Will protect centralized exchanges,damage realDeFi.

When we eat popcorn,mourning,愤怒着,supporting each other,while continuing our project,we can't just keep our heads down,keep saying good morning to each other.我们必须停下来,喘口气,And considering that this moment is a turning point for the entire industry.

We live and breathe in this field every day,We can always follow from3AC到FTXwait for the company to collapse lie、Fraud and every twist of the liquidity crisis.Outside of the bubble,Our friends and family heard the news,Mumbling to myself while washing the dishes:I know cryptocurrency is a scam!A shell game scam from a rich man destroying the planet.I can't wait until they make this whole scam illegal.

what people need to remember is,从中本聪的白皮书开始,Cryptocurrencies were never designed to make people rich.It is designed to make us free.

cryptocurrency as a currency,拥有自主、The Promise and Freedom of Decentralized Value Exchange.Its commitment begins with COINS,And deepen and expand with the development of blockchains such as Ethereum,These blockchains are essentially going to be distributed virtual computers.Blockchain Provides Autonomy、隐私和安全,In the hands of a decentralized community,It offers the opportunity to extend the innate human self-sovereignty to the global digital stage.

This is a valuable and important technology.It brought us many good things——Royalties on smart contract execution for creators、Fully transparent decentralized exchange and true digital ownership.it helps those on the margins of society、Participating in the digital economy for those without equitable access to banking services.This technology will provide many powerful things in the future,比如安全、Private Zero-Knowledge Identity Proof——No need to disclose information to governments and regulators.In a world where we're becoming a big tech company“data cow”的世界里,Blockchain technology offers an unbiased solution.What the technology offers is not a casino,Not a foolproof investment,Nor is it another oligopolistic and occupied field.

FTXThe debacle is an opportunity for reflection and rectification.There are too many builders creating Ponzi schemes、The liquidity trap and deception.We can't take them off-chain with technology,but as a community,We can recommit to the norms and culture embodied in the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper.

就在上周,万事达卡、Wells Fargo and Citigroup launched a为期12Weekly Digital Dollar Pilot Project.This test will not take place in the real world,But using simulated data.Central bank digital currencies could offer some of the benefits of cryptocurrencies,Easy and Fast Settlement,But the risk is obvious:This currency is censorable,i.e. anyone's wallet or currency may be banned at the order of its controller.

this prospect scares me.从表面上看,that seems cool,Stealers can be deterred by cutting off funds、诈骗者、The illegal business deals and terrorists.But that requires trusting that the government won't use such tools to crack down on behaviors and groups it doesn't like.When research repeatedly shows systemic bias in organizations like the police,Trust any entity with the ability to directly control our money(let alone a country)都是不现实的.

But countries will continue to try to rein in cryptocurrencies.while attacking technology,List serious and real problems in crypto culture.To defend the technology,we have to change the culture.

We all like to say bear markets are for building.We need to prioritize how to expand cryptocurrency adoption in the real world——是否能够在Apple Pay中使用USDC(注意,USDCis a censorable token),通过Tokenproofservices such asNFT作为访问通行证,使用delegate.cashSuch a service safely delegatesNFT,Or it's easier to use cryptocurrencies directly as money、更便宜、更安全.

There are many actors around the world who are tackling this task.例如,El Salvador Has Adopted Bitcoin as Official Currency.不幸的是,Even this approach has its flaws,Because it's based on rising numbers.Digital didn't rise,Now El Salvador is signing a free trade agreement with China,China has agreed to buy El Salvador's foreign debt.

那么,How do we encourage mass adoption without price increases?当然,我没有答案——just some questions and thoughts.

One thing I've been thinking about is循环经济.This is a concept that emerged from the philosophy of systems thinking,Entities like companies adopt a materials management approach,to ensure that as much material as possible is reused、Recycled or otherwise put back into production.

Adopters of the circular economy,Includes large corporations and successful companies,可以Use blockchain to track materials,to ensure that they are effectively managed and reused.From here to the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a unit of account,and use them in day-to-day operations——From company cafeterias to mass purchases,just a short step.

This can be scaled up little by little,especially if the company、城市、机构、Eventually even the state prioritizes doing business with other entities that are doing the same thing.

There are also many local projects that can take advantage of decentralized digital currencies.Some cities have enactedlocal soft currency,Encourage people to spend within their own community,Various incentives and discounts available,to initiate and encourage this desirable activity.There is no reason why municipalities should not use a stable、There are fully supported cryptocurrencies for this purpose.

as an individual in the field,We can use the momentum of this moment,Re-establishing the norms when cryptocurrencies were invented——安全、透明、社区、Education and Social Change.These are not in conflict with the goal of protecting consumers and the ability to fight crime and sanction bad actors.

we can vote with our feet and wallets(“用脚投票”refers to the capital、人才、Technology flows to those that can provide better public services行政区域),Participate in projects that uphold these values.We can also organize as a community,Appeal to the platforms we use every day、Higher standards of accountability for infrastructure services and tools.

Many people join this field in search of opportunity and fortune.这是非常可以理解的——The nature of the society we live in means that the pursuit of profit is a survival strategy.But the reason for the price increase should reflect the utility and promise of blockchain technology,not casino logic.

在FTXIn the chaos after the collapse,If countries implement regulatory responses that actually protect huge、Opaque centralized exchanges,it will be one of the greatest tragedies.美国DCCPAThe wait bill won't stop anotherFTX事件的发生.KYCRegulations unlikely to deter crime better than existing mechanisms.What can help everyone is protectionDeFi的法规,and will disclose transparency standards for assets and liabilities、On-chain open source code with strong security reviews、As well as protection and clear risk education for individuals and communities involved in the field are in place.

it also involves profound cultural and political change in governments——Stop collecting our human data and using it to control us.Our rights to privacy and liberty have nothing to do with ideology.they are so important,Cannot be aligned with conspiracy theories or pre-existing political agendas.Various ideologies have pro- and anti-cryptocurrency members,But the decentralization movement has the potential to transcend ideology.

目前,The average person on the street thinks about cryptocurrencies,would be associated with scams and hackers..It's up to us to emphasize the truth of another narrative,The way cryptocurrencies are making the world a better place.This field is so dynamic、optimism and enthusiasm,i know we can do this.We need to put more effort into telling good stories,like we're looking for the latestalpha一样.

我一直在想FTXcrashes and fromLuna到3AC再到BlockFiLivelihoods that have been destroyed by other crashes.残疾人、来自“全球南方”(Often used to refer to low- and middle-income countries,Its geographical location is mostly located in the southern part of the earth)No bank account、All over the world community and enterprises,Entrust your life savings to these formidable leaders,Mainly because they believe it's safe.We have not reached everyone can confidently self managed funds,but we will.What can we do together to get closer to this?