Gold trend - miners surrender to buy opportunity?

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Puell Multiple It is the process of tracking when miners may start selling bitcoin on a large scale to make a profit ,Puell Multiple Is the current miner's income and its 365 The ratio between the daily averages , This indicator is used to identify BTC The price cycle , So that traders can judge whether the price of newly mined bitcoin is too high or too low in history from the perspective of miners .

When Puell Multiple When high , It shows that the bitcoin accumulated by miners is much cheaper than the market price , Then there is an incentive to sell for higher profits , This period often BTC The price has reached its peak , And when Puell Multiple When it's low , It indicates that the miners are operating under relative pressure at this time , Mining BTC The relative value is underestimated , Miners are less willing to sell , This period generally represents BTC At the opposite bottom .

As shown in the title , We found that the index fell to the historical low green area again , The last time I fell to the green area was 2018 At the bottom of the bear market , Further ahead is 2011 Years and 2014 Bottom of bear market in , After a period of bottom consolidation , After continuous wear and tear, start the bull market , At present, the index has dropped to a low level , indicate BTC The price is again relatively undervalued , Miners are less willing to sell , The probability of rear steering accumulation is high , So at present BTC May already be in the bottom area , It will take time to become stronger , Low absorption in batches can be considered for the medium and long term .( Golden Finance )

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