Xiao Feng: the "liquefaction phenomenon" of the industrial meta universe

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This is Dr. Xiaofeng, chairman and general manager of Wanxiang blockchain, speaking at youzhichi square · Internet of things think tanks unite with Zhiwu AIoT The fourth conference held by the Industrial Research Institute “ Zhiwu ·AloT Industrial leaders summit ” The speech on . The following is arranged according to the shorthand of the activity , Slight deletion without affecting the original intention .

In the industrial meta universe , How will the physical manufacturing industry 、 Hardware 、 Equipment, etc “ liquefaction ”, That is, how to make them invisible 、 Digitization 、 virtualization , It is a problem that needs us to think carefully .

Product definition software

In the industrial meta universe ,“ Software redefines everything ” Will become more comprehensive 、 More detailed 、 More in-depth .

There is a book called 《 The future is wet 》,“ Wet ” In English words, it means like water 、 Soft 、 Invisible . In turn, , The industrial revolution is hard 、 A cold fish 、 Angular , Has a powerful physical architecture . In the meta universe , Not only does software begin to redefine everything , And everything has become software , The whole world will be “ Wet ”, It's all software , Even physically shaped devices 、 product , It is also driven by software 、 Constructed from code . This is in the metauniverse “ Liquefaction phenomenon ” The first feature of , The product definition is completely software .

Design production virtualization

The second feature of the industrial meta universe is the complete virtualization of design and production , for instance , BMW makes use of Omniverse This set of digital design simulation test to production line layout platform , Design products completely virtualized , Virtualize to do 3D Simulation , Finally, the whole process flow and line layout are virtualized , Finally, we will arrange a production line of new BMW cars in the physical space .

Design production virtualization makes updating iterations 、 The design cycle may range from one year 、 Two years was quickly reduced to one month 、 a week , You can iterate over your design , In this way, the fixed cost during the new car design will be reduced a lot , The launch time of different versions of new cars will also be much faster . It used to be necessary to make a set of automobile molds manually in the physical space , And now you don't need it . In the past, it was necessary to make samples constantly , Keep testing to find problems , From the introduction of the concept car to the real finalization production , It may take three to five years . secondly , There is a gap between the concept car and the real production car , Now all this can be done in the virtual world , It means that the production cycle is shorter , Iterations are faster .

Programmable manufacturing and operation

Hardware manufacturing 、 Equipment manufacturing requires a large scale to absorb fixed costs , Not up to a certain batch 、 Number , Fixed costs cannot be amortized , So it is difficult to achieve personalized definition . After the realization of programmability, large-scale personalized customization can be achieved , Anyone can customize according to their own personalized needs , This does not add more fixed costs . Make equipment and hardware manufacturing as Internet software , At any time 、 Anywhere 、 On demand 、 Carry on .

Industrial chain agreement

What is protocol ? Both the Internet and blockchain are built by layer by layer protocols . Take the Internet as an example , At the bottom is IP agreement , Above all TCP agreement 、UDP agreement 、HTTP agreement 、SMTP agreement . When Internet companies in any country develop Internet product applications , The agreement on which it is based is globally uniform , We use the same IP agreement , Use the same HTTP Agreement to build your own website , Use the same SMTP Protocol to build your own mailbox system , Only on the basis of a global agreement can we communicate with each other .

In the era of industrial meta universe , Cooperation between industrial chains 、 Cooperation between supply chains 、 The cooperation between upstream and downstream has gradually moved from company system to agreement , We open source our own code according to a unified protocol 、 Open up your own cooperation to drive the whole Ecology , Instead of relying on the corporate system or other ways to build the chain of cooperation . This is a very important point , The industrial meta universe will be like the Internet and blockchain , The agreement will drive the cooperation and cooperation of the whole industrial chain .

Intangible product value

In current hardware 、 equipment 、 In the process of manufacturing , The software value will gradually exceed the hardware value of the product , Take electric cars for example , The software value of a car is 1 ten thousand -3 Between ten thousand dollars , It gradually exceeds the value of hardware , The value of service industry has gradually exceeded the value of production , The income of the service sector also exceeds that of the production sector .

Financial services are embedded

Internet protocol ,IP agreement 、TCP agreement 、UDP agreement 、HTTP agreement 、SMTP The protocols are open source 、 Free of charge 、 Without permission , Anyone who develops Internet applications can use these protocols to develop their own Internet applications for free .

But on the other hand , Because open source is free , This makes it impossible for these protocol layers to capture value , Value can only be captured through the application layer , Therefore, many business models of the Internet may have the situation that the wool comes from the pig and the dog pays for it . namely , Basic services are free , Because the app is built for free 、 Open source protocol , Using these protocols does not require money , Therefore, the basic services under these agreements are free , And through value-added services 、 Plus services 、 External services to capture value .

The industrial meta universe is somewhat similar to blockchain . The industrial meta universe is built on Web3 And the blockchain , Value capture is within the scenario , Value light settlement is embedded in the whole process , No longer an external financial system , It's the financial system 、 Value capture is in the agreement .

Therefore, the industrial meta universe must be Tokenization Of , There must be one Token To help you drive the whole business , Make sure it continues smoothly , And in the process 、 Capture value in scenarios , Just like the blockchain protocol .

The biggest difference between the blockchain protocol and the internet protocol is that the blockchain protocol has its own financial system 、 Own value settlement agreement , It is both an account system , It is also a light settlement system , To use this protocol, you have to pay for it , But use HTTP The agreement need not be HTTP Agreement payment . This is a very big difference in the industrial meta universe , Its value capture and value settlement are embedded in it , Not plug-in .

Now the traditional financial system is plug-in , To leave the business scene through the financial system 、 Financial accounts do value settlement , Seeking financial services .

Integration of production and service

In the previous model , manufacturing 、 Hardware 、 equipment , The relationship between the two parties ends when the sale is completed , If you want to upgrade your consumption , You have to buy a generation of products , This generation of products has nothing to do with the manufacturers . But not now , Like electric cars , More and more networked , More and more software driven , Every software upgrade 、 Code updates will be charged . The production and service process of an electric vehicle manufacturer after selling a vehicle is not over , Every month I pass OTA Charge for 、 Capture new value .

Second, the products in the industrial meta universe are almost completely the model of product life cycle management , This means that value can be captured throughout the product lifecycle , Charge a certain fee , Including service charges 、 Software update fee and software upgrade fee , Therefore, production and service are integrated , No manufacturing factory will sell its products without contacting customers 、 Do not know the customer's situation . Enterprises will know who is using their products and continue to provide services to customers , Capture value from customers .

Nodalization of hardware equipment

In the absence of the Internet 、 There is no industrial metauniverse , Each piece of hardware is independent , But because of the industrial meta universe , These hardware devices are networked , Become a node on the network , Therefore, the value of this hardware device is not only its use value after being purchased by the customer , And its network value after networking .

Kevin · Kelly observed more than ten years ago “ Fax machine effect ”, It is very appropriate to understand the nodalization of hardware devices in the metauniverse .

So-called “ Fax machine effect ” You spent the morning 2000 Yuan to buy a fax machine , You enjoy the value of this hardware device , You can send a fax . But you also joined the fax network by buying this fax machine , This network has 1000 Ten thousand fax machines , You can ask another 1000 Ten thousand fax machines send faxes , This is network value , For you this 2000 Dollars is worth using this fax machine , At the same time, after you join the fax machine network, you may enjoy 100 Billion 、1000 Billion network value . When you bought a fax machine this morning , In the afternoon, there was another 10000 I bought a fax machine , New to this fax network 10000 Individuals are valuable to you , Because you have more possibilities to send faxes , You can send a fax to the person who bought the fax machine in the afternoon , Their participation is of great value to you , Your participation is also valuable to them , This is it. “ Fax machine effect ”.

It is very appropriate to use this effect to describe the value of hardware nodalization , This value is also brought about by the industrial meta universe . The hardware you buy is not just about its value , More network effect and network value , The industrial meta universe will also produce such network effects and values .

manufacturing “ liquefaction ”

Hardware “ liquefaction ”、 equipment “ liquefaction ” It will eventually bring new things to the economic and commercial laws , It has the potential to make manufacturing 、 equipment 、 Hardware has software 、 Economic laws like the Internet .

The economic law of Internet software has a high fixed cost , But the marginal cost is almost zero , After a set of software is developed , The marginal cost of one person's use is the same as that of onemillion people's use . Manufacturing cannot achieve zero marginal cost , But it can reduce the marginal cost 、 The process of increasing marginal effect .

The marginal cost of an electric vehicle manufacturing process cannot be reduced , But the software in it can reduce the marginal cost , Such as automatic driving from L2 Upgrade to L4, This marginal cost is decreasing . Just hardware 、 Intangible value in equipment ( Such as software system ) The higher the , The more the marginal cost of the Internet software industry decreases or even the marginal cost is zero 、 The process of increasing marginal income .

This is the industrial meta universe “ Liquefaction phenomenon ”.2014 year ,IBM Has published a white paper on the Internet of things 《 Equipment democracy 》, After the networking of IOT devices , Especially after running on the blockchain , It can be ad hoc , Become a distributed and self-organizing network , So it's called “ Equipment democracy ”, It can make many decisions by itself . The white paper describes that after the devices are connected to the Internet, there will be “ liquefaction ” The phenomenon , I borrowed the word , Here to 《 Equipment democracy 》 White paper greetings .

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