EBay Announces Acquisition of knownorigin in NFT Market

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eBay The company announced today that , Is acquiring... In Manchester NFT market KnownOrigin. The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed . eBay Express , The two companies have 6 month 22 The transaction was signed and completed on .KnownOrigin Enable artists and collectors to create 、 Purchase and resale NFT. eBay Express , It is buying the whole company , Include IP And team .

The company is run by Andy · gray (Andy Gray)、 David · Mole (David Moore) And James · morgan (James Morgan) On 2018 Founded in 2000 . All three co founders will join eBay.

eBay CEO Jamie · Iano (Jamie Iannone) Said in a statement

Before this acquisition 1 Months ,eBay The company with web3 platform OneOf Co launch its first NFT Collection . The company's new “Genesis”NFT The series will feature 3D And animation to interpret the iconic athletes on the cover of Sports Illustrated for many years . eBay Express , The surge in the collectable market has contributed to its NFT First cooperation in the field .

Even though eBay It plays an important role in the field of online shopping , But the company will compete with dozens of existing encryption primitives NFT Reduce workload due to market competition . However , It's right KnownOrigin 's acquisition shows that the company is taking it seriously NFT.(cnBeta)

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