Nansen's 7 views on NFT market prospect

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Look at history NFT Chart , from 8 Everything has changed since January ,NFT The market has not reached last year 8-9 Sales volume and number of users in the month .NFT The market has been trying to return to its original level all year —— Even if it is very close , But it hasn't fully recovered yet .

data display , stay 2022 For most of the year ,ETH Price and NFT The floor prices are strongly correlated .

NFT It's a momentum asset , If the floor price rises yesterday , There is a greater chance of rising today . however ,NFT Floor prices will fall most of the time .

Yuga Your success is hard to replicate .

Compare the performance of recent airdrops : Beanz yes 2 times , Because of every Azuki All the holders get 2 Times the return .

Some good traders , They all have the following characteristics :

1) Sufficient funds , It can guarantee the liquidity of investment , You can make crazy bets

2) Regardless of profit or loss , Fast in and fast out

3) You can find ways to make money most of the time in the market

1) Even if there were... In the market very early NFTs, these NFT It is also known and purchased by the public in recent years . quite a lot NFT Series will be hard to return to the original price .

2) If you want to buy something that is in a value depression NFT, To find those who have capital 、 Have a vision 、 And a team with a strong belief that they can survive this bear market .

3) NFT By FOMO Driven , So it's hard to let it burst again . Even if you have failed, you are still brave to pursue your dream !

4) I believe in it NFT Can withstand the impact of the bear market and rebound and carry out ecological reconstruction . But after reconstruction, it may be a completely new project .

5) Our optimistic team will also find , It will be easier to start a new project .

6) For most teams , Even a very good team , It is also difficult to avoid project failure . When the team NFT The price is low , Low sales , No work to do and some cash to keep the project running , It's going to get into trouble .

7) I'll see Yuga, Proof, World of Women, CloneX (Nike), Doodles These teams , They have capital and innovation to promote their long-term development .

8) Record your experiences . Bear markets make you poorer , But it also makes you smarter .

When ETH When it goes up ,BAYC The possibility that the floor price will rise is ETH Increasing 2 times .

When ETH The price is falling ,Punk The floor price has only gone up 21% .

 The source of the original : Blockchain data analysis platform Nansen, encryption KOL NFTstatistics.eth The source of the original : Blockchain data analysis platform Nansen, encryption KOL NFTstatistics.eth

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