The data collection market will soon be on track after the release of the new specification

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all the time , The development direction of the digital collection market is relatively vague , Now this situation is expected to change !

Get into 2022 year , The number of digital collection platforms has skyrocketed , Up to now, it has reached 500 More than a . meanwhile , Relevant policies and regulations 、 Industry self-discipline conventions have also been issued , Although it plays a guiding role to some extent , But it still needs to be improved .

6 month 17 Japan , The inaugural meeting of the national digital cultural and creative normative governance ecological matrix and the launching ceremony of the national copyright transaction protection alliance chain were held , At the meeting 《 Digital cultural and creative norms governance ecological matrix convention 》( Hereinafter referred to as 《 convention 》).

Unlike before , This conference and related documents have standardized the digital collections more comprehensively , And pointed out the development direction , It also indicates that the market is gradually on the right track .

blockbuster 《 convention 》 Release

One of the most noteworthy points at this meeting is 《 convention 》 Content , It is in the development of digital cultural creation and digital intellectual property protection 、 Standard governance 、 Early warning, prevention and control, etc “ Digital cultural and creative standard governance 11 ” Authoritative advice :

Of the eleven , There are contents mentioned in relevant documents in the past , For example, property rights 、 Real name system, etc , But there are also some points that are rarely mentioned , For example, sales 、 Gift 、 Transfer and other acts for supervision .

From the admittance review of the operating entity , To the intellectual property rights of products 、 registration 、 Keep on record 、 Exhibition 、 sales 、 Pricing, etc , Then to market control , Even the user's behavior and so on , The 《 convention 》 Made comprehensive suggestions .

Of course ,《 convention 》 It also recognizes the value of data collection , To advocate digital cultural and creative products, we should pay attention to cultivating and practicing socialist core values , Encourage high-quality scenario application of digital economy and enable the real economy .

On the whole , The 《 convention 》 Is more comprehensive , On the one hand, it affirms the value of data collection , On the one hand, it guides the standardization of the whole industrial chain , The existing risk points are also warned , This is of great significance to the healthy and long-term development of the digital Tibet market in the future .

National Copyright transaction protection alliance chain - Cross chain mutual recognition

except 《 convention 》 Outside , Another key focus this time is the release of the national copyright transaction protection alliance chain .

We used to know all kinds of alliance chains , Such as ant chain 、 There is an obvious defect in Zhixin chain , That is, there is no mutual recognition between chains , Collections based on ant chain cannot be found on the Zhixin chain , such “ Anti consensus ” The real value of data collection is seriously limited by the problem of , This is also one of the reasons why the value of data collection is generally looked down upon .

The national copyright transaction protection alliance chain released this time adopts the main sub chain structure , It can be connected with the financial blockchain 、 Judicial blockchain cross chain mutual recognition , This will largely overcome many defects of the alliance chain compared with the public chain , Become a blockchain service infrastructure with national endorsement .

future , It will be the national digital cultural innovation 、 Digital rights 、 Digital fashion 、 Digital art 、 Virtual human 、 Excellent digital cultural and creative products such as virtual world and real interactive industry can not be tampered with 、 Distributed 、 Highly credible copyright ownership confirmation 、 Copyright digital development 、 Information Delivery 、 Digital copyright holds 、 Copyright value management 、 Copyright protection 、 Certification evaluation 、 Authorized hosting 、 Circulation assurance and other services .

“ Governance matrix of digital cultural and creative norms ”

As the initiator , The national digital cultural and creative norm governance ecological matrix can be said to have full weight .

The reason is xinhua 、 Shanghai Cultural Property Exchange 、 China International Cultural Exchange Center 、 China Cyberspace Security Association initiated , The rights and Interests Protection Office of the Chinese writers' Association 、 Chinese character Copyright Association 、 China Tourism Research Institute ( Ministry of culture and tourism data center )、 China Institute of electronic technology standardization 、 China Industrial Internet Research Institute 、 Virtual economy and data science research center, Chinese Academy of Sciences 、 China International Culture Group Co., Ltd 、 UnionPay commerce Co., Ltd. and other institutions jointly initiated , have other 3 Support organizations 、135 Member institutions .

At present, more and more member organizations have joined it .

Last , There are more expectations behind more regulation !

Whether it's 《 convention 》 Comprehensive guidance on values and problems in , It is also a heavy release of the National Alliance chain , All indicate the development direction of the domestic digital collection market in the future .

at present , It's not just companies , There are also local governments 、 State owned assets are actively investing in the Tibetan market .

The state is standardizing the development of digital cultural creativity , Support the long-term prosperity of digital cultural innovation , Make positive contributions to providing path guidance for enterprises that legally and legally use blockchain and other technical means to help the development of digital cultural innovation .

All in all , The digital Tibet market is on track , Give full play to the technical advantages of blockchain , Accelerate the development of digital economy , And empower the real economy , Combine with industrial industry , And consumption 、 Wen Brigade 、 Manufacturing, etc , Play value in a broader field .( Golden Finance )

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