Alex, a venture capitalist: the decline makes the market more rational. The next "bayc" may still appear in the avatar NFT track

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Alex From about 2015 In, it began to immerse in the blockchain field , Also experienced the ups and downs of the market , For the new NFT Track , He has an open and cautious attitude .

Alex From about 2015 In, it began to immerse in the blockchain field , Also experienced the ups and downs of the market , For the new NFT Track , He has an open and cautious attitude .Alex Contrast push representation ,NFT There are many innovations in the field , It's refreshing , However, from the perspective of the audience , Head portrait (PFP) class NFT Is still the potential next with Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) Sub sectors where the heat is competing .

NFT field " Good and evil people mixed up "

NFT since 2021 It has attracted more and more participants since , However, the quality of the project is uneven .Alex Express :“ Many of the projects that I attended this time , Maybe the next conference will not exist , I have some preliminary communication with some project parties , Their understanding of the industry is not very deep , Whether it is the participants or the project side , Everyone's cognitive level and scope of knowledge are still in the primary stage ”.

“ The obverse and reverse sides of a coin ”

Capital's pursuit of emerging things is not a bad thing .Alex Contrast push representation , The uneven development shows that many new users and entrepreneurs have noticed NFT.

He said :“ I think this is a double-edged sword technique , There are good and bad , For example, we also met some artists , They want to put their works in NFT The way to distribute , I also met the kind of surrounding team , They turned their attention to NFT On , It's for you NFT Around , This is also a kind of cultural transmission ”.

Innovation came into being

Alex Express , stay NFT.NYC We also see innovation in all directions , From the bottom of technology to business model , From platform to project , Head portrait 、 members 、 pass , wait . He said :“ I saw an interesting project , One focuses on AI Of NFT platform , There are about three NFT, One is the brain of artificial intelligence NFT, This brain can be embodied in a NFT In my role ( Virtual characters ), The other one is form( Rule configuration )NFT, Three NFT Together, you can train this virtual character on the platform , The team uses this to do NFT Artificial intelligence football match . There are two innovations involved , One is GameFi, The other is artificial intelligence . We are not directly operating this role to play football , Or through the training of data model , Make its model better , Better algorithm , Then come and win the football match . Its specific commercial applications also need to be considered , But I think it is a very innovative project ”.

NFT Falling makes the market more rational

NFT The market is cooling , Even though OpenSea Still keep your head NFT The position of the market , But the average selling price 、 Both the number of traders and sales are declining .5 month 20 Japan , The daily trading volume of this platform is 4300 Thousands of dollars ;6 month 22 Japan , Daily trading volume dropped to nearly 1700 Thousands of dollars .

NFT Critics are getting louder and louder in the bear market , Market sentiment is falling .Alex Think , There are various roles in the market , Short term hype is a role , The other is long-term investment or cultural believers . Short term price falls are a healthier behavior , Because if prices keep going up , The rationality of investment and choice will be reduced , Only when the market fluctuates , In order to filter and precipitate something that is really doing 、 Valuable projects .

Because of the fall in prices , Investors are more cautious when investing , The project side needs to do more valuable 、 Something that can better meet the market demand , Therefore, a bear market is a treatment and correction for the health of the market .

NFT And cultural identity

Alex The avatar on social media is a MAYC NFT, In his opinion , Having a specific cultural atmosphere or artistic value NFT Especially attractive , He said :“ For example, Murakami Takashi , There are also some hot ones recently goblintown, They all have a very unique community culture . monkey (BAYC) It is a brand and community culture with a strong construction IP, its IP It was really successful ”.

When asked about the next one, I could talk to BAYC Heat countered NFT In which segment ,Alex Express :“PFP Type bar , A wide audience , Cycle is long . There are still some hard injuries in other fields ”.

author :Mary Liu