Bitcoin fell below $20000, the lowest in 18 months

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The Federal Reserve raised interest rates sharply to curb high inflation , Investors withdraw from riskier assets as interest rates rise , Cryptocurrencies bear the brunt and continue to plummet . Bitcoin fell further to... On Saturday 2 Less than US $10000 ( about 2 ten thousand 7800 SGD ), yes 18 Months of new lows .

According to Bloomberg data , As of Saturday morning London time , Bitcoin fell more than 9% to 1 ten thousand 8732 dollar , This is the second in a row 12 A record loss , Also from 2020 year 12 The lowest price since January . In total, it has fallen by about... This year 59%.

Bitcoin's competitors , The etheric fang (Ethereum) Supported ethercoins (ether) Fall below 1000 dollar , Down near 11% to 975.24 dollar , yes 2021 year 1 The lowest level since . Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, has fallen more than this year 70%, It fell more than bitcoin .

Arkesh, head of encryption and digital asset strategy at Bank of America · Shah (Alkesh Shah) A report released on Friday said , Investors are still cautious ,“ Although it's painful , But it may be healthy to eliminate the foam in this industry , Because investors turn their attention to projects that have clear cash flow and are profitable , Not pure revenue growth .”

Bad news continues in cryptocurrency , Last month Terra Blockchain crashes , This month is the cryptocurrency lending platform Celsius Network Suddenly announced the suspension of all customers' withdrawals 、 Exchange and transfer business , Another cryptocurrency lending platform Babel Finance It was also announced on Friday . More Than This , Cryptocurrency hedge fund Sanjian capital suffered huge losses , Are considering selling assets or seeking help to get out of trouble .

Blockchain market data provider Glassnode say , Even long-term holders who have so far avoided selling , Now we are under pressure .

OANDA Senior market analyst Moya said on Thursday , Investors' fears of a recession have intensified , Reduced interest in risky assets ,“ This makes cryptocurrency traders cautious about buying bitcoin at the current low …… For cryptocurrencies , It's all bad news .”

There will be further turbulence in the cryptocurrency industry , because Coinbase Global Inc、Gemini and Blockfi And other cryptocurrency trading and lending platforms have expressed , As investors abandon risky assets , They will also lay off thousands of employees .

Bitcoin has fallen below 2 Thousands of dollars analysts : There is still a chance to rebound

however , Analyst of Bloomberg think tank's analysis and Research Center, MEG long (Mike McGlone) Still optimistic about , Even if it falls through 2 $10000 level , Historical data shows that bitcoin may find key support in this price range . He said in a report on Wednesday , Bitcoin should have a chance to rebound , May be in 2 Ten thousand dollars or so ,“ It's like 2018 to 2019 Fall to 5000 dollar , and 2014 - 2015 Fall to 300 The dollar bounced back .”