Beijing will provide legislative guarantee for the development of digital economy such as blockchain

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In recent days, ,《 Regulations of Beijing Municipality on the promotion of digital economy ( Solicitation draft )》 Solicit opinions publicly , The regulations elevate Beijing's effective policies and measures into laws and regulations , Inject strong impetus into the development of digital economy through institutional innovation , It also provides legal guarantee for accelerating the construction of a benchmark city of global digital economy .

《 Regulations 》 There are nine chapters and fifty-eight articles in total , From digital infrastructure 、 Data resources 、 Digital industrialization 、 Industry digitalization 、 Digital governance 、 In terms of digital economy security and safeguard measures, we will design laws and regulations for the work of digital economy in this city , Among them is 4 The development of blockchain involves .

The first is digital infrastructure ,《 Regulations 》 Article 14 clearly states , this city Comprehensively promote artificial intelligence 、 Blockchain 、 big data 、 Privacy computing 、 Urban space operation system and other new technology infrastructure construction , Support the construction of general algorithms 、 The underlying technology 、 Open source software and hardware and other common platforms , Establish a leading new technology capability support system .

The second is digital industrialization and industrial digitization ,《 Regulations 》 Propose to pass funds 、 project 、 Calculation force and other methods , Support the open source community 、 Open source platform and open source project construction , Expand and strengthen the core industrial clusters of digital economy such as blockchain .

In terms of industry digitalization ,《 Regulations 》 It is proposed to promote industrial digitization through digital trade and digital transformation of agricultural and rural infrastructure , On the one hand, it supports the development of cross-border e-commerce 、 Cross border logistics and cross-border payment , Promote international mutual recognition of digital certificates and electronic signatures , Build a special channel for Internet data 、 International data information dedicated channel and application support platform based on advanced technologies such as blockchain , Promote digital trade delivery 、 Settlement facilitation .

The other is to speed up the digital transformation of agricultural and rural infrastructure , Accelerate the promotion of the Internet of things 、 Remote sensing monitoring 、 Blockchain 、 Deep application of artificial intelligence and other technologies , Improve the production of agricultural products 、 machining 、 sales 、 Digital level of logistics and rural governance , Promote the innovative development of digital village and smart agriculture .

Finally, digital governance ,《 Regulations 》 Pointed out that , City 、 The district urban administrative department shall, in conjunction with relevant departments Rely on the Internet of things 、 Blockchain and other technologies promote urban operation “ One network management ” Related work in the field , Build an urban operation and management platform , Carry out vital signs monitoring of urban operation , In Municipal Administration 、 Urban transportation 、 ecological environment 、 Public Health 、 Social security 、 Deepen the application of digital technology in emergency management and other fields , Realize the rapid response and emergency linkage of major emergencies . City 、 The district market supervision department will work with relevant departments to build an integrated comprehensive supervision system , Make full use of public data and regulatory systems in various fields , Implement off-site law enforcement 、 Credit regulation 、 New regulatory models such as risk early warning , Improve the level of supervision .

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