Meta universe weekly | Google develops instant translation ar glasses; The market scale of meta universe may be comparable to that of mobile phones; Meta integrates horizon ventures into its meta universe platform

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since “ The first year of the meta universe ” since , Meta universe 、NFT And other related concepts are being understood by more and more people , At the same time, it has also attracted the attention of many companies and capital , And like VR、AR Such hardware is still the focus of science and technology enterprises . 

5 month 12 Japan , Experienced the suspension and online Google I/O The developer conference was finally successfully held in San Francisco mountain view city , stay 2 In the meeting for more than hours , The introduction includes 5 Hardware products and 10 Updates in multiple areas . 

It is worth noting that Google is developing AR glasses , The glasses can transcribe and translate the conversation into the text you need during the conversation , Google AI The leader described it as “ Subtitle the world ”. 

in the past , Most often mentioned AR The landing scene is usually just a game 、 Entertainment and video , But actually , At present AR The application scenarios of are constantly enriched . 

Besides , Another overseas technology giant Meta( primary Facebook) Announced its VR application Venues Integration into social platforms Horizon Worlds, This means that users will be able to Horizon Worlds Participate in live sports events 、 Concert 、 Party and other on-site activities . 

and Horizon Worlds As Meta The meta cosmic platform , Perhaps more applications and functions will be integrated , Become a “ diversified ” platform . 

This week, , qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon He said in an interview , The meta universe is not illusory , It's a very big opportunity , It may even be as large as the mobile phone market . 

This is not the first time that the meta universe has been considered promising , In recent Bloomberg statistics show that , The market scale of metauniverse is expected to reach 8000 Billion dollars . 

Metauniverse is not just a virtual world with immersive experience , But a way of production that can transform the real world 、 Way of exchange 、 Social structure and even cultural structure can be transferred to the ecosystem , Has unlimited potential . 

in addition ,5 month 11 Japan , The yuan universe industry special committee of China computer industry association was officially established , At the webinar held on the same day , Tan Jianrong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that we should start the development plan of yuanuniverse industry as soon as possible , Set industry standards . 

Beyond all doubt , The field of meta universe has unlimited development potential , But we should also see that at present, it needs good norms to lead the development of the industry , Prepare for the next technological revolution .

The era of meta universe is coming , We are full of expectation . Here are the details of this issue of the weekly , Our metacosmic heart divides it into important news 、 This week's news includes two sections , please Enioy:


Important news

【 Tan Jianrong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering : We should start the development plan of yuanuniverse industry as soon as possible , Set industry standards 】

Yuan universe industry special committee of China Computer Industry Association 5 month 11 It was officially launched and established on August , And held a webinar on the same day . At the seminar , Academician, Chinese academy of engineering 、 Tan Jianrong, a distinguished professor at Zhejiang University, said , The meta universe will become the second space parallel to the real world 、 Digital space , Future development is unlimited . We should find out the development status of the industry as soon as possible , Start the industry development plan , Set industry standards , Do a good job in basic work . He thinks that , The development of the meta universe will show five major trends : First, creation upgrading , People can create digital spaces with different scenes ; The second is computing upgrade , Create resources from the meta universe , Can make the content experience more realistic ; Third, experience upgrading , Through gestures 、 voice 、 Somatosensory 、 Body movement 、 Eye movements 、 Facial expressions, etc , Human computer interaction will change from indirect interaction to near real interaction ; Fourth, decision-making upgrading , Yuancosmos improves people's decision-making through artificial intelligence ; Fifth, business upgrading , In the meta universe , From person to person 、 The relationship between man and all things has also undergone profound changes , Bring scene revolution .


【CameraIQ And TikTok cooperation Brands can be created without coding AR Special effects 】

In recent days, ,AR Filter management platform Camera IQ Announcement and TikTok( TikTok Overseas Edition ) cooperation ,TikTok By increasing the Camera IQ Software tools for , The company provides brands with the tools they need to create for their social video applications AR The method of special effects . meanwhile TikTok Also announced with Warner Brothers Discovery Of Cartoon Network And Estee Lauder's Smashbox Wait for customers to cooperate , Create brands on social video apps AR Content .


【Meta And NBA cooperation take NBA Lane Experience brings HorizonWorlds】

In recent days, ,Meta Announced with the American Professional Basketball Association NBA cooperation , take NBA Lane Its experience brings VR Social networking platform Horizon Worlds, In memory of NBA establish 75 Anniversary of the , Give users the opportunity to explore a way to NBA A themed environment , It contains a variety of games and activities .


【 Continuous rebirth Meta-Curation The public solicitation channel of Yuan curator was officially opened 】

2022 year 4 month 21 solstice 11 month 23 Japan , Li YeMeng, an independent curator, and his continuous rebirth RGRT Participate as a curator team “ The first annual exhibition of meta cosmic art Venice ”(The1st Annual METAVERSE Art VENICE). This research exhibition, jointly organized by the University of Venice and university teachers, students and artists all over the world , Compete with Venice Biennale at the same time , By Lu Rongzhi (Victoria LU)、 Virtual singer Ling Qiu (Autumn) And artist Liu Jiaying (CryptoZR) Co sponsored . Participating curators will have the opportunity to Decentraland/Voxels Curating in virtual space , And interact with the live link of Venice exhibition through the Internet social platform . Continuous rebirth RGRT According to the reading amount of the exhibition content 、 Virtual exhibition hall exhibition effect 、 Online activity participation 、 Exhibition influence 、 Rate the communication degree and self-service linkage media institutions , Reward POAP medal .


【 Accenture released 《 Technology Outlook 2022》 Chinese version of the report : First mention “ The multiverse ” Concept 】

Accenture recently released 《 Technology Outlook 2022》 Chinese version of the report , Make a forward-looking prediction of the important technological changes that will affect the shaping of the business world in the next decade ,“ How to meet the meta universe ” Is the core topic of this report . Application prospect of meta universe , Accenture put forward in the report “ The multiverse ” The concept of , It is considered that the meta universe should be regarded as a fusion of reality and digital world , And constantly evolving and expanding dynamic system : Both cover the cloud 、 Expanding reality 、 Blockchain 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Digital twinning and edge computing ; At the same time, it also includes the ability to bring innovative experience to users , Bring innovative business models to the organization, operation and business development of enterprises . stay “ The multiverse ” Under the idea of , Accenture further proposed the future of the Internet 、 Coding world 、 Four technological development trends of virtual reality symbiosis and infinite computing power . In Accenture's view , The technological development in these four fields is the foundation of “ The multiverse ” The cornerstone of development . And push “ The multiverse ” The driving force of iterative upgrading , Not only from the liberation of computing power and the improvement of experience , At the same time, it also comes from the continuous breakthrough of the limitations of the existing Internet paradigm , And for safety 、 The construction and perfection of ethical standards .


【V God and others jointly published papers 《 Decentralized society : seek Web3 Soul 》】

Founder of Ethereum Vitalik Chief researcher of Microsoft Research Institute E. Glen Weyl、Flashbots researcher Puja Ohlhaver The release is called 《 Decentralized society : seek Web3 Soul 》 Of 37 Page papers . The paper points out that , Today, Web3 Around the expression of transferable financial assets , But many core economic activities —— For example, unsecured loans and building personal brands —— It's all built on lasting 、 On a non transferable relationship . therefore , This paper elaborates on the representative “ soul ” Commitment 、 Non transferability of documents and affiliations “ Soul binding ” Tokens, (SBT) How to code the trust network of the real economy . meanwhile ,SBT Support community wallet recovery 、 Anti witch governance and decomposable 、 New markets for rights sharing and other applications . This paper will enrich this 、 A diverse ecosystem is called “ Decentralized society ”(DeSoc). The key to this sociality is decomposable property rights and enhanced governance mechanisms to reward trust and cooperation , While protecting the network from capture 、 Extract and dominate . With this enhanced sociality ,web3 Can avoid today's hyperfinancialization , Turn to support more transformative 、 A diversified future , Increase returns across social distances .


【 The global E-sports alliance established the meta universe Committee 】

5 month 12 Daily news , Global E-sports Alliance (Global Esports Federation, abbreviation GEF) A meta cosmic Committee has been established ,“ Focus on shaping practical metacosmic development initiatives for our global community .” The committee will be composed of blockchain experts 、NFT Developers and social media KOL form . Blockchain interoperability project Flare CEO Hugo Philion Will chair the Committee .


【 Seoul, South Korea, has opened the yuancosmic city hall to the public 】

Reporter: local time 11 Learned from the Seoul municipal government of South Korea on the th ,“ Yuan universe Seoul City Hall ” On 5 month 9 Open to the public . Seoul city government said ,“ Yuan universe Seoul City Hall ” As an experimental service , Provide citizens with early experience “ Meta universe Seoul ” The opportunity of . Seoul city government plans to provide “ Yuan universe Seoul City Hall ” service , Solicit opinions freely put forward by citizens , Find out the shortcomings of platform operation , Actively reflect its contents in the official promotion of this year “ Meta universe Seoul ” On the platform project .


【Meta It is preparing to reduce the core Department of its meta universe strategy Reality Labs】

5 month 12 Daily news ,Meta Platforms(Facebook) A spokesman for confirmed to Reuters on Wednesday , Preparing to cut Reality Labs department , This department is Meta The core of metacosmic strategy , The purpose is to promote the integration of the company's hardware and the so-called meta universe strategy .Meta Chief technical officer Andrew Bosworth At the weekly Q & a meeting on Tuesday , Told the lab staff , These changes are expected to be announced within a week . Previous news ,Meta The meta universe Department Reality Labs Quarterly loss 29 Billion dollars .


【 zuckerberg : Starting this week Instagram Test digital collections on 】

5 month 9 Daily news ,Meta Platforms(FB.O)CEO Zuckerberg announced , Starting this week Instagram Test digital collections on . Zuckerberg said , A small number of American creators and collectors will be allowed to Instagram Share what they created or bought NFT. stay Instagram There is no cost associated with publishing or sharing digital collections on . The future will be in Facebook Launch digital collections on .


【 NVIDIA cooperates with Stanford University to develop ultra-thin holographic glasses 】

In a book called 《Ultra-thin (2.5 mm) glasses-form factor VR display supporting3D holographic images》 Papers , NVIDIA and Stanford University demonstrated a method for VR The idea of ultra-thin holographic glasses .


【 because Safari I won't support it WebXR, The apple was dragged down by roast WebXR Industry development 】

Since the launch of ARKitAPI since , Apple has been VR/AR A lot of investment in this field . But in terms of open standards on the Internet , Apple's progress has not kept up . In the eyes of insiders , The company “ Has been dragging down WebAR Innovation ”, because Safari There is still a lack of understanding of WebXRAPI Support for , An apple spokesman declined to comment at this time .


【 Sony Electronics will work with Theta Labs Cooperative launch 3D NFT series The Tiki Guy】

Sony Electronics (Sony Electronics) And blockchain video transmission network Theta Labs Achieve cooperation , Will launch The Tiki Guy NFT, Via Sony space reality display (Spatial Reality Display) Watch... In mixed reality , The display allows people to use traditional 3D In the case of accessories, use 3D Way to perceive things .Spatial Reality Display It can track eye movements and adjust the display as the viewer moves , Provide users with 3D Watch and experience .Theta Labs Co founder and CEO Mitch Liu Think ,NFT And the metauniverse is now 3D Visualization has great potential . It is reported that ,The Tiki Guy NFT Is a 3D Tiki Mask . these NFT There are only 10 One will be cast . Although the NFTDrop It's for 3D Designed for viewing experience , But it will also provide 2D edition .


【LISA Endorsing the yuan universe mobile game 《MetaCity M》】

In recent days, ,Gamamobi Its open world meta universe mobile game 《MetaCity M》 To be launched overseas ,LISA Become 《MetaCity M》 Global spokesperson for . according to the understanding of ,《MetaCity M》 It is a semi sandbox open world meta universe game , After the game goes online, the first one will be opened first “ live ” star : Titan . More than... On Titan 5.1 On a billion square kilometers planet , Will provide more than 8160 10000 square kilometers of exploitable land , Players in it can develop together gradually according to their own wishes 、 Build the whole meta universe , And there are no level restrictions .


【 Prime Minister of Japan : Blockchain 、NFT And metauniverse is part of Japan's future strategic growth 】

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said , And Web3 Related growth , Including with the metauniverse and NFT Relevant development will become part of Japan's future strategic growth , And called on British business leaders to support his project . According to the CoinPost reports , Kishida spoke to bankers and professional investors at London City Hall , He said , His government will carry out “ structural reform ”, With “ Create an environment ”, And focus on technology and innovation , And venture capital and digital .“ We will focus on blockchain 、NFT And metauniverse, etc Web3 Promotion of . We will achieve a society that can easily create new services .”


【Flow Introduction 7.25 Billion dollar ecological Fund ,a16z And so on 】

from Dapper Labs Development , For the next generation of games 、 Applications and digital assets Web3 platform Flow Announce launch 7.25 Billion dollar ecological Fund , The fund will focus on games 、 infrastructure 、DeFi, And the field of content and creators , For the purpose of Flow Eco projects and developers provide product development 、 Product expansion 、 Team expansion 、 User access , And general operation support . It is reported that , The participants of this ecological fund include a16z、HashKey Capital、AppWorks、Cadenza Ventures、Coatue、Coinfund、DigitalCurrency Group (DCG)、Dispersion Capital、Fabric Ventures、Greenfield One、L1 Digital、Mirana Ventures and BitDAO、OP Crypto、SkyVisionCapital、Spartan Group、UnionSquare Ventures and Dapper Ventures. Eco fund participants will invest 、FLOW Token Grants and in kind support , For existing and future developers in Flow Provide support for building applications on the blockchain .


【 Google cloud was founded Web3 The team , Add to Web3 Support for encryption related technologies 】

Gu Ge Yun (Google Cloud) The Department is forming a team , Build services for developers running blockchain applications , Because the company is trying to take advantage of the rapid popularity of cryptocurrencies and related projects . Gu Geyun, vice president Amit Zavery Tell employees in an email on Friday , Our idea is to make Google cloud platform the first choice for developers in this field .“ Although the world is still embracing Web3 Early stage of , But this market has shown great potential , Many customers ask us to increase our understanding of Web3 Support for encryption related technologies .”


【 Hainan International Culture and art trading center issued a call for high-quality products IP、 Announcement of strategic partners in art and other industries 】

As one of the key pilot projects of Hainan free trade port , Released on the official website of Hainan International Culture and art trading center 《 About collecting high quality IP、 Announcement of strategic partners in art and other industries 》, It is mentioned that institutions and individuals engaged in digital art and other industries will be invited to participate in the research 、 Promote the formulation of industry standards and rules , Standardize industry development , The solicitation objects include but are not limited to metauniverse and blockchain technology enterprises and platforms 、 Large Internet technology company 、 Virtual reality, augmented reality and other technology companies 、 Internet open source community .


【Meta Positive and Polygon Cooperate to enter Web3】

5 month 11 Daily news ,Polygon Studios CEO Ryan Wyatt Recently, I wrote on social media that : We are happy to share with you Meta Positive and Polygon Cooperate to enter Web3.Meta( primary Facebook) The reason for choosing Polygon, He said there are three main reasons :1、Polygon Have a good carbon neutral footprint ;2、Polygon Provide scalability ;3、Polygon Have a better developer environment , The developer ecosystem chooses Polygon On BUILD.


【 American video game and product sellers GameStop Applied for trademark GAMESTOP BLOCKCHAIN】

5 month 11 Daily news , American video game and product sellers GameStop Through its subsidiaries GME Entertainment Apply for a trademark GAMESTOP BLOCKCHAIN.


News of the week


  • NASA (NASA) Positive and Epic Games Cooperate to develop a super realistic VR Simulator “Mars XR”, The simulator will replicate the harsh conditions of Mars , In order to better train the next generation of astronauts .

  • Niantic Coming soon for AR City level visual positioning system of equipment .

  • Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States used VR The camera on the controller builds a body tracking system “ControllerPose”.

  • Microsoft officially announced in HoloLens2 Introduction “ The mobile platform ” function , This function was developed by Microsoft in cooperation with Volkswagen , The aim is to make this VR The head display works in places such as cars .

  • Meta take HorizonVenues Integrate to Horizon Worlds.

  • Spatial And ReadyPlayer Me cooperation , Bring the full-body avatar into its meta cosmic platform .

  • Zuckerberg meets Luxottica Chairman of the board of directors , Exhibition EMG Wrist wearing XR controller .

  • Manus The new VR glove Quantum Metagloves Open pre order .

  • Google announced that it can train deep neural networks PHORHUM Can be realized 2D Change the photo to 3D Model .

  • Cocos Release intelligent cockpit solution “Cocos HMI”.

  • TeamViewer Announced the launch of fully integrated AI plug-in unit “AiStudio”.

  • The University of Portsmouth offers XR Content center “CCIXR”.

  • Kinerse Introduce power-free VR Motion simulator .

  • Finnish waveguide display technology manufacturer Dispelix Announced with the United States LED Optical engine technology manufacturers Avegant cooperation , make VR/AR Wearable device .

  • Vet CT And Pennard Veterinary clinic cooperation , take AR Technology into the veterinary industry .

  • PrecisionOS And Medtronic cooperation , Launch portable VR Training solutions .

  • Developer Valem Make Quest 2 experimental VR game Superimpose the virtual track on the real world .

  • Vrgineers And Lockheed Martin cooperation , Development VR/MR Pilot training system .

  • Spectra7 Declared large consumer grade VR The game platform provides chipsets .

  • Zuckerberg shares ProjectCambria Color perspective function .

  • Meta Release UE4 Graphic presentation , Exhibition Showdown Quest 2 Porting version .

  • NrealAir AR Glasses will be 5 month 20 On sale in the UK market .


NFT/ Chain Tour

  • Decentralized social media funded by twitter Bluesky Provide its first pilot project to the public ADX Open source code .

  • NFT In the market 4 The month set 65 A multi month high of $billion , a 3 Month surge 23%, Only the third breakthrough in history 60 Billion dollar mark .

  • YugaLabs The meta universe project Otherside Virtual parcel Otherdeed#33 With 333.33 ETH Clinch a deal .

  • CoinbaseNFT The first day of full opening of the market is insufficient 150 Person registration .

  • Hermes sued “MetaBirkins”NFT Suspected of trademark infringement .

  • BYD once again set foot in the meta universe Launch Han NFT“ Restricted collectors ” Activities .

  • Mobile game developers TiltingPoint And Polygon Studios Achieve cooperation , It will be launched in the next two years 10 paragraph Web3 game .

  • American guitar manufacturer Fender Submitted metauniverse and NFT Related trademark application .

  • be based on AnkrSDK Developed BAS The first blockchain game Meta Apes The official launch .

  • OpenSea official Discord Encounter hacker attack , Release and YouTube Cooperation related phishing Links .

  • TheSandbox Ban cheating accounts , To ensure that the second 2 season Alpha The fairness of .

  • Ouyi NFT The market officially supports Immutable Agreed NFT transaction .

  • Public chain Elrond With its strategic partners Morningstar Ventures Create a game guild, Will be through the game community 、 investment 、 Education and Scholarships ( Loan of in-game assets ) To advance Elrond ecology P2E Game development .

  • On the Ethereum chain NFT Total sales breakthrough 260 Billion dollars Record high .

  • Cryptocurrency trading platform Announce launch F1 Miami Grand Prix NFT, And I hope to take this opportunity to promote racing into NFT field .

  • Regal Hotel in The Sandbox Build a green city Mega City, It is planned to launch the meta universe Conference Center .

  • Doodles Before hiring Billboard senior executive Julian Holguin As a CEO, The next stage of development will be announced later .

  • The sub domain of Ferrari's official website was hijacked by hackers to release fraud NFT A scam .

  • since 4 month 1 Professional investors have been in NFT Net profit from trading 12717ETH.

  • Multicoin partner Mable Announce to join STEPN As chief revenue Officer .

  • Web3 Mobile wallet Rainbow Introduction Rainbow Kit.

  • American Professional Basketball League BIG3 And encrypted payment application MoonPay Achieve cooperation , Will go on sale today BIG3 NFT.

  • American hip hop band OutKast Has applied for NFT Related trademarks .

  • Chainlink Announced funding for the research trends of the innovative finance center of Basel University NFT.

  • McLaren will 5 month 11 It launched its first limited edition on the Ethereum blockchain on August NFT product Genesis Collection.

  • adidasOriginals Will be for ITM NFT Holder snapshot , Or drop virtual goods .

  • Game cross Fun-2-Earn Multichain NFT Game metauniverse Souls Of Meta And decentralized multi chain financing platform TrustPad Achieve cooperation .

  • Shooting games Warrior Alliance Integrate Chainlink VRF v2 and Chainlink Keepers.

  • NirvanaMeta Will invest Liu Conduct Liu Friends of Jay Of NFT Building .

  • Decentralized chain tour Play to Earn platform Dontplaywithkitty(DPWK) And intelligent aggregation trading platform CosoSwap Achieve strategic cooperation .

  • Fashion brand Under Armour Curry brand (CurryBrand) Plan to release NFT.

  • LVMH Nominate luxury wine brands NFT market BlockBar As 2022 year LVMH One of the potential candidates for the Innovation Award .

  • BeanzOfficial And Ledger Co launch with GoldenLedger and Ledger A rare feature NFT.

  • Instagram Planning to integrate Ethereum 、Polygon、Solana and Flow Of NFT, First, we will conduct a pilot , And will not charge users for uploading and displaying NFT The cost of .

  • The meta universe project KLON And cross chain Oracle solutions SupraOracles Achieve cooperation .

  • Privacy solutions Railgun About to deploy V1.0 edition , And NFT Compatible and save Gas cost .

  • KIKTOKWALLET About to release a decentralized social platform Crypto Blog.

  • BikeRush Announce the completion of the first round of Genesis bike NFT Airdrop .

  • Bankless The invitation YouTube CEO Join their podcast , Discuss Web3 and NFT topic of conversation .

  • 《 The Jedi survive 》 Developer's RisingWings Serve global E-sports COMPETZ First episode PFP NFT.

  • SnoopDogg And PayPal Co founders co purchase BIG 3 The team NFT.

  • Auto home joint bit map release NFT Digital tide play .

  • STEPN Indicates a breakthrough in the number of twitter followers 50 Wan will send out 50 double BNBChain Genesis shoes .

  • Ethereum movie 《 Infinite machines 》 Announced as its series NFT Holders issue airdrops .

  • Okoyun chain Master goes online “NFT Special topic list ”, Support 5 Dagong chain .

  • Day is long 《 The attacking giant 》 Officially authorized legend NFT Will be in 5 month 10 in Flow First sale on the chain .

  • Cosmos ecology NFT Application chain Stargaze Or go online this week NFT Market test version .

  • Cross chain routing protocol Multichain announce veMULTI The main network is online .

  • Singer Madonna and Beeple Cooperate to launch works of art related to the virtual world .

  • be based on StarkNet Built browser plug-in wallet Argent X Release updates , Sending and receiving are supported NFT.

  • Azuki The founder admitted to operating within a year 3 individual NFT project ,Azuki The floor price once fell to 10 ETH.

  • YoutubeCEO Indicates a ban Bankless Account is the wrong behavior , Will participate Bankless Offline Web3 and NFT Discuss .

  • FTX To be auctioned STEPN Issued Sneaker#9999 NFT.

  • Data storage giant Seagate technology has submitted metauniverse and NFT Related trademark application .

  • ImmutableX Consolidating its order book into GameStop NFT market , And the introduction of ecological projects .

  • Encryption hosting company Copper Start to NFT Provide hosting services to meet institutional needs .

  • “ Digital collectors ” Renamed “ fertile field ” Purchased last month BAYC #3088.

  • Manchester City in the Premier League will compete with PUMA Cooperative launch “93:20” Digital football shoes NFT.

  • Reddit Announced the formation of Reddit X.Reddit X It is a team dedicated to creating new functions for the platform , Including audio 、 Chat 、 Blockchain and other high-quality products .

  • NFT market LooksRare It is expected that 5 month 12 Enter token release day 3 Stage .

  • Web3 project Nametag Introduction Discord Tools , It can help users automatically obtain roles .

  • AmberGroup Announce the launch of... In the third quarter Web3 platform Openverse.

  • Currency security NFT The market will be on 5 month 12 Day to NFT Recharge function for scheduled system upgrade .

  • Currency security NFT The market will be on 5 month 18 Day online Web3 game Valoran Hero blind box .

  • Ethereum side chain SKALE Release Calypso NFT Hub.

  • Sports brand Lululemon Submitted metauniverse and NFT Related trademark application .

  • ADAM And NFT Standard pricing trading platform Revolution Achieve strategic cooperation .

  • Mr. Bean announced a meeting with FOMOLab Co purchase Mr Bean NFT.

  • Premier League Arsenal club and dream football game Ultimate Champions Developer cooperation , Launch players NFT.

  • STEPN The number of daily users has exceeded 30 ten thousand , Average daily sales reached 5700 Thousands of dollars .

  • MarkCuban Its entertainment platform Fireside is SKALE To build .

  • Cricket NFT platform FanCraze Will explore the digital virtual land business .

  • Pepsi and Billboard Achieve cooperation , Will be in BBMAs Limited edition during the award ceremony NFT.

  • be based on Terra Built NFT The transaction volume of the project has reached a record since 3 The highest level since .

  • OpenSea Introduction NFT Duplicate check detection and account verification function .

  • Nike added to StockX charge :NFT The corresponding physical jordan shoes are fake .

  • NFT Transaction aggregator Gem newly added Sweeps Data display page .

  • Chinese NFT Consensus alliance plans to release Luna event NFT.

  • Budweiser will be with NBA Star Wade cooperates to release NFT series .

  • Azuki The other three founders said NFT The project income and private key will be handed over to the community , In the future, we will focus on operation Azuki. Artists' co branded products and offline activities will be launched , The Advisory Committee will be published later .

  • STEPN Plan to launch the rental function to attract new players .

  • Barcelona star Alves and British luxury watchmaker B&S Cooperative launch NFT“Alves Trophy Collection”.

  • AC Milan and BitMEX Reach a cooperation to release Limited Edition NFT series Bornto Lead.

  • Fashion brand Mango Garrison Decentraland And issued NFT.

  • Virtual shoe travel application Aglet Will be in 5 month 15 The first... Was launched on the th NFT Sports shoes .

  • KFC launched its original series in Malaysia Original Moments NFT.

  • Tezos The foundation started 100 Million pounds Fund , Help Asian and African artists release NFT.

  • Digital football NFT platform Sorare And MLB Sign and release NFT game .

  • Madonna and Beeple Introduction “Mother of Creation”NFT The series has been launched SuperRare.



  • Fujian's first yuancosmic smart business district appeared in baihuting Wanda Square . The business district relies on Fuzhou Telecom 5G、AR、VR、AI And so on , Create cloud network integration 、 Intelligent agility 、 Green and low-carbon 5G New information consumption center , Boost the vigorous development of digital economy .

  • Meta The first in Asia will be established in Taiwan, China “ Meta universe XR Hub”.

  • Xunlei digital collection platform is different from digital art “ flow ” The second phase of golden Millennium opens an appointment .

  • Xinxiang national intangible cultural heritage project 《 Huixian paper cutting 》 The digital collection was officially released .

  • Baidu released the first AIGC Music digital collection .

  • The digital works of Oracle dynamic blockchain of Chinese character museum are online and Alibaba assets .

  • Musk said that if the twitter acquisition is completed , Will focus on core software engineering 、 Design 、 Information security and server hardware .

  • “ DaVinci's eggs ” Original and evolvable 3D The first phase of the digital collection is on sale on the only art platform .

  • Chinese media holding said that the cultural exchange, in which the company participates, is testing the release of digital collections , At present, the cultural exchange does not have its own digital collection platform .

  • First video group announced , The digital collection platform launched by its first video international culture and Tourism Group will be launched in 5 month 8 Nie Weiping wins Yitian Jiji, the first digital collection of Nie Weiping's canonization chess score series on the platform .

  • “ Element matter element ” The digital collection platform was officially launched .

  • Tencent applied for “QQ Meta universe ”、“ Light night yuan universe ” And so on .

  • China Tennis Tour will release its digital collection .

  • The original Xiaohu commemorative digital collection of Zhongyuan bank was successfully released .

  • CAITONG brand moody Launch the concept of meta universe, color pupil and emotional digital collection .

  • Focus on cultural tourism digital collection platform “ Mountain and sea scenery ” The official launch .

  • The little prince and Alipay launched a limited number of digital collections .

  • 3D Interactive digital collection circulation platform “ Cultural travel data collection ” Now online .

  • Ma Fuguo, Secretary of Hebi municipal Party committee, said , We should seize the first opportunity for the development of the meta universe , Scientific layout of industries , Effectively promote the project , Improve the use efficiency of physical space , Promote the development of industrial clusters .

  • The yuan universe Art Museum of the Art Academy of the Democratic League went online “Meta The other shore ”.

  • Zhongjiang Museum and MayaMeta Digital art platform signs strategic cooperation agreement , The two sides will carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in digital collections and other fields , Bashu tiger pattern copper sword will be released in the form of direct purchase 、 Blue glazed porcelain vase with pierced ears, etc 10 A digital collection .

  • Beijing opens “ Cloud Museum live week ”: Show the characteristics of digital collection development .

  • Xunlei's digital collection platform is a new popular constellation in the same digital art IP Fellow uncle 12 Star official blessing order creative digital collection , The collection has been officially opened for sale .

  • Air travel vertical and horizontal will be sold in limited quantities 3D Model version J 20 Digital collection , This will be annihilation 20 The first digital collection in the series .

  • Tom Cat announced an official cooperation with DaVinci's egg, the only art platform copyright project .

  • World famous E-sports Club FPX Announce launch FPX Meta universe .

  • Shenzhen 《 Jingbao 》 Officially settled in the only art brand center , And bring the inaugural issue 21 Years of sincere work ——“ Meta creative digital collection ”( Derivative ), Hand in hand with the only global limited edition of art .

  • Taobaoyuan universe's trademark application was rejected .

  • 《 The complete picture of a dream of Red Mansions 》 Dynamic Digital Collections Online Alibaba assets .

  • “《 Half moon talk 》·1980 Serial number of Nian Chuang ” The digital copyright collection is officially on sale .

  • South Korea SK Telecom's meta universe ifland The new economic system , It is planned to enter... In the second half of the year 80 A country .

  • Nanjing University's little blue whale digital collection is about to land on the only art platform .

  • QQ Music opens Chinese records “ The memory of the times ” Series digital black glue reservation .

  • Shunwang technology said that the company will actively layout in the meta universe .

  • Yili will issue digital collections .

  • The first digital book collection limited product 《 respond to the emperor during a court audience 》 Will be in 5 month 10 The auction opened in Ali on the th .

  • The vice chairman of Samsung said that he was working on building Samsung's own meta universe project .

  • NASA The release is based on EpicGames The contest of modeling technology to create a meta universe simulation project .

  • Orco cloud chain launched the first digital collection with security theme on the chain .

  • The concept of meta universe Roblox First quarter revenue 5.37 Billion dollars less than expected , A net loss 1.6 Billion dollars .

  • Touch treasure's online reading application for the global market Readict First time online NFT( Heterogeneous token ) Digital collection and digital collection Mall , Digital collections are available in limited quantities .

  • Xunlei's digital collection platform —— The precious collection of Shanxi Museum launched by different digital arts “ flow ” The third collection of the golden Millennium Series will be held in 5 month 13 Japan 11 Time online .

  • Digital collection e-commerce platform digital collection China released a series of digital collections collected by Jinggangshan Revolutionary Museum .

  • Ozworld The Avatar has launched the meta universe identity platform Ready Player Me.

  • Liang Xiaosheng's original work 《 human world 》 Will realize the transformation of Digital Collections .

  • Facebook parent company Meta And AMD Cooperation in mobile infrastructure projects .

  • A-SOUL Due to physical and academic reasons, member Jiale will stop the daily live broadcast from this week ( Including unicast and group broadcast ) And most idol activities , Go live sleep .

  • South Korea plans to promulgate the law next year 《 Basic law on digital assets 》.

  • Regulators in five U.S. states have called for the closure of the meta universe casino related to Russia .

  • YugaLabs The meta universe project Otherside Open metauniverse game demo clips , from Improbable Provide technical support .

  • Woye will release the film 《 A Chinese Odyssey 》 The first copyrighted digital collection .

  • Lazio Football Club of Serie A presented to Zhao CHANGPENG 1 Blue hawk Jersey No .

  • Chelsea Football Club announced a deal with Amber Group Achieve cooperation ,WhaleFin Will become a Jersey sponsor brand .

  • NirvanaMeta Will be the same as BNB Toast Cooperative development of emerging markets DeFi+ Meta universe .

  • Mangjing was released for the first time “ Xu Beihong · Horse ” Digital collection .


Investment and financing news

  • NFT platform Zora complete 5000 US $10000 seed round financing ,HaunVentures Lead investment .

  • Indian social platform Hike Complete a new round of financing ,Jump Crypto Lead investment .

  • OKXBlockdream Ventures Announce strategic investment yuan universe GameFi platform Klay Kingdoms.

  • Yuan universe and Web3 And the blockchain solution business community will complete the seed round of financing in the future , The investor is fengzhiyin equity fund .

  • Web3.0 Data atlas infrastructure project Web3Graph Announce receipt Huobi Incubator Seed round investment , Successfully selected into the incubator .

  • ReadyGames complete 300 Ten thousand dollar financing ,BITKRAFT and Hashed Lead investment .

  • Chain travel company IreverentLabs complete 4000 Ten thousand dollar financing , Will launch play earn game MechaFightClub.

  • FIST Ecological meta universe platform Fist Meta complete 350 US $10000 seed round financing ,Ti Capital Lead investment .

  • Irene Zhao Created Web3 Social networking platform SO-COL It is with 1 US $100 million valuation financing ,Blockchain Capital Lead investment .

  • South Korean Internet giant Naver Plan to focus on Web 3 And other areas of fund investment 1000 Billion won .

  • Metacosmic social platform based on nightlife MetaNight complete 700 $10000 seed round financing .

  • NirvanaMeta Will invest Jump Rope Build social fitness App.

  • Korean yuan space game developer Haegin complete 500 New financing of 100 million won .

  • Based on the metauniverse and NFT Conceptual 3D Immersive game manufacturer Untamed Planet Announced a complete 2430 Ten thousand dollar financing .

  • P2E game MechaFightClub(MFC) Announced a complete 4000 Thousands of dollars A Round of funding ,a16z Lead investment .

  • P2E game Nyan Heroes Announce to 1 Billion dollars valuation completed 750 Ten thousand dollars strategic financing ,Kosmos Ventures Wait for the vote .

  • NFT Start-up company Arianee complete 2000 Thousands of euros A Round of funding ,Tiger Global Lead investment .

  • NFT project Freeverse complete 1050 Ten thousand dollar financing ,Earlybird Venture Capital Wait for the vote .

  • NFT Infrastructure startups Co:Create complete 2500 US $10000 seed round financing ,A16z Lead investment .

  • Web3 Community platform Highlight complete 1100 US $10000 seed round financing ,Haun Ventures Lead investment .

  • Peer to peer music sharing platform Napster By Hivemind、Algorand To acquire at an undisclosed price .

  • Web3 Development platform Moralis complete 4000 Thousands of dollars A Round of funding .

  • LighthouseLabs complete 700 US $10000 seed round financing ,AnimocaBrands、Accel Wait for the lead .

  • Game startups Branch complete 1250 Ten thousand dollar financing , Sanjian capital and other investment .

  • BitCoke The exchange completed 2000 Ten thousand dollars strategic financing .

  • Web3 platform Fanztar financing 5000 Thousands of rupees ,IndiaQuotient Lead investment .

  • OasisPro Complete super 2700 Thousands of dollars A Round of funding ,UDHC Wait for the vote .

  • AR/VR Nedega, an optical module head enterprise, announced the completion of B+ Round of funding .


Point of view

  • CICC believes that supervision will be gradually standardized NFT Healthy development of the industry .

  • Luo Jun said that China's yuan universe industry is in its infancy We should promote deep integration with traditional fields .

  • Blockchain data company Chainalysis According to a report from , Central and South Asian traders account for NFT The largest proportion of owners .

  • The report points out that 2027 end of the year ,NFT The market size will be from 30 Billion dollars to 136 Billion dollars .

  • qualcomm CEO I think the market scale of metauniverse is comparable to that of mobile phones , Positive and Meta、 Cooperation with other companies .

  • Sun Shangchuan said that building an autonomous and controllable meta universe system with Chinese characteristics Revive Chinese civilization .

  • The inventors of the World Wide Web say they are developing decentralized data storage systems Solid, I hope to interact with metacosmic technology in the future .

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