Aiyouteng lost money and the cinema closed down. Is the way out of the film in the meta universe?

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This year's Cannes Film Festival will be held in 5 The last ten days of the month arrived as scheduled , Among them VR Are you looking forward to the movie ?

2022 Cannes XR The finalists of immersion image unit have been published on Cannes official website , The audience can 5 month 17 Japan -28 During the day , Use MetaQuest Wait for the mainstream VR Head display device or Steam etc. VR Application platform , Landing in Cannes XR Official exhibition platform VeeRVR And Alexandria free .

since 2012 year VR Since the film first entered the Sundance Film Festival , There are more than in the world 33 A film festival opened VR Unit or VR Show .

Che Lin, a postdoctoral fellow at the cultural research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, once said :“ This not only reflects the film festival's appreciation of VR The acceptance of art forms , It also reflects the film form and VR The close relationship of form .”

From the role of film festivals in film history ,VR It's both a window , It is also a forward-looking engine , Promote the film to explore and develop in its possible direction .

From screen to space   Watch movies in movies

VR Movies are virtual reality movies , Virtual reality is a kind of three-dimensional environment innovation based on computer system and sensor technology Human computer interaction .VR There are considerable differences between films and traditional films , One of the most typical is Differences in narrative methods .

Different from the narration of traditional films ,VR The movie consists of a two-dimensional plane space limited by the scene frame , Change to be unrestricted by the scene frame 、 Real time dynamic three-dimensional space .VR The movie was built 360 Degree panoramic visual space , A time narrative that breaks through a single clue , Narrative in space , And put the audience in the space .

such as , shortlisted 2022 Cannes XR Immerse the image unit VR The movie 《 Love in weightlessness 》, It shows a strange scene in the kitchen when couples quarrel . Girlfriend's emotional state is highly correlated with kitchen vision , With the collapse of girlfriend's psychological world , table 、 Knives and cups and plates on kitchen cabinets and shelves float up and fly around one after another , Broken on the ceiling . And the audience's view is flush with the table , Observe couples on the spot , Feel the weightlessness in the house .

and , It is different from the traditional film lens splicing ,VR Film narration is generally dynamic in space Objects guide the audience , To complete the switching between scenes , Realize the communication of the story content .

stay VR The movie 《 Dear Angelica 》 in , When the audience entered the little girl's room, they found her still sleeping , As the audience looked around blankly , An ink mark extends from the notebook beside the little girl , Go around the audience and float behind , The floating ink makes the audience curious about the scene behind them and turn around , Finally fix your sight on the TV .

Use smooth movement design to transform in three-dimensional space , Let the audience naturally enter the next scene , This is a VR The common narrative means of film scene switching .

From the audience to the protagonist   Choose the plot from the plot

The new narrative mode brings a new audience experience . In traditional films , The audience can only follow the narrative rhythm of the film , What you see on the screen comes from the camera angle selected by the film Creator . And in the VR In the movie , The audience has some choice , Become a participant in the film world .

stay VR The movie 《 heartbeat 》 in , The audience will encounter a stationary rusty robot , The audience can choose to put their own “ The heart ” Put it on the robot , A robot with a heart can start standing , Express your emotions .

Robots build friendships by exchanging hearts , And when the robot doesn't make friends 、 Looking at the audience wrongfully , The audience feels that they are in the same space with them . Driven by the plot , The audience's emotional input is accumulating , Intimacy with the character .

in addition , Watching VR Movie time , The audience can choose to watch the main plot , You can also focus on other parts of the film , You can also find your own viewing angle . This makes it possible for the audience to break away from the narrative line of the film , Therefore, the narrative of the film becomes diversified .

Produced by iqiyi 、 Won the first prize 77 The Venice International Film Festival VR The suspense of the competition unit award 《 Kill the big stars 》, It tells the story before the star's death , The audience can solve the case according to their own ideas .

Six suspects who had contact with the stars were in the same room , In the living room 、 The bedroom and other five spaces move at the same time , Viewers can choose to view different spaces in the thumbnail of the house , Observe the character's dynamics and reason .

VR The film imitates people's feelings of browsing around in life , Provide the audience with sensory experience . Not just immersive , The audience can also influence the plot development in the film to a certain extent , The ending of the story is even , Experience the meta universe in your own story .

VR The movie   As also VR and VR?

For such a novel experience , The audience's comments are actually mixed .

Some viewers feel , Watching VR Movie time , I can get a deep sense of immersion and space in the film story , Out of the state of passive viewing , And VR Created by the film Interact with the virtual environment , Both dreamy and real .

Different actions of the audience in the film will trigger different plots , This often leads the audience to explore the whole content of the film by watching it over and over again .VR This feature of the film will effectively improve the re viewing rate of the film .

On the other hand , Some viewers are still hard to understand VR The narrative characteristics of the film , Or think that some films have nothing to do with VR Technology to achieve good cooperation , Lead to VR Slightly superfluous in the film presentation .

meanwhile , There are also spectators watching VR Movies have Dizziness , And in Wear VR Feel unwell when using the equipment , These conditions may cause the audience to VR The resistance of the film .

Precisely because VR Film is very different from traditional film , Traditional films bring the audience inertial thinking , It may be related to VR The new form of film creates contradictions . thus ,VR Various advantages brought by technology in the development of film , It may also become the bottleneck of its own development .

Cultivate audience habits 、 Improve film quality 、 Improve equipment conditions, etc ,VR There are still many aspects of film that need to break through and grow .

Art meta universe   Film art is more diverse

Growing VR Film is not the final form of film , Nor will traditional films be eliminated . adopt VR The continuous improvement of the film , The forms of expression of film art will be greatly enriched , The future of traditional films lies in VR There may also be more possibilities for development in .

As far as art films are concerned , Traditional art films often present long scenes 、 Dull rhythm and other characteristics , The audience needs to put in more feelings and thinking . and VR Can make the audience in a long shot 、 Self exploration of space and meaning in a slow pace , This is more conducive to the expression of polysemy and imagination of art films .

and , stay VR Under the influence of the film long shot performance skills and language will also have new development and changes . The purpose of long lens is to show the continuous unity of time and space inside a single lens ,VR Will be strong This continuous unity . And yes “ The continuous unity of time and space after strengthening ” Breaking and deconstructing , It will also have more expressive tension .

in addition , utilize VR Technology enables interaction and multi clue story triggering , It will also provide more innovative ideas for film creators to narrate . By the time narration of traditional films , To VR The spatial narrative of the film , The future may evolve “ Let the audience experience better ” The way of narration .

With the development of Technology , The operation mode and viewing form of the film will continue to develop , Films will also continue to meet people's new artistic appreciation needs , Shining in the artistic meta universe .

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