What imagination does yuancosmos bring to finance? A new version of the map will be opened for the banking, insurance and securities industries

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The meta universe was born , How can the financial industry embrace it ?

Now , More and more financial institutions 、 Technology companies are beginning to join the research and practice of metauniverse .5 month 13 Japan , Held in China financial information center 《 Financial meta universe research white paper 》 Online press conference , The guests described “ Financial meta universe ” What the future looks like .

According to the white paper , The new economy of the meta universe has great development potential , It will guide the innovative direction of financial development in a country or region . The in-depth development of yuancosmos will likely reshape the model and ecology of the financial industry , And people are still the most important research and service subjects . The deep integration of digital space and physical space will accelerate the digital transformation of the financial industry , Opportunities for the formation of a new type of financial industry .

Bank 、 The insurance industry is the frontier territory of the application of science and technology ,“ Financial meta universe ” A new version of the drawing will be opened for it . Ma Zhaolin, President of the Internet top-level profit Intelligence Research Institute, said , When finance and the meta universe are combined , Traditional finance will also break through “ when ” And “ empty ” The scene is bound , Get a sense of technology in customers 、 immersion 、 The experience of compensation , Finance will also expand customers 、 Contact marketing and other businesses usher in new opportunities .

“ insurance + Meta universe ”: Enrich marketing means 、 Create virtual employees

According to Ma Zhaolin ,“ insurance + Meta universe ” From the protection of 、 Fee adjustment 、 simulation 、 Simulation 、 Innovative application scenarios in terms of experience , Around the core idea of personalized immersive experience , And implant the insurance scene into .

“ insurance + Meta universe ” Be able to expand and open up health 、 Provide for the aged 、 Living expenses 、 Four financial ecosystems , It is expected to refresh the value proposition of life insurance customers in combination with life science and technology , Enrich the content and means of insurance marketing , For example, wearable insurance companies can sell a new combination of personal insurance and personal insurance .

Insurance companies can also take advantage of “ Number twin ” Technology reproduces insurance scenarios such as emergency risk avoidance , Provide new technical means to accurately adjust the underwriting rate .

Ma Zhaolin thinks , The essence of insurance is financial services , We need to maintain a stable service level in each process . The virtual employees in the metauniverse are the timely solutions , Be able to speak intelligently 、 Language temperature is closer to real employees , So as to derive more low-cost 、 Replicable model employees , External can effectively improve customer relations . Virtual digital people can also replace the internal trainers of insurance companies , Be able to complete internal training courses with a continuous and unified image , It can improve the training efficiency .

“ Bank + Meta universe ”: Immersive virtual network 、 Open new entrances to banks

Now , The business leaving rate of bank outlets is getting higher and higher ,“ Bank + Meta universe ” It can be served remotely from the network 、 Network form, virtualization and other aspects of innovation .

White paper says , Immersive remote network services are most likely to be the first to achieve a breakthrough , Customers can wear finger capture devices 、VR glasses , Conduct self-service business in the form of no screen through gesture action .

Ma Zhaolin said ,“ Financial meta universe ” In terms of getting customers, it has the advantages that real physical space does not have , Immersive 、 The technological experience is more in line with the millennials 、Z Experience needs of young customers such as generation . It can not only save costs , It may also become a new entrance for customer drainage , First, strengthen the viscosity to young customers , So as to further convert it into business volume .

The scene fusion of the meta universe will make it possible to open the bank . Open banks are everywhere , Is to integrate the bank into the scenic spot 、 The restaurant 、 Shangchao and other scenes , For example, when traveling in scenic spots , You can call the interface of the open bank in the park , Wear VR Glasses purchase drinks by hand gesture without screen , Then it will be delivered quickly by robots or micro UAVs . Besides cell phones , Smart glasses 、 Smart cars will also become a new entrance to financial services .

“ Financial meta universe ” There are more ideas

Deputy director of yuancosmic Industry Committee of China Mobile Communications Federation 、 Zhao Yongxin, a professor at Hebei Institute of finance, believes that ,“ Financial meta universe ” The advantage of is that it can realize real-time supervision 、 Through regulation , Financial activities in the meta universe will be brought into the scope of Supervision .

In order to better prevent risks , Zhao Yongxin suggested , Financial institutions accelerate digital transformation , Strengthen industry self-discipline and investor education , At the same time, we should also broaden the application scenario of digital RMB .

Yan Yang, Deputy Secretary General of Zhongguancun big data industry alliance, put forward ideas on the innovation of yuanuniverse in the securities industry , For example, use the public opinion of social media to predict the stock index , utilize VR、AR Break through technical barriers and upgrade the investment system 、 trading system , Create first person 、 Immersive meeting system and office environment .

Yan Yang suggested , The financial industry should embrace the meta universe and do a good job in top-level design , Regulatory requirements should be incorporated into the meta Universe System , You can't “ Old wine in new bottles ”, It is about innovation based on the rigid needs of the industry , Create value for serving the real economy .

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