Etherscan, coingecko and other encrypted data websites report malicious pop-up events to remind users not to confirm any transactions

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Etherscan、CoinGecko、DexTools、DeFi Pulse Wait for the encrypted data website to report a malicious pop-up event , Prompt users to connect to their MetaMask wallet . CoinGecko In a tweet that said :“ If you are in the CoinGecko On the website , And yours. Metamask Prompt you to connect to the website , It's a scam . Don't connect it . We are investigating the root cause of this problem .”Etherscan In a tweet about this matter, it said : We have received information about the adoption of article 3 Party integrated phishing pop-up report , Currently under investigation . Please be careful not to confirm any transactions that pop up on the website .” Although the exact reason has not been confirmed , But preliminary indications are that , Malicious code through advertisements on the affected websites is the carrier of phishing attacks . Affected websites DexTools Blame a person named Coinzilla Encrypted advertising platform .(CoinDesk)

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