Mount Tai, Mount Hua and other scenic spots have launched digital collections to help the cultural and tourism industry upgrade

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4 month 22 Japan , China's first cultural tourism yuan universe co created IP“ Digital landmarks ” Official release , To enable the cultural tourism industry of the meta universe, press the fast forward button .

Under the meta cosmic boom , Digitization has become the key to the transformation of culture and tourism , Digital collections are the focus of cultural tourism .

In travel agencies, the downturn continues 、 On the premise of slow promotion of the scenic spot , The digital collection of scenic spots has taken the lead in making profits , Not even seconds .

“ The museum 、 Digital collections launched by scenic spots ‘ Second sold out ’ The phenomenon , Let's see that digital collections have a natural fit with the culture and tourism industry , In particular, as a pioneer of Museum digital cultural creation , It also confirms consumers' love and pursuit of digital collections with rich cultural connotation .” Han Jingting, Secretary General of the Working Committee on digital twin technology and application, said .

so , Digital collections have gradually become a fashion , In the digital age “ The Renaissance ” It seems that .


Successful attempt of digital collection of cultural tourism industry

Cultural tourism digital collection is an important part of the cultural tourism meta universe , Now , There are many museums in the industry 、 The scenic spots have launched their own characteristic digital collections , And very popular .

last year 11 month 22 Japan , Dunhuang Academy of fine arts jointly launched the world's first Dunhuang dynamic design with the only art platform NFT, Down payment 25000 Copies sold out quickly !

Trends of Dunhuang Art Series NFT With systematic content , In the form of dynamic and static combination , Using ancient culture with the help of emerging technologies “ live ” To come over , Let the public better appreciate the artistic charm and cultural value of Dunhuang culture , Let the Millennium Dunhuang be in line with the times , For Dunhuang culture lovers and NFT Enthusiasts provide a new digital experience .

The picture comes from the only art platform

Qilu reported that ,3 month 23 Japan , Mount Tai scenic area has launched the first four digital collections , Carefully selected “ Five Sacred Mountains ”“ the wonders of natural beauty are boundless ”“ Ruyi ”“ Tiger stone carving ” And other four representative stone carvings , The collection goes online, that is “ Second light ”.

The collection uses 3D Technology restores every detail , A tick , Strive to be realistic , It gives people a sense of immersion to stop and observe .

The picture comes from Tai'an circle

4 month 24 Japan , With “ Towering world · A gift from the cloud ” The theme of Huashan miniature digital collection was officially put on sale at Ali auction .

The four collections are based on the real scenery of Huashan Scenic Spot , It involves four scenic spots in Huashan Mountain, jinsuoguan 、 The Heavenly Southern Gate 、 Chess Pavilion 、 Sharon Ping , They represent the of Huashan “ p. 、 risk 、 Jun 、 Show ”, This is also the first time Huashan Scenic Area has released a miniature landscape digital collection .

The picture comes from Huashan - Miniature landscape product map

Besides , And the first of Henan Museum 3D Digital cultural creation “ Good woman Owl ”, Represents perseverance 、 Indomitable spirit , After going online, it is empty for seconds ; Hubei Provincial Museum will be the treasure of the town museum “ Goujian sword, king of Yue ” Make digital relics , Send cultural relics to places that everyone likes to see and hear ;《 Matter matter phase 》 The theme digital collection combines Sanxingdui cultural relics with rare animals in Sichuan , It shows the beauty of cultural relics and animals interconnected across time and space ……

One successful attempt after another has proved that in the post epidemic today , Cultural tourism industry has found a feasible digital road . These digital collections , It can not only deepen our understanding of history and culture , It can also let us feel the spiritual power of Chinese culture for thousands of years .

It's just , Whether the industry's successful attempt in the direction of digital collections will make museums 、 Scenic spots have followed suit , Instead, it has a bad effect ?


Integrity and innovation are very important

For the culture and tourism industry , It is very important to seize the opportunity of product digitization , But we should not fool the public for profit , You should find a suitable scenic spot IP, Keep innovation .

so to speak , Digital collections are scenic spots IP Derivatives of . A vivid cultural relic image or scene , For the scenic spot , It is the product of image cognition 、 Simple, distinct and attractive elements and symbols . For digital collections , It is also an excellent prototype choice , It can not only empower traditional culture , It can burst out new business energy .

New year's Eve this year , dance 《 Just green 》 On the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, amazing the world , It is based on the famous painting of Wang Ximeng of the Northern Song Dynasty 《 Thousands of miles of rivers and mountains 》 Dance poetry drama created for inspiration , Use the beauty of dance to lead the audience into the palace of Chinese aesthetics full of modern meaning .

Source: CCTV news

3 month 3 Japan , China Oriental performing arts group 、 Barley and Lingjing culture jointly launched dance Poetry Drama 《 Just green 》 Digital collection Souvenir Ticket , super 10 Million people rush to buy online , When you go online, you run out of seconds , Win the unanimous praise of the market , Carry forward national culture with innovative technology , Build more national culture for the audience IP The bridge .

It follows , If the scenic spot wants to establish strong adhesion with consumers ,IP Still the core competitiveness .

Digital collections are scenic spots IP Transformation has found new consumption space , Meet the consumption preferences of young people . First understand the culture of the scenic spot from the digital collection , Then attract them to walk into the physical scenic spot from the online , To form the linkage between virtual and reality .

It is worth noting that , Everything can be collected , But not all can be called digital collections . Behind the digital collection is not only the certificate that cannot be tampered with , It should also be the carrier of the artistic and cultural sense of the scenic spot .

How to display the humanistic landscape of the scenic spot with the aesthetics recognized by contemporary consumer groups , All major scenic spots need to make great efforts to explore !

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