Blockchain + supply chain: build a unified national market

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Consumers use JD Zhizhen chain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform to trace the source of imported apples

In the near future , The epidemic is spreading in many parts of the country , Logistics dredging 、 The importance of industrial chain and supply chain stability is highlighted .4 month 10 Yesterday's 《 The central committee of the communist party of China Opinions of the State Council on accelerating the construction of a national unified market 》 Put forward , Based on domestic demand , Smooth circulation is the primary task , It also requires high-quality supply to create and lead demand , Make production 、 Distribute 、 circulation 、 All links of consumption are more unblocked , Improve market efficiency .

The stability and smoothness of the supply chain is the vitality of the national unified market . Many industry experts are accepting 《 China electronic news 》 The interview pointed out that , In the standards and constraints of the bottom operation of the national unified market , Blockchain and other information technologies will play a greater role . From product traceability 、 From supply chain management to data sharing , Blockchain will significantly enhance the accuracy and agility of supply chain collaborative operation , It is expected to accelerate the digitization and modernization of China's supply chain .

Realize the traceability and visualization of commodity flow chain

Under the epidemic , Imported cold chain goods “ Positive samples ” Frequent occurrence , Triggered a crisis of confidence in food safety . Raw material procurement 、 Warehousing and transportation 、 The order processing 、 Wholesale operation 、 Terminal retail , Any link “ jam ”, Both affect food circulation and “ table ” Security .

Product traceability is an end-to-end system . Take the food traceability system as an example , The data is provided by the purchaser 、 Logistics providers 、 Vendors and other participating nodes provide , They don't belong to the same organization , Between each other “ Distrust ”. Use blockchain technology to realize the traceability and visualization of commodity flow chain , Ensure that the whole process status information of all participating nodes is true and traceable , Regulatory body 、 Buyer 、 Multiple entities such as upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain can track products .

Food traceability is one of the most mature cases in product traceability , Vertical industry enterprises use blockchain , For medicine 、 The traceability of key parts and other supply chains has also achieved remarkable results .

Gannan navel orange 、 Xinjiang Jujube 、 Wuchang rice 、 Qinghai wild black medlar 、 Anhua black tea …… These familiar local specialties have been settled in the Chinese food chain platform created by Beijing Taiyi cloud Technology Co., Ltd . The platform takes food safety traceability as the starting point , Place of origin manufacturer 、 Processors 、 Logistics providers 、 E-commerce, sellers and end consumers gather in China's food chain ecosystem , Establish the credit system of China's food industry under the joint governance of the upper chain and the lower chain , And traceable food production and distribution system .

Relying on JD cloud technology base and “ Industrial genes ”, Jingdong Zhizhen chain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform has become fresh 、 Maternal and infant 、 Beauty makeup 、 luxury goods 、 Cross border goods 、 Dozens of online and offline retail scenes such as medicine 、 super 1500 companies , Provide “ End to end ” Traceability services , Cover super 1900 Brand 40 Ten thousand kinds of goods , The drop chain data reaches 10 Billion level .

Jingdong technology's Zhizhen chain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform has become fresh 、 Maternal and infant 、 Beauty makeup 、 luxury goods 、 Cross border goods 、 Dozens of online and offline retail scenes such as medicine 、 super 1500 companies , Provide “ End to end ” Traceability system , Cover super 1900 Brand 40 Ten thousand kinds of goods , The drop chain data reaches 10 Billion level .

Again , On the anti-counterfeiting and traceability of key industrial parts , Previously, Sany group used white coated paper with material labels as product identification , Due to the variety of products and accessories 、 Large number of 、 A wide range , In the process of parts sales, we often encounter the impact of fake goods , In addition, the circulation process of accessories is not visible , Data is difficult to trace . Sany group and Shugen Gezhi technology ( hunan ) Co., Ltd. jointly build “ Anti counterfeiting traceability system for industrial accessories ” after , Accessories circulation data can be linked in real time , Of accessories “ factory — Customer ” The whole process of circulation 100% visual , The rate of fake and shoddy parts dropped to 1% within , Parts sales growth 5%, It realizes the real anti-counterfeiting of accessories .

Liu Lichao, product director of China Unicom digital blockchain, told 《 China electronic news 》 The reporter , at present , The product traceability system built by different industries using blockchain is mainly for high-value products 、 High injury product category . The essence of whole process digitalization and traceability , Is to make the goods burst out more vitality and value potential , Bring differentiated value-added to the business .

After years of exploration , The construction of traceability system in China has long been not limited to the construction of a single enterprise 、 Use only with smooth “ Internal circulation ” The system of . Liu Quan, President of CCID blockchain Research Institute, is accepting 《 China electronic news 》 The reporter said in an interview , For now , Different industries have achieved success in tracing and controlling the whole life cycle of commodities , The construction of traceability system is developing towards a national industry traceability system .

“ In the development trend of the national unified market , The supply chain of various industries is complex and changeable , To fully cover the life cycle , It must rely on a nationwide traceability system , Ensure that the information of the whole supply chain can be stored perfectly 、 Interconnection and supervision .” Dean of the Academy of interdisciplinary sciences, Renmin University of China 、 Yang Dong, executive director of blockchain Research Institute, is accepting 《 China electronic news 》 The reporter said in an interview . In his opinion , Spark chain network 、 Changan chain and BSN( Blockchain Service Network Development Alliance ) And other blockchain ecosystem infrastructure , We are actively working towards this vision to establish a nationwide blockchain service ecological network , Provide cross enterprise and cross industry common use .

Enhance the accuracy and agility of supply chain collaborative operation

The standards and constraints of the bottom operation of the national unified market , In essence, it is a set of consensus mechanism in blockchain supply chain management . Experts say , The geographical location of the main body of the supply chain is scattered 、 The management system is difficult to interact , It can easily lead to disconnection in the process of supply chain coordination . Blockchain as a distributed accounting technology , Natural fit supply chain coordination subjects are scattered 、 Complex features , Supply chain entities can be connected together , Provide an efficient basic platform or tool for collaboration .

last year 6 month , Ministry of industry 、 Jointly issued by the central network information office 《 Guidance on accelerating the application of blockchain technology and industrial development 》 in , It defines the transformation path of blockchain to supply chain management , That is to promote enterprises to build a supply chain management platform based on blockchain , Integrated logistics 、 information flow 、 Capital flow , Improve supply chain efficiency , Reduce business risks and costs .

Compared with the shaping of commodity value by traceability system , The essence of blockchain to supply chain collaboration is to enhance the accuracy and agility of industrial chain supply chain collaboration . After the two ministries issued a document , All kinds of enterprises responded positively , A number of enterprises have taken the lead in exploring and building a ubiquitous supply chain collaboration platform based on blockchain .

Around the... Signed by both parties “5G Network Co Construction and sharing cooperation agreement ”, China Unicom and China Telecom have built a blockchain scheduling platform . In co construction and sharing , How can the two sides cooperate according to the agreed division of labor and jointly undertake the construction 、 Operation and maintenance , Prevent the occurrence of “ Wrangle ” The phenomenon ?

Liu Lichao told reporters , The blockchain scheduling platform follows “ A physical network 、 Two logical networks 、 Multiple customized private networks ” Cooperative networking architecture . On both sides against 5G Network planning 、 Building 、 During the construction of operation and maintenance , All key shared parameters are chained for verification , Put the principle of consensus on management into smart contract , And confirm the right of the bilateral data information of the work order , It effectively supports the process collaboration under the co construction and sharing mode , Comprehensively improve network cooperation 、 Common dimension 、 Ability and efficiency of co management .

Around their own vertical industry , Many leading enterprises have abandoned the traditional large and comprehensive vertical supply chain management , Turn to professional 、 Collaborative horizontal joint resource allocation , form “ Strong alliance 、 Complementary advantages ” The strategic alliance of , Effectively integrate logistics 、 information flow 、 Capital flow , Improve supply chain efficiency , Form a complete value chain to participate in market competition , Realize the complementarity and integration of advantageous resources . for example , Angang Group's intelligent supply chain integrated service ecological platform with iron and steel industry as the core 、 Research on blockchain based shared energy storage business of State Grid Qinghai electric power company 、 CRRC's blockchain based data collaborative management platform for the whole process of supply chain 、 China Shipbuilding Industry Group's ship supply chain management and collaborative design and manufacturing platform based on blockchain technology .

“ Use blockchain technology to realize real-time sharing of supply chain processes , It can help enterprises master the supply and demand information of other participants in the supply chain , Adjust production in time 、 Purchasing and inventory management and decision-making , Optimize supply chain management , cost reduction .” Yang Dong said .

The relevant person in charge of Lenovo Group told 《 China electronic news 》 The reporter , In physical form , The real business network based on supply chain and blockchain network can completely overlap ; From the perspective of value transmission , The smart contract of blockchain nodes can also realize the whole process transmission of supply chain value .

“ In practice , At present, it is still in the process of building from a single enterprise to an alliance , There is still a certain distance from truly establishing a national industrial supply chain coordination platform . The technology and progress of interconnection between enterprises are still in its infancy , It is difficult to realize free connectivity .” Jiang Zhaosheng, senior researcher of Ouke cloud Chain Research Institute, is accepting 《 China electronic news 》 The reporter pointed out in the interview .

Experts say , At present, China does not have the conditions to build a new national cross industry supply chain coordination system , A lot of manpower is needed in 、 material resources 、 With financial investment , Also need to have a good performance 、 Blockchain infrastructure with many users , It takes a long time to explore 、 Research and construction .

“ Blockchain + Privacy computing ” Data security

The foundation for forming a unified national market , Is to let the goods flow 、 make . Promote the smooth flow of commodity factor resources in a wider range , Open data sharing is the premise . The state proposes to take data as an important factor of production , And land 、 Labour 、 capital 、 Technical juxtaposition , Participate in distribution according to contribution . But in the process of implementation , But faced with data “ Cannot share 、 Not willing to share 、 Dare not share ” The pain points .

Liu Quan told reporters , So far , One side , Data resources cannot be shared due to inconsistent standards . The data resource standards in the information system established by various departments are not unified , For integrating information resources , It is very difficult to carry out data sharing . On the other hand , The concept of data sharing in China has not yet formed , Lead to reluctance to share . Different levels 、 Different regions 、 The information systems of different functional departments have been studied 、 adjustment 、 Design and other processes , have “ Uniqueness 、 Privacy ” Other characteristics , Generally, it is not easy to share . Besides , Privacy protection 、 Problems such as authorized access and difficult identification of responsibilities lead to dare not share . Degree of data sharing 、 The scope and object need to be further demonstrated , Sharing authorization needs to be strengthened both in technology and management .

For the open system of data sharing , Embed the blockchain , We will build a set of systems with expansibility , It is expected to solve the dilemma of insufficient incentive for data sharing in the construction of centralized databases .

Made in Beijing “ Directory blockchain ” The system has become a model of data sharing in the industry , Let data sharing have incentives and standards to follow . according to the understanding of , Beijing uses blockchain to transform the whole city 53 Responsibilities of each department 、 Directories and data are efficiently and collaboratively linked together , Unified standards and new rules for intergovernmental data have been established , Solve the data vacancy 、 Offside problem . At the same time, rely on “ Directory blockchain ”, Chain lock the sharing relationship and process between departments , It solves the problem of random data flow 、 Business collaboration disorder and other issues . Besides , The incentive mechanism of data sharing has also been established , Departments that do not provide data , Responsibilities will be adjusted , Systems that are not chained will be shut down , Establish a department business 、 data 、 A new way to perform your duties “ closed loop ”.

Dare not share, in the final analysis, is worried about data privacy disclosure , This is also the most difficult and critical part of open sharing . Liu Lichao said :“ Blockchain combines privacy computing , It can guarantee the data source to a great extent . In the process of data circulation, development and use , Privacy computing helps hide plaintext , Help data compliance use , Bring security guarantee for multi-party data cooperation .”

At present , Many enterprises that started with blockchain , One after another, the blockchain + Privacy computing as the kernel , Build a distributed digital asset trading platform .

Hangzhou Qulian Technology Co., Ltd. will “ Privacy computing + Blockchain ” As a new generation of data circulation , Introduce privacy computing into joint marketing 、 Anti fraud 、 In blockchain application scenarios such as enterprise credit investigation and new drug research and development , Now both “ Be short of one cannot ”—— Blockchain ensures the accurate right confirmation and value distribution of digital assets in multilateral cooperation , Privacy computing ensures the security and compliance of digital asset transactions for data technology .

Ant group is related to medical insurance 、 The hospital 、 Wei Jian 、 Cooperation with pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers , A joint model based on the data of multiple hospitals , Solve the problem of insufficient data volume and data richness of a single class III hospital , Significantly reduce the workload of medical insurance feedback analysis . Under the leadership of the health construction department , Ant group deploys private computing nodes in each hospital , Ensure that a large number of medical record data of relevant departments of class III first-class hospitals do not leave the original data field , The accuracy of decision-making system can be effectively improved through data training .

source : China electronic news (ID:cena1984)

author : Qi Xu