ASUS confirmed that the demand for graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining is "disappearing"

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Citing technology media The Reg reports , ASUS CEO S.Y. Hsu The comments were made on the company's first quarter earnings conference call . He pointed out that , For mining GPU There's a decline in demand for , Mainly due to the criticism of the cryptocurrency industry on the amount of energy consumed by mining .

Hsu It may mean that Ethereum is about to prove from the current workload (Proof of Work) The model turns to proof of equity / Proof of interest (Proof of Stake) Pattern , In theory, this will end the high-end GPU Requirements for digging tokens . Ethereum developers Tim Beiko It has recently been confirmed that , Previously scheduled 6 The switching date of the month will be postponed , Although he thought it was " Probably " It will happen in the next few months .

Hsu And warned that , PC sales in the second quarter will return to the days when growth slowed before the COVID-19 , And decreased quarterly 10%. meanwhile , Component sales are expected to decline 10% to 15%. however , The CEO is more optimistic about next year , He predicts that sales of game notebooks will rise , He said young people see it as an important part of Home Entertainment Technology .

Another factor will undoubtedly be the collapse of the cryptocurrency market . This week, , near 1 Trillions of dollars have been erased from the cryptocurrency market , Low cryptocurrency value means less profit from mining , This in turn increases GPU The usability of , Reduced the price . Graphics cards are closer to their suggested retail price than they have been since the crisis began , And the decline in mining demand is pushing down prices further .

Hsu Another interesting part of the speech relates to the global component shortage that has long plagued the industry . He said :“ Speaking of integrated circuits , Supply is at a controllable level . Power management chips are an exception . however , The fact proved that , The shortage of camera components and printed circuit boards is a problem , The same is true of the congestion in American ports and the shortage of container and truck drivers ”.

He went on :“ The current situation has not deteriorated , But there are still constraints . therefore , Whether you're looking at freight or air transportation , The cost is still high . Of course , High shipping costs are putting cost pressure on us . however , Still at the expected and controllable level ”.

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