What should educators know about the meta universe

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With the increasing attention paid to the metauniverse , A team of leading researchers has developed an evidence-based guide for educators .

A student wearing virtual reality goggles raised an arm in front of her , Seems to be touching what she sees in the virtual environment .

A leading group of virtual and augmented reality (XR) Educators wrote a report on the metauniverse - An interconnected 3D Virtual world network , It may be the next evolution of social communication and cooperation - And its potential in Education .

“ After considering the many conversations we have with educators and technology creators , We think it is really necessary based on our professional knowledge , And based on the research on learning and immersive technology so far , Provide relevant XR Introductory guide to ,” Doctoral candidate and researcher at Harvard University Eileen McGivney say , He added , The report's research team initially considered conducting a systematic review of extended reality research or conducting new research to study the technology in learning .

Final , She said ,“ We want to help the educational community understand technology , Help the technical community understand education .

Their evidence-based report “ Introduction to learning in the metauniverse ” from Meridian Treehouse published .McGivney Shared some highlights of the report with other co authors .

1. The meta universe doesn't actually exist yet

“ When it comes to the meta universe , We mean an entire ecosystem of interconnected virtual spaces distributed across a variety of technologies ,” Assistant professor of educational communication and learning, University of Gothenburg, Sweden Géraldine Fauville say .

However , These interconnected virtual spaces or worlds are still under development .

“ The ideal of this meta universe does not yet exist , But the main technologies that lay the foundation for its future do exist ,”Meridian Treehouse The founder of Wesley Della Volla say .

Although this concept has been reported in the media , But the metauniverse still needs technological progress to become a reality , Assistant professor of immersive media psychology at the University of Oregon Daniel Pimental say .“ for example , Artificial intelligence - Computer vision - Progress in blockchain technology , as well as 5G The increased bandwidth of the connection , Will constitute the extensibility we envision , The foundation of immersive learning ecosystem ,” He said .

2. The metauniverse may offer great potential for educators

future , If used properly , Metauniverse may open up a new learning experience for users .“ For a long time , Learning has always been regarded as transmitting information without context , But if designed properly , The meta universe can provide people with a rich context , Let people learn more than just content knowledge ,”McGivney say .

Fauville Interested in how the increasingly complex incarnations of students and teachers in the meta universe will affect education .“ The virtual body we live in thinks about us , The way you feel and act has profound short - and long-term implications ,” She said .“ Giving learners autonomy in self-expression will undoubtedly affect their learning experience , From promoting participation to increasing the self relevance of the theme .

3. The universe won't be a silver bullet

The authors of this report agree that the meta universe has great educational potential , however , Educators should lower their expectations .“ Let's make sure we don't overestimate the educational potential of the metauniverse ,”Fauville say .

The universe is not a silver bullet , Walla said .“ It's part of learning about the future , But it can't exist in a vacuum . Once you turn off or take off your headphones AR Filter , Learning will not stop .

The key is to find creative ways , Using the meta universe to supplement the traditional learning experience .“ I will remind educators not to try to XR Copy the classroom structure , Instead, spend time playing and exploring technology , To consider new learning opportunities that they usually cannot provide ,”McGivney say .“ This includes a lot of agency for students , And allow them to create their own metacosmic technologies and experiences .

4. The meta universe needs tolerance and fairness

“ The hardware currently used to access the metacosmic experience , Such as VR Head display , For many people who are underrepresented in the technology industry , Can't afford it , It's hard to wear ,”McGivney say .“ Many of these technologies are also designed in a business environment , This environment gives priority to profit rather than data privacy and effective educational design . Besides , In our report, we pointed out some problems about XR Experience your own problems , These questions are not designed in a way that is beneficial or accessible to all people .

for example , The report states that , It may be difficult for people with limited mobility to use the controller . Others may have difficulty wearing glasses , And most current headphones can't be worn on hoods and many hairstyles .

“ The most urgent question is how to be wise , Use the meta universe for learning in an inclusive and effective way ,”Fauville say .“ And when and how to embed the learning activities in the meta universe into the existing learning practice .

5. The blueprint of Yuan universe education is still under design

It's important to remember , We are at the origin of the meta universe in Education , Many stakeholders should be involved in the evolution of their use .

“ Take a strict 、 An evidence-based approach to provide a blueprint for future learning , Critical to success ,” Visiting scholar at Stanford University Erika Woolsey "Said Dr. .“ We need as many people as possible to cooperate in open access research , To answer all kinds of questions , From the overall situation , Such as ' Whether the use of new technology is beneficial to learning ?' To more tactical issues , Such as ' What forms of interactivity will affect learners' sense of agency ?'”

Woolsey added :“ Now we have many more questions than answers , We think this is the best starting point .”

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