The terra crash continued to ferment, and related tokens were suspended from trading by multiple cryptocurrency exchanges

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Before trading resumes early Friday , Currency security, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, has also announced the suspension of Terra Blockchain native token LUNA And the dollar stabilization currency TerraUSD( namely UST) A stable currency with money security Binance USD Spot transactions between . Huocoin has taken similar measures Declare a moratorium LUNA、Anchor and Mirror Transactions .Coinbase Will be in 5 month 27 Day suspension .

Some of these exchanges are Terra Well known investors . It is reported that , Currency security 、 Fire money 、OKX and Coinbase All venture capital departments have invested in Terra.

Zhao CHANGPENG, chief executive of coin security, said in a twitter message , stay Terra The above decision is made after the blockchain stops serving for the second time . He tweeted that , Network disruption causes “ Unable to deposit or withdraw funds from any exchange ”.

Terra The blockchain stopped processing new transactions for the second time late Thursday , Previously, the main developer of the blockchain Terraform Labs On twitter , Responsible for verifying Terra The transaction entity has taken action , Planned reorganization Terra Blockchain . according to Terraform Labs Latest twitter , The blockchain is about 9 Resume activity after hours .

according to CoinGecko,UST Transaction price 0.103 dollar ,24 Plummeted within hours 83.7%.LUNA Fall to a level close to zero , Before the crash, it exceeded 100 dollar .

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