Resumption: how does the cryptocurrency of US $1 trillion "go up in smoke" within six months

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5 month 12 Late Thursday in New York ,CME Bitcoin futures BTC Main contract report 28485 dollar , Compared with the late trading in New York on Wednesday, it fell 2.43%, Intraday trading at 30100-25350 US dollar section , Break three times a week 30000 Dollar psychological gateway ;CME Ethereum futures DCR Main contract report 1919.50 dollar , Down from Wednesday 7.63%, Intraday trading at 2190.00-1706.50 US dollar section .

according to CoinMarketCap The data of , Only last week , The entire cryptocurrency market lost more than 5000 Billion dollars worth ; And since last year 11 Since the month , Market value of more than 1 Trillions of dollars of digital money has gone to naught . And more cause market shock , It is the third largest stable currency in the cryptocurrency market UST And its sister tokens Luna What happened “ Death stampede ”.

Friday , Bitcoin, which has fallen for seven days, has finally changed from 2020 year 12 The lowest point since June has climbed again to 30000 More than $ , A number of cryptocurrencies have also fully recovered from the market collapse under the overweight of investors . according to CoinMarketCap The data of , Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with the largest market value, once climbed on the same day 9.3%; Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, rose about 9%, The transaction price is 2,065 dollar , It has fallen in the past week 20% above ; Other cryptocurrencies such as Cardano and Solana Also rose sharply 28% and 20%. meanwhile , Dog money dogecoin Rise 18%.

Although cryptocurrency recovered on Friday , But compared with bitcoin before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine 45000 At the dollar trading level , It is still far lower than last year 11 The highest level ever set in January . Besides , This week is its seventh consecutive week of losses , It is also the longest weekly loss period in its history . Before this year , Bitcoin has not fallen for such a long time .

last year , Cryptocurrency is on fire . After years of speculation considered marginal , Cryptocurrency, which has gained more legitimacy and favored by investors, has ushered in spring . Tesla said it bought 15 Billion dollars of bitcoin , Driving up prices ;Coinbase As “ The first share of crypto exchange ” It went public last year ; The world's listed companies with the largest holdings of bitcoin MicroStrategy They firmly believe that bitcoin is “ The ideal property in time and space ”.

11 month , Bitcoin and Ethereum have reached record highs . Bitcoin in 11 month 9 On the afternoon of Sunday 5 What is the value of the point 67802.30 dollar ; The value of Ethereum is 4800 dollar . Now? , They are lower than the high point at that time 58% and 60%.

Hargreaves Lansdown Senior investment and market analyst Susannah Streeter warned :

Some traders may see this month's sharp decline as an opportunity to buy a decline , But given its huge volatility , Cryptocurrency may fall further , The latest plunge in the wheel of wealth shows that , Speculation in cryptocurrencies is extremely risky , Not suitable for investors who have no money to bear losses .

Wall Street saw the stable currency mentioned in the earlier article TerraUSD( namely “UST”, An algorithm designed to maintain a one-to-one peg to the dollar ) Recently, it collapsed after decoupling from the US dollar , The final transaction price is 0.15 dollar ; It never rains but pours its sister coins luna From... A week ago 80 Many dollars had actually plunged by Friday 100% To zero . therefore , Yellen called again at a hearing of the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday , I hope Congress will authorize the supervision of the so-called stable currency .

Cryptocurrency also faces other challenges , In particular, it is getting closer to the trading trend of technology stocks . Data compiled by Bloomberg shows , Bitcoin and Nasdaq 100 Exponential 40 The day correlation is currently 0.82, Close to record numbers ( The correlation is 1 Indicates that the transactions of the two assets are identical ; The reading is -1 That means they're trading in the opposite direction ).

To add insult to injury , Cryptocurrency trading was originally a game for individual investors , Now dominated by institutional investors such as hedge funds . But as prices fall , Both individual and institutional investors have exited . When Coinbase When it reported its first quarter results late Tuesday, it revealed that it was losing users ; And by the end of trading on Thursday ,Coinbase The stock is lower than the closing price on the first day of listing last year 82%.

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