Bear market Survival Guide: what are the potential airdrop opportunities for L2?

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Over the years , I've been working in the field of airdrop , As early as 2021 year 10 month , I posted about $HOP、$ENS、$PSP and $COW Airdrop interactive tweets . Now? , I'm going to assemble all the airdrops I know so far , For your reference .

At present, the main concern is L2, The probability of issuing coins is very high , also Optimism Already one step ahead , You should be for others L2 To prepare . Let's start with zkSync、Solana、Optimism and Arbitrum Start .


adopt Orbiter Finance Or other cross chain bridge assets , To complete the interaction . Set it up Argent wallet , Complete the interaction with other applications above , And in ZigZagExchange Last transaction completed .


install Phantom wallet , And deposit in SOL, Then complete the transaction on the interactive page built in the wallet . Participate in Friktion Lab and KatanaHQ, This is a derivative agreement , Be similar to Ribbon and Opyn, When participating in derivatives interaction , Pay attention to the safety of funds .JupiterExchange It's a DEX, Make several transactions on it , Make sure the interaction is complete . Then enter AtrixProtocol, This is a system built on Serum Above AMM, Complete pledge /LP/ transaction .


Even though OP The snapshot of has ended , But the strategy still works . First, through HopProtocol Bridge your assets , This is a very good team , Support Polygon、Gnosis、Arbitrum. And then in PikaProtocol Close a deal , This is a sustainable exchange , similar DYDX, You can go long or short on it BTC、ETH and LINK. stay Kwenta Last exchange , Then participate in ClipperDEX, You can trade or group on it LP.


Although there is no clue whether there is a token airdrop , but Arbitrum stay OP Another tweet was posted on the day of the coin issue , Competitors are still like this , Keep it right Arbitrum Look forward to of . And Optimism equally , You need to bridge your assets through a cross chain bridge , This is in Arbitrum You can do it on our official website , Then you can interact and explore more Arbitrum agreement , The snapshot is here 56 A list of items :

Bear market survival guide :L2 What other potential airdrop opportunities are there ?

Now I'll be specific to each agreement , Including the chain in which they are located 、 Community and simple strategies :


This is a derivative on the chain , The team has created many in today's DeFi Something widely used in options .

1. Belonging chain :ETH

2. Community : NFdXaE

3. Strategy : On Squeeth Open a position ; stay Crab Strategy do LP


Investment is guaranteed DeFi. They have recently expanded to Arbitrum.

1. Belonging chain :ETH, Arbitrum

2. Community :

3. Strategy : Pledge... In an agreement 、 To loan , Manage your position .


A tool for managing stable currency debt , And MKR、LQTY、AAVE、COMP Integrate .

1. Belonging chain :ETH

2. Community :

3. Strategy : Casting DAI, Be careful not to be liquidated , And complete a transaction .


Uniswap v3 Liquidity management .

1. Belonging chain :ETH

2. Community : BY3 Fq2

3. Strategy : Provide liquidity (WBTC/WETH/USDC)


Fund obfuscator .

1. Belonging chain :ETH、 Its own L2

2. Community :

3. Strategy : Confuse... In the agreement ETH, And send it to another wallet .


from Gnosis Multisig Provide support .

1. Belonging chain :ETH, Polygon, Gnosis Chain, BNB, Arbitrum, AVAX, Optimism

2. Community : AQD9 Qn

3. Strategy : Pledge... In the agreement GNO.


Optimism Derivatives .

1. Belonging chain :Optimism

2. Community :

3. Strategy : Deposit money (sUSD, sETH, sBTC)


Cross chain bridge , Be similar to HOP.

1. Belonging chain :Ethereum, zkSync, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, Immutable X, Boba, Metis, Starknet (Goerli)

2. Community :

3. Strategy : adopt Orbiter Bridge some funds .


DeFi Asset Kanban .

1. Belonging chain : Have a basic

2. Community :

3. Strategy : Collect their NFT, Complete several exchanges through their platform , And complete the task requirements of the platform .


It's also DeFi Asset Kanban .

1. Belonging chain :Ethereum, Arbitrum, Aurora, AVAX, BNB, Fantom, Gnosis, Optimism, Polygon

2. Community :

3. Strategy : Complete several exchanges through the platform , And hold their NFT.


One NFT Community , There will be many airdrop agreements Lobster Holder of .

1. Belonging chain :ETH

2. Community :…

3. Strategy : hold Lobster

Clipper DEX

Multichain DEX.

1. Belonging chain :Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, Moonbeam

2. Community : Y2 jexyVBZ

3. Strategy : Provide liquidity , Make several transactions .


One AMM.

1. Belonging chain :Ethereum

2. Community :

3. Strategy : Hold the NFT, Complete several transactions .


Loan aggregator .

1. Belonging chain :Ethereum, Fantom

2. Community :

3. Strategy : pledge FTM/ETH/BTC, Lend stable currency .


Web3 wallet .

1. Belonging chain :Ethereum, BNB, AVAX, Polygon

2. Community : nothing

3. Strategy : Use the one that comes with the little fox wallet Swap Trade several times .

Friktion labs

Solana Upper DeFi Derivative .

1. Belonging chain :Solana

2. Community :

3. Strategy : Pledge money into their coffers , And hold NFT.


NFT Aggregator .

1. Belonging chain :ETH

2. Community :

3. Strategy : Trading on their platform NFT


DEX Aggregators and have their own NFT market .

1. Belonging chain :Polygon, Arbitrum, BNB, Optimism

2. Community : UcvgtASR…

3. Strategy : Make a deal , Holding it NFT.


Cross chain bridge polymerizer .

1. Belonging chain :Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, Gnosis, Fantom, AVAX, Arbitrum, Optimism, Moonriver/beam, Celo, Fuse

2. Community :

3. Strategy : Complete several cross chain .


Machine gun pool .

1. Belonging chain :ETH

2. Community :

3. Strategy : Deposit stable currency /ETH/BTC, And get the benefits .


A multi chain capital flow protocol .

1. Belonging chain :ETH

2. Community :

3. Strategy : Transfer funds to other wallets by agreement .


writing :Olimpio

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