The panic of "big brother" crypto currency market began to subside

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Zhitong finance has noticed , Wednesday , Stable currency TerraUSD(UST) The implosion of has indeed triggered widespread panic in the cryptocurrency field , Many people think the currency circle storm is coming . but 24 Hours later, , Things have obviously calmed down .

stay TerraUSD And related Luna After the token crash ,Terraform Labs Stopped and restarted its Terra Blockchain .

The largest stable currency in market value Tether( USDT ) Also recovered from a small crash , Other tokens have also rebounded . Thursday ,Tether In European trading, it fell to 95.11 cents , Far below 1 The pegged exchange rate of the US dollar , But then prices returned to normal levels .

Tether It is the largest stable currency used to promote transactions in the cryptocurrency market , It recovered from a small crash , Soothes nervous traders , Because its troubles may spread to the wider market . According to Bloomberg , Other tokens supporting key decentralized financial agreements have also rebounded .

meanwhile , Bitcoin is falling to about 25000 The dollar rose back to 30000 About $ . Some alternative currencies have also risen , Bitcoin cash (Bitcoin Cash) It was up for a while before the increase was retrenched 20%.

The market seems to have recovered from the chaos that swept the cryptocurrency market on Wednesday . same day , Bitcoin fell nearly 10%.

Asset management institutions Miller Tabak + Co. Chief market strategist Matt Maley Express :“Tether The fact that it is stabilizing means that margin calls are weakening . People are still nervous , But the sell-off has decreased , The relationship between supply and demand has stabilized again .”

US Treasury Secretary Yellen said ,Terra The plunge in shows the danger of tokens allegedly linked to the dollar , But she added , The collapse of the stable currency will not pose a threat to the financial stability of the United States .

Nuveen Chief investment strategist Brian Nick Express ,“ Cryptocurrency doesn't make any economic sense . Not many people hold a lot of gold ,” For all that , He added , The encryption market is being affected by the same forces that currently affect the stock market .

Nick Pointed out that ,“ Any high valuation 、 What punishment will something with uncertain or non-existent sources of income be subjected to when the financial environment tightens ?“ without doubt , Cryptocurrency is highly valued , And no source of income . This is similar to what we do in growth stocks 、 The situation seen in technology stocks is very similar . They are related , But it's obviously more volatile , Because the market is less liquid .”

Cryptocurrency various trading desks report business as usual , trading platform B2C2 It means seeing two-way capital inflows UST, More buying USDC( The second largest stable currency ).

FRNT Financial Inc. CEO of Stephane Ouellette Express , He received information about Tether The problem of , Customers want to know whether its dislocation provides arbitrage opportunities . He pointed out that ,“ There was a huge arbitrage last night ,“Tether and Bitfinex Everything seems to be working as usual .”

“ In addition to the market trend , There is no indication that there is any problem in the stable currency market .”Ouellette  Think last night was just an accident .

However , Cryptocurrency is still in a deep downturn .

Tallbacken Capital Advisors CEO and founder Michael Purves Bitcoin is expected to fall further , May reach 2 Ten thousand dollars or 1.5 Thousands of dollars .

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