Is there a risk that the data will be monitored?

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Under the upsurge of the universe , New problems of user data protection are gradually emerging : Immersive technology allows companies to collect personal information and even biometric data at will .


If you let it go , The worst result may be that the meta universe is no less harmful to the security of user data than at present Web2 Business model of .

that , How did the meta universe cause this problem ?

Broadening of data sources

Yuancosmos will change the way audiences participate . With VR、AR The popularity of , We can do it in 3D Realize... In space Interaction , Users can go to virtual world Leisure and entertainment , Not just on the screen . These virtual and “ real ” Things and interactions , Will change the relationship between consumers and products or services .


But when people's behavior on the Internet increases , What follows will be the of the data source Rapid widening .

When a user interacts with other users or services in the meta universe virtual world , Virtual worlds or service providers can view User behavior preferences as well as Equipment feedback information To collect user dimension data , Like social networking 、 Body health index, etc , It's not just about collecting hits 、 Number of views 2D data .

The debate about the new model

Undeniable? , The more complete the data , The higher its value , The more people covet it . that , In the metauniverse , Such a wealth of available data , Its allure is unmatched by the current traditional Internet data . Once a company starts collecting user information through the virtual world , Then the consequences are immeasurable .

So as an industry , Maybe we have a responsibility to make Decentralized protocol , Let users control their data , Prevent it from eventually falling into the hands of companies with the risk of losing all data in hacker attacks .


However , Some people will also think that : The data generated by platforms and services will eventually reach the The server , So even if you use a decentralized model , also Can't block Collection of user data .

exactly , This concern remains , But it also depends on the specific terms of service , For example, for compliance purposes , The service must retain user data . And as the whole industry is turning Open collaboration , Users will also have more data storage options , Like local storage 、 Personal cloud storage and so on , The company will have to adapt to the new model of decentralization in the future .

The need for ethical standards

With the maturity of large Web2 Companies smell business opportunities in the meta universe , The proliferation of advertisements and the trend of tracking user data are Web3 A clue has emerged in .

The primordial universe will be a subversion —— The Internet will not remain the same forever , It will change in dramatic ways . But if the future meta universe is still Web2 That kind of centralized cyberspace , So we still live in the traditional Internet .


But the problem is , Technology itself has no black and white , Now there's nothing Tough measures It can prevent enterprises from monitoring and collecting privacy data , So maybe the industry needs to take... First Gentle means as well as The right way of thinking , For example, ensure that there are ethics that guide the correct development of Technology .

meanwhile ,Web3 Decentralized technology is developing , Such as decentralized ledger 、 Decentralized identity (DID) etc. , In an orderly way in the metauniverse . Maybe , This will be the next key point for us to get rid of capital monitoring in the meta universe .

* Next , We will start with decentralized technology , In especial DID The angle of , Bring you the future of the meta universe ~ Coming soon !