Hacker information - Summary of blockchain hacking activities in early May

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TinTin Hacker 
News flash 」 yes  TinTinLand  Create an information column , Gather recent online and offline hackers and  Grant, It aims to help developers and blockchain enthusiasts get the latest hacker information , Encourage them to understand and participate in different hackers according to their own situation , Better build  Web 3  ecology .

2022  Boca hackson entrepreneurship competition

In the past year ,Parity  And  OneBlock+  The community co sponsored
 4  the
 Polkadot Hackathon  Developer hacker song entrepreneurship competition , A large number of developers loose from... Through hackers  0  To  1  Team up to start a business ,
We have recruited developers from all over the world  130  Multiple teams , Success for  Web3  The industry delivers a large number of innovative infrastructure products and services  DApp
. Some of them are like  Parallel、Manta Network、Web3Games、DoraFactory  And other well-known projects .

In order to further attract more creative developers and creators to understand and join  Polkadot  ecology , And support and help the excellent projects grow ,Parity  And  OneBlock+  Community in  
5  month  5  Japan - 6  month  30  Japan  
host  2022  Boca hackson entrepreneurship competition , All developers around the world who want to know about blockchain and open network are welcome to sign up and participate . Whether it's an entrepreneurial team with rich development experience , Or do you want to enter Web3  Traditional Internet developers ,
We all look forward to creative and thoughtful developers to join this competition , Create together Web3.


  • Time to participate :5  month  5  Japan  - 6  month  22  Japan
  • Participation resources :
  • The best starting point for beginners —— Poca  Wiki
  • https://wiki.polkadot.network/docs/getting-started
  • Substrate  Reference summary of technical resources
  • https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MzU1NjgyNDA0Mg==&mid=2247485826&idx=2&sn=39a90ace25a9acacbfaa41d529eb1d5a&scene=21#wechat_redirect
  • Substrate  Developing introductory courses
  • https://jhp.h5.xeknow.com/s/1GOXUP
  • Join in  Discord:
  • https://discord.gg/KsCEKvqU4p
  • Entrance to the competition :
  • https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScR7sGK0XH20jM5zNXy6hc__uIvqhKPxKDetJFsr6WIDE6QNg/viewform?usp=sf_link

2022  Wanxiang blockchain in spring

The competition was held by
Wanxiang blockchain lab
The host ,Nervos、Protocol Labs  and  Qtum( In alphabetical order ) Love sponsorship , With
“ Meta universe : Chain the future together ”
The theme of , We look forward to global excellent developers and college students of relevant majors to jointly explore blockchain in  DID、DAO、NFT、SocialFi、GameFi  The application potential of the popular racetrack of the equivalent universe , And inject scientific and technological strength and new vitality into the current social development and digital transformation of various industries .

Peking University Student blockchain Center 、 Blockchain Association of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications 、 fudan  MBA  Blockchain Club 、 Shanghai Jiaotong University blockchain Association 、 Tsinghua university student blockchain Association 、Yale Venture Club And etheric planets ( In alphabetical order ) Provide community support for this competition .


  • Time to participate :5  month  9  Japan ——6  month  7  Japan  
  • Participation resources :
  • https://www.wxblockchain.com/#/hackathon
  • Entrance to the competition :
  • http://wxblockchain.mikecrm.com/LrbdeIU

Moonriver Grant Hackathon

2022  year  3  month  23  Japan  - 5  month  20  Japan
,Moonbeam Foundation  union  DoraHacks  and  Huobi Incubator  The official launch of  Moonriver Virtual Hackathon.

Moonriver  yes  Kusama  It is fully compatible with Ethereum's smart contract platform
. This Ethereum compatible feature allows developers to easily and quickly integrate new or existing  Solidity DApp  Deployed to  Moonriver.

The purpose of this hacksong is to provide developers with the opportunity to enter the new ecosystem and pass the discussion 、 Online support and bonus sponsorship began to be developed . Participation in the project must be in  Moonriver  or  Moonbase Alpha  Test online deployment .
There is no entry threshold limit for hackers this time
, Propositions include but are not limited to XCM、NFT、DeFi、Indexer  and  Gaming  Other fields , All kinds of projects are welcome to submit and participate in , To build  Moonriver  ecology !


  • Time to participate : from  3  month  23  Japan ——5  month  13  Japan  
  • Participation Guide :
  • https://dorahacks.io/blog/guides/buidlers-guide-moonriver/
  • Join in  Discord:https://discord.gg/moonbeam
  • Entrance to the competition :
  • https://dorahacks.io/grant/moonriver/detail

welcome  Moonriver  Developers join the developer community , With other developers 、 Judges 、 Direct communication with investors

NEAR  Spring flash hack pine

NEAR  The spring flash lasts four weeks , A total of eight challenges , Aimed at
Give developers the opportunity to start their first blockchain project
! Every Monday during the game will be in  Discord  Upper  
#events -> #near-spring-popup 
The column section announces  2  A new challenge . Next 7  There is plenty of time to meet the challenge .NEAR  The review of works will be completed and the ranking list will be updated , The leaderboard will show the top score  40  Famous hacker , After the game , Get the most points before  15  Hackers will get  15,000  The dollar  NEAR  Reward . The winner of this spring's flash hacker song will be  
5  month  16  Japan
published , Let's look forward to the announcement of the final winner !


  • Time to participate : From now on ——5  month  10  Japan
  • Join in  Discord:
  • https://discord.com/invite/UY9Xf2k
  • Entrance to the competition :
  • https://nearspring.splashthat.com/

The above is the information about the hacking activities being carried out or about to start in early May ,
Whether it's a new blockchain developer or a project founder pursuing innovation , Can find suitable hackers , by  Web3.0  Contribute to the ecological development and construction of .
TinTin Land  Will continue to monitor the progress of the event , Synchronize the progress of relevant events and explore excellent entries ; We will also continue to pay attention to the developer activities launched by major public chain ecosystems , Summarize and update relevant information in time .

   About us

TinTinLand  It is a technology community that empowers the next generation of developers , Through aggregation 、 Cultivation 、 Deliver developers to open networks , Jointly define and build the future .
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