Bitcoin once fell below $26000, and the value of cryptocurrency evaporated more than $200 billion a day

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5 month 13 Daily news , Due to the price of bitcoin 16 It fell below... For the first time in months 2.6 Thousands of dollars , Coupled with the increased selling of other cryptocurrencies by investors , As a result, the value of global cryptocurrency evaporated in one day 2000 More than $ .

Blockchain data research company Coin Metrics Statistical data display , Thursday, local time in the United States , Bitcoin prices plummeted to 25401.29 dollar . It's a sign of self 2020 year 12 month 26 Since then , This cryptocurrency fell below for the first time 2.6 $10000 level .

thereafter , Bitcoin prices have rebounded , Finally, it closed at 28569.25 dollar , Decline is 2.9%.

meanwhile , The price of Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, plummeted to 1704.05 dollar . This is the 2021 year 6 Since the month , The price of this cryptocurrency fell below... For the first time 2000 The dollar pass . Ethereum finally fell 8.8%, to 1937.88 dollar .

Due to concerns about soaring prices and deteriorating economic prospects , In addition, the stock market plummeted from the high point since the COVID-19 , Investors are fleeing cryptocurrency investments . US inflation data released on Wednesday showed that ,4 The price of goods and services rose in January 8.3%, Higher than analysts' expectations , near 40 Highest level in years .

Also worrying for traders is , Stable currency TerraUSD( Or called UST) The price plummeted , This cryptocurrency is directly linked to the value of the dollar .UST Prices plunged below on Wednesday 0.3 dollar , This has shaken investors' confidence in the so-called ” Decentralized financial sector “ Confidence in investment .

A stable currency is like a currency with little regulation 、 Bank accounts in cryptocurrency . In times of market turmoil , Cryptocurrency investors often buy stable currency to ensure security . But actually ,UST It's just a “ Algorithm ” Stable currency , Its foundation is code , Instead of storing cash . As the holders collectively flee ,UST It is always difficult to maintain stable value .

Thursday, local time in the United States ,UST The transaction price is about 0.41 dollar , Still far below the original 1 The dollar is pegged to the exchange rate . Another kind of floating price UST Sister cryptocurrency Luna, The value evaporated 99%, Last value only 0.04 dollar .

Investors are worried about the huge impact of the bitcoin . from Terra founder Terra creator Do Kwon Established fund Luna Foundation Guard Has accumulated billions of dollars worth of bitcoin , To help support... In times of crisis UST.

However, what is worrying is ,Luna Foundation Guard Sold a large part of its bitcoin , To support its ailing stable currency . This is a high-risk gamble , Especially because bitcoin itself is a highly volatile asset .

Terra The aftermath of the crash has raised greater concerns . Thursday , The largest stable currency in the world Tether Also fell below 1 The pegged exchange rate of the dollar , At one point it fell to 0.95 dollar . For a long time , Economists have been worried about , In the event of a large-scale withdrawal of investors ,Tether It may not have the reserves needed to support its peg to the dollar .