Third generation blockchain dfinity layout defi, how do developers seize the opportunity

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DTalk  By  TinTinLand  and  DFINITY  A series of live online activities jointly organized by , It aims to provide platforms and channels for developers ,  Promote developers and  DFINITY  Public chain square 、 Project side 、 Face to face communication and communication among industry celebrities .DTalk  Will focus  DFINITY  Technological renewal and ecological development , Invite the latest and hottest project development team as guests , Take technology as the bottom layer and experience as the pointer , Starting from successful projects and technological innovation , Capture the topic concerned by developers as the theme , Help developers join the blockchain industry , To build  Web3.
Dominic Williams z
  Zeng Jiang  DFINITY  After boasting of bitcoin and Ethereum ,
The third great innovation of blockchain
. Ethereum is familiar to everyone , As the most popular programmable blockchain in the world , Almost all  DeFi  Applications are built on the Ethereum blockchain . It is known as an innovation after Ethereum  DFINITY, stay  DeFi  What ecological advantages and technical features can be compared with Ethereum on the track ?
since 2020 Year begins ,DeFi  The development of is unstoppable , To enhance privacy 、 A series of advantages such as fairness and the most important asset security , Solved the pain point of traditional centralized finance . Major public chains have been laid out DeFi, Provide appropriate ecological and technical support ,DFINITY  Naturally, we follow the trend . And from  DFINITY  In terms of the underlying technology , Support reverse  gas  Model , Once again solved the problem of  gas  The pain point of high cost ; and DFINITY  Chain key cryptography supports its ability to process transactions at network speed . Fast , Low cost , This is  DeFi  The ability that the project pays most attention to and needs most .( Detailed technical interpretation can be seen :
Potential stock public chain DFINITY Interpretation of the new white paper  |  Connect Web3.0 What is the underlying technology of the times
That's what I saw  DeFi  The project in  DFINITY  Potential on , Also see  DFINITY  It's a time for developers to enter .TinTin  and  DFINITY  Jointly initiated the latest project ——DTalk. In order to enable the majority of developers to  DFINITY  Of  DeFi  Have a deeper understanding of the project ,DTalk  Phase I  DeFi  The theme of , Will be in  
5  month  15  Japan ( On Sunday, )10:00
  stay  YouTube  The meeting is going on . This time  DTalk  Also specially invited
 ICLighthouse Founder William、Deland Labs core developer Witter、Co-Founder of HashMix Stephen
  As a round table guest, start a topic discussion with you , Analyze their views on  DFINITY  View of the , analyse  DeFi  Advantages and pain points of track events , And joining  DeFi  The value and significance of the track .

Besides , We also invited
 CTO from Dmail Network
  As a guest of technology sharing, I will show you the current adoption based on  DFINITY Canister  Technical architecture module of distributed architecture , Deepen understanding  DFINITY Canister  Future opportunities and challenges for distributed storage solutions .DFINITY  Various functions in the application 、 All components must be implemented through  Canister  This computing unit is used to complete , It has scalability 、 Interoperability becomes the atom of network services , It is also worthy of developers' in-depth research and learning .
Event information
Share time :
5  month  15  Japan ( Sunday )10:00 UTC+8
YouTube  Live link :
Round table discussion
Round table theme :
 DFINITY  Layout  DeFi, What are the opportunities for developers ?
Round table questions :
Please introduce your project
What do you think of  DFINITY ? What technical advantages attract you ?
  Why choose  DeFi  Track ?DeFi  The advantages and pain points of the project are ?
In the meta universe 、NFT  Today's strong development ,DeFi  Is it still worth joining ?

Technology sharing

Sharing themes : be based on  DFINITY  Distributed storage architecture of
Sharing guests :James, CTO from Dmail Network
Share the outline :
  1. DFINITY  Introduction to storage ( Data storage architecture and storage technology )
  2.  At present  DFINITY  Problems faced by storage
  3.  The adoption is based on  DFINITY Canister  Distributed storage solution
  4.  be based on  DFINITY  Future opportunities and challenges of distributed major solutions
Share the introduction :
This paper mainly introduces the current methods based on  DFINITY Canister  Technical architecture module of distributed architecture , Provide all kinds of storage services completed , All core modules and distributed storage modules run on  Canister  To achieve the purpose of persistence .

Activity flow

10:00-10:40  Round table topic
10:40-11:00 Q&A link
11:00-11:30  Technology sharing
11:30-11:50 Q&A link

Form of activity

The host and guests are here  zoom  Share in the live room , User pass  Youtube  Participate in watching and interacting .

Q&A  The problems of the link come from the problems collected by the community during the publicity of the activity , And during the live broadcast, users are  Youtube  Questions submitted in the comments area , We'll sync in real time .

Interested students , Please use the poster below , Scan the code and sign up , Get the meeting link .


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