The man entrusted to fry bitcoin for a loss of 790000 and sued the other party

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man entrusted fry bitcoin loss

2019 year 12 month 23 solstice 2020 year 2 month 27 Between days , Wang transferred money to Lei for many times, totaling 79.2 Ten thousand yuan , Are used to entrust Lei to buy bitcoin for financial management , However, Lei did not inform Wang of the transaction information such as the records and results of his purchase of bitcoin . Wang appealed to the court , Request judge Lei to return the financial funds 79.2 Ten thousand yuan .2022 year 3 month 15 Japan , After trial, the Chaoyang District People's Court of Beijing found that , By 2021 year 4 month 13 Japan , There is only... Left in Lei's account 0.0001 Bitcoin , Converted into RMB 42.46 element . Final , Under the mediation of the court , Lei returned the entrusted financial management funds to Wang 25 Ten thousand yuan .

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