Baidu's "Greek soil" is full of bad reviews? But I see the four modes of metacosmic business! Babbitt experience Officer

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baidu greek soil bad reviews
Introduction :
The yuan universe is on fire , But what exactly is it ? What landing scenes are there ? Where are the users ? What is the business model ? With these questions , Babbitt starts today 《 Babbitt experience Officer 》 The column , Through immersive experience , Explore the endless potential of the meta universe track .
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chart : Official publicity map of Greek soil

4 month 2 Japan , Time interval 2 Months , Xi soil APP Ushered in its latest update , moving .

Xirang is a meta universe product of Baidu ,2021 year 12 Monthly online . At the time , In the heat of the meta universe , Xirang received a high voice , Xi Ti microblogging hot search .

After the project is officially launched , The evaluation fell directly into the gutter , There was a lot of swearing . at present , Its rating at the apple store is 2.2 branch .

Read a few comments :

“ It seems that apart from walking around , Nothing can be done …… This is the very hot meta universe ?”
“ White point ,90 Games of the '80s DEMO Better than this . crudely made !”
“ Can I have dessert ?”
“ unloaded . But not enough to dispel hatred , So let's comment and vent . Do you have to give one star ?0 Stars can't ?”

What's going on in xirang ? As a senior player of metauniverse ( Only optimistic , Not bearish ), I'm probably here APP Play back and forth 2 Hours ( No experience VR edition ), Went to most of the available space , Roughly understand , What can it do , What does it want to do in the future , as well as , There may be some areas that need to be improved .

Let's get started .

chart : You can pinch your face after logging in , Build your own image

What is the earth ? It's official “ A leap between virtual and reality 、 An ever lasting multiplayer interactive space .” When you enter xirang, you will hear a background voice saying :“ Welcome to this borderless place , Start another life , This is xirang .”

A virtual world , I have to find some benchmarking projects , Is probably Decentraland、 My world, etc . In short , You can just wander around , Keep exploring .

chart : Map of xirang

The map of xirang is not big , There are not many buildings with names . But if you walk around the picture , Estimates that need 30 minute . That means it has a lot of space , The distance between buildings is not close ( Characters can't run , Can only go ). in addition , This picture has 2 layer , You can shuttle up and down through some elevators .

Let's list some landmark buildings , Guess is the core partner of xirang .

A、 The largest building : Baidu technology interactive experience area 、 Baidu technology center station, etc .

B、 Brand exhibition hall : Ying Wei Da 、 Intel 、 Yuexianhuo Technology Center 、 Lingke paradise 、 Pentium digital exhibition hall, etc .Creator Family It is a multi brand exhibition hall , Like masuka 、 Totole 、 Yuexianhuo 、smart、 Lay's 、 Wang Laoji .

C、 well-known IP Class buildings : Sanxingdui 、 The shaolin temple 、 Three body Museum .

D、 Museum of art : Fengyuzhu Digital Art Museum , Not open , The future may be an exhibition hall of digital collections .

E、 Reality reappearance : Shanghai Fengxian new town Yuan universe mature reception hall , This is a group of large-scale digital urban buildings .

F、 Special buildings : Blue universe , Recently, I have made a lot of PR Manuscript , Belongs to the blue cursor , Claiming to be the first in China “ Meta universe marketing space ”.

chart : The walking state of Greek earth characters

After experiencing the Greek soil , Combined with personal experience , I have a few feelings , This may be metacosmic business “ revolution ” Four opportunities and models .

1、 Facing the future “ Digital brand marketing space ”

This is most obvious in the blue universe . After entering this sky blue building, you will find , It's actually another “ Space ”, A virtual block , This neighborhood is very technological , Even a little cyberpunk .

at present , It's checked in 5 A brand , Anta 、 Jinmao Hotel 、 Dongfeng Peugeot 、 There are forty-nine workshops for those who are good at Brewing 、 Hey, ha, beer .

chart : The scene in the blue universe building

According to the blue cursor , future , Users can browse the trendy goods at home and abroad here , You can also experience unique and diverse interactions with different brands , Even participate in all kinds of “ Plucking wool ” Activities .

It's very interesting . We assume that , If Anta set up a digital store here , Users can get it here, such as full 100 reduce 50 Coupons . Of course , As a digital marketing space , Anta should design more interesting interactive games 、 game . such as , A virtual fashion show , Then compare the winners , And then give preferential tickets to commodities .

But at the moment, , I've been walking around this virtual block for a long time , I didn't find this 5 A brand has any interaction with design , Their brand exposure is only reflected in the huge... Above the building logo. More boring .

chart : Lucky draw tips

In the experience , I entered NVIDIA's building , There are also some interactions .

First , The walls of the building are full of video introductions , Standing in front can play automatically .

secondly , When I left the building , Pop up a lottery page , It's a surprise .

How can meta universe marketing play ? Decentraland Maybe it's a benchmark . 3 month 24 solstice 27 Japan ,Decentraland Hold the world's first meta universe fashion week , Yes 60 Many fashion brands participate in , Include Dolce&Gabanna( Dugabana )、Etro( Etro )、Tommy Hilfiger( Tommy ・ Tommy Hilfiger )、 Estee Lauder( Estee Lauder ) etc. .

picture :Martin Shibuya/@martinshibuya/Twitter

2、 The future of live online “ Super venue ”

Tiktok live and live broadcast 、 Is it the same as the live broadcast of the TV party ? There must be a difference !

2021 year 12 month , Xirang hosted Baidu Create 2021 The conference ( Baidu AI Developer conference ), This is claimed to be the first large-scale meta cosmic conference in China .

chart : Official publicity map

Baidu advertised that , Hope to support 10 10000 people online at the same time , An immersive and immersive experience . The audience who watched the live broadcast will know , Live pictures and viewing experience “ Regular live broadcast ” It's very different .

such as , Each audience has a place , Sit in your seat , You can hear the voices of people around you , The closer you get, the louder the sound , Very live .

There have been no major events in Greece recently , So there's no way to experience . But after entering the venue, you can see the video effects of the venue and stage .

chart : Renderings of the conference venue

2022 At the beginning of year , Justin · Bieber and virtual concert company Wave VR cooperation , Presented a show to fans all over the world 30 Minutes of “ Yuan universe concert ” Probably .

Bieber sang 《Holy》, The picture switches to the golden wheat field under the blue sky and white clouds , The animation effect of golden particles around Bieber , Golden fireflies floated up in the grass . With Bieber's habitual shaking of his legs , The spirit and freedom of music , The soothing tone of the song , And very close viewing , like nature itself -- highest quality , It's exciting .

chart : Live rendering

B Stop video , Experience it. :

What is worth looking forward to is that VR equipment , So you can follow the lens " Push, pull and shake " To get an immersive experience far beyond live TV . I think this will be the killer mace of meta universe live broadcast .

3、 Open world “ Social networking platform ”

In xirang , In the process of walking, there has always been pure music as background music , however , If you walk into certain scenes during walking, it will trigger new sounds .

such as , When walking into the music scene with the theme of Sanxingdui , The background music changed .

chart : Sanxingdui building

If one player is close to another , And he's talking , Then you can hear his voice . It is a pity that , The hope bag doesn't seem to be used by many people , So I experienced it twice , The chance of meeting other players is very low , Even if I met , The other side doesn't talk ……

But imagine , Join a 5 One player enters a field at the same time , Then we can communicate with each other . This one META Of Horizon Worlds Is similar to that of .

I imagined a scene , When we all walk into an exhibition of digital collections , that , We can discuss a digital collection , At the thought of this scene , Very excited .

4、 Have fun , Find something interesting

Strolled in xirang 2 More than a hour , Most of the time , I've been fooling around . I have no idea what I can see in it , How do you play? . But I have a feeling , Perhaps its charm lies in this , Wandering around , Then find something new and interesting .

chart : Shaolin temple architecture

such as , I like Shaolin Temple very much .

The building rules of Shaolin Temple are very small , There is only one yard . A huge ginkgo tree ( Maybe ), There are some yellow leaves scattered on the ground . There are some stone tablets on both sides of the main road , unfortunately , Can't see the words on it .

This scene is very beautiful , In particular, it has the artistic conception of Chinese traditional architecture and culture . When approaching a table , And triggered a reaction , A Zen language jumped out .

“ You can't ask for anything , Fate should , Go without staying , Go with the crowd .”

And further inside , Up the steps is a hall . There is a monk named Sanbao . It can also trigger a reaction here , Monk Sanbao began to punch , although , Just a few seconds .

Lingke paradise is also particularly impressive , It is similar to the virtual exhibition hall of Lingke car brand in xirang , The display car inside , After clicking, it will 360 Degree display , You can also click to switch the appearance color , It's a bit like the car home 3D Look at the car .

chart : Virtual car watching

It is said that , future , Lingke will gradually unlock the online auto show in Baidu xirang 、 New car launch 、 Virtual test drive 、 Virtual spokesperson 、 New experiences such as digital collections . At present, it is not .

On the whole , At present, there are not many interesting things in xirang .

For xirang , I read the apple store reviews , Many critical comments focus on the lack of playfulness , Many people log in to Caton online , Rough modeling and so on .

A representative negative comment is : At least plan like after tomorrow 、 Survival in the wilderness or awakening at dawn 3D The real scene , White point , The current effect ,90 Games of the '80s DEMO Better than this .

Some time ago, I played the open world mobile game of MIHA tour 《 Protogod 》, stay 《 Protogod 》 in , Not just footsteps 、 Wheezing , And the rustle of leaves in the wind , Standing on the top of the mountain , Watching the sunset fall over time , It's really interesting .

chart : game 《 Protogod 》 The picture of

Contrast Greek soil , Greek soil is terrible . But then I thought , A meta universe like xirang , The core of the game is not . although , image Decentraland、The Sandbox And other overseas meta universe projects have built some small games . But I think , The virtual world under the concept of meta universe , The core is the interaction with the real world . Lianmai interaction , Watch the exhibition Show、 meeting Party, And so on .

It's not fun ,Decentraland、The sandbox It's the most fun in the world 、 The most interesting metauniverse . But I have to say , Xirang is the best Chinese project I have seen that conforms to my understanding of the meta universe .

The experience officer feels :

1、 The core of the meta universe is content and interaction . It's not fun , Largely because there is not much to experience . With Decentraland comparing , The latter has activities from different brands every day . Beginning of the year , Australian Open Decentraland, During the start of the game , Users can go to Decentraland Participate in a number of tennis games , The winner will receive official NFT, This has inspired a large number of users to participate in activities . If , Complete some virtual test drive interactions in Lingke Park , Official digital collections are available , That would be a lot of fun .

2、 Too strong commercial smell . Most of the buildings in xirang are brand pavilions , It's so boring , There are too few interesting buildings like Shaolin Temple . It is reported that , zhangjiajie 、 West Lake intends to make these two IP Make a virtual world , The future , Can there be more such scenic spots and museums in xirang ?

3、 Hard to find blockchain traces . Official disclosure , There will be no virtual currency in the Greek land world , And will not trade virtual assets , However, Greek soil has introduced blockchain Technology . however , From account application to experience , I don't feel the blessing of blockchain technology at all . But the digital collection is so popular , There are also “ Fengyuzhu Digital Art Museum ”, I believe it's only a matter of time .

At the end :

Virtual human 、 Digital collection 、XR Hardware device 、 Games, social education, culture, tourism, medicine …… What kind of meta universe products do you have , Let's take care of the experience , Let more people see you . Wechat contact information :bitcoin2041

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