The financial needs of yuancosmos regular customers will promote the rapid development of bank virtual business

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financial needs yuancosmos regular customers

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The original title :《 Institutions compete for new tracks Meta universe financial opportunity geometry ?》

Metacosmic economy is not yet mature , But the development momentum is amazing , The financial services industry must make a difference . The Internet is used 15 to 20 It was only popularized to the banking industry in , Mobile phones use only 5 to 6 It became popular in a year , At present, the virtual world from 2D towards 3D transformation , Provide immersive experience for customers , The business opportunities brought about can be imagined . Metacosmic finance is a severe challenge to the traditional banking industry , It is also a rare development opportunity . Now the most popular meta universe platform has sandbox games (The Sandbox)、 Go to the central world (Decentraland)、 Dream space (Somnium Space)、 Beautiful island (Nifty Island)、 Star map (Star Atlas)、Pixelynx and Axie Infinity. The yuan universe economy, which has become popular in the past six months, is expanding from the game industry and performing arts industry to other industries , In this context, a few large banks are unwilling to lag behind , Begin to cultivate yuan universe finance new world. .

As the world's most profitable bank , JPMorgan Chase Bank is worried about losing the market , This year 2 month 15 in Decentraland Opened a school called Onyx Virtual space in the lobby ;3 month 15 Japan , HSBC has set up a virtual playground in sandbox games ,“ To facilitate contact and contact sports 、 E-sports and game lovers ”. before , Bank of America on 2021 year 10 month 11 It was announced that virtual reality will be adopted for North America 4300 Business centers provide soft skills training ; Same year 11 month 30 Japan , National Bank of Korea (Kookmin) Launched KB Meta universe virtual reality test platform , Allow customers to query personal financial information 、 Have a one-to-one consultation with the digital avatar of the employee .

In terms of payment services , MasterCard in 2020 year 10 month 6 It was announced on the th that a new version of augmented reality will be launched APP, Show the benefits of credit cards through a realistic virtual experience : Great experience 、 Cyber security and other benefits .VISA Card company in 2021 year 8 month 18 daily expenses 15 Million dollars to buy a unique piece of art , In order to officially enter the non-homogeneous token of the yuan universe economy (NFT) Business ; American Express in 2022 year 3 month 15 Japan , Filed with the U.S. Patent Office 7 Patent applications for non homogenous tokens and Yuan universe .

Yuancosmic economy is a brand-new business model based on the comprehensive application of various technologies , Its core technology is immersive ( Can mobilize vision 、 auditory 、 Tactile sensation 、 Smell and taste kinetic energy )、 Decentralized technology , Like quantum -2 platform 、 Internet 3.0( Distributed Internet , Creators can share economic benefits ; Users have the right to privacy , At least you can decide to keep or sell personal data )、 Distributed accounting technology (DLT, Commonly known as blockchain )、 Non homogeneous tokens, etc . Immersion technology ( Like augmented reality AR、 Virtual reality VR、 Tactile technology 、 Space technology, etc ) Created a stable enhanced virtual user experience , And decentralized technology provides a powerful 、 Agile infrastructure and value exchange mechanism . actually , American Philip · Roth (Philip Rosedale) Before 1999 In, he created the second life (Second Life) Virtual world of , But limited to the technical conditions , The development process is relatively slow , However, with the current computer computing power ( Such as NVIDIA NVIDA H100 series ) promote , The Yuan Dynasty economy has ushered in a turning point .

Evolution path and characteristics of banking financial technology

The banking industry has always been at the forefront of the application of the latest technology , So far . Under the two-level mode of traditional bank operation , The central bank performs regulatory functions , Various banking institutions are specifically responsible for one-to-one business relations with customers . Traditional banking includes retail 、 business 、 Wealth management and other services , It mainly depends on manual operation and paper text , Lack of customization of bank products and services 、 Individualization . However , The rise of the Internet era has continuously impacted the traditional business model of the banking industry , It makes the banking industry experience Digital Banking in a short time 、 Open platform 、 Decentralized finance and metacosmic financial technology revolution , New trends continue to emerge , Even multiple trends overlap and coexist .

Over the past decade (Web 2.0 Time ), Speed up the digitization of banking services , And moving in two directions : Digitization of existing business processes , Banks optimize the delivery channels of products and services through the Internet and mobile channels ; Create a new consumer experience , And firmly grasp the digital and big data strategy . At this stage , Banks take high-tech companies as their benchmark , Strive to improve the customer experience , Strengthen customer relationship , Determine the customer's operational objectives : Simple 、 It's due 、 Take the initiative 、 agile .

In the last three to five years , Some banks took the lead in entering the era of open banking . Banking service model (BaaS,Bank as a Service) Accelerated the trend of financial disintermediation , Banks increasingly rely on third-party distributors to supply banking products and services . The new model reengineers the value chain of banking business , Open the door to financial disintermediation , And seek new revenue growth points . In short , Banks open up regulated financial infrastructure to non bank enterprises , Cooperate to develop new products 、 New services , And quickly to the market . As the new regulatory measures take effect ( Such as PSD2, EU payment services directive 2;GDPR, EU general data protection regulations ), The bank can use the interface (API, Application programming interface ) Seamless connection with third parties , Provide them with continuous service . Pure Digital Banking 、 New banks and more cross industry trading markets provided by banks ( Such as energy services 、 Health services 、 Car trading services 、 Domestic service 、 Real estate transaction services, etc ) It is the symbolic product of open banking , Its purpose is to make banking services more integrated into customers' daily life .

In the last two years , The strong rise of decentralized Finance . Blockchain Technology , Especially the Internet 3.0 The arrival of the , Gave birth to borderless 、 Security 、 Fast ( Compared with traditional bank transactions )、 De centralization ( No intermediary ) New business model . Cryptocurrency 、 The intensive emergence of non homogenous tokens and central bank digital currencies has released art 、 The value potential of innovative assets in the real estate and game markets , Thus, a new virtual creative economy . so , Traditional banks must formulate long-term strategies to meet the financial needs of this customer group and actively cooperate with regulatory requirements . Decentralized finance can be described as aiming at the disadvantages of traditional finance : Inclusive Finance 、 The impact of financial service level on employment ( Even in the United States , The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation found 710 Million families don't have bank accounts , About the total 5.4%)、 Personal data ownership 、 Time limits for government and centralized institutions 、 The limitation of time difference on trading time 、 Remittance efficiency is low ( Refers to some countries and regions ) And financial services costs , Compared with traditional finance , Decentralized finance has obvious advantages ( As shown in the table 1).

Past six months , Yuanzhou economy has attracted great attention in various industries , Banking is no exception . The ultimate goal of metauniverse is to build a bridge between the real world and the virtual world through hardware and software technology innovation , Therefore, the prosperity of the meta universe needs a benign economic environment . Non homogenous tokens have occupied a central position , And widely used in games 、 Performance activities 、 Art market 、 Sports events 、 Recreational activities 、 Precious metals trading 、 Ticket pre-sale 、 luxury goods 、 Various certificates 、 Business activities such as commercial contracts , The value of the yuan universe economy is also gradually reflected . The metauniverse will gradually become a game 、 The new normal of work and society , Driving the meta cosmic world 、 A trusted value exchange mechanism is very necessary , It means that banks must build their own meta universe city , Or set up a virtual branch in the existing yuan universe city , Move the financial products and services of the physical world to the meta cosmic economy , Continue to play the role of bank in the meta universe with innovative products and services .

On the development direction of meta universe finance

The Yuan Dynasty economy is still in its embryonic stage , The future development is full of great uncertainty , But the development momentum should not be underestimated , It is not too late to lay out the financial services industry . According to the world-famous technology consulting company Gartner This year, 2 month 16 The questionnaire report released on the th shows that , Among the respondents 35% They haven't heard of “ Meta universe ”;38% They have heard of “ Meta universe ”, But I don't know ;21% People say they know , But I can't express it clearly to others ; have only 6% People say they understand , Can also explain clearly to others . so , Society needs some time to digest and accept new ideas . The epidemic has changed learning 、 Work 、 Social and entertainment , Accelerate the digital transformation of society . As the biggest driving force of the meta cosmic economy , Online games have attracted more and more people to participate in ( Especially young people who are proficient in science and Technology ), Active players are played by 2015 year 19.9 100 million people 2020 Year of 26.9 Hundreds of millions of people ,NewZoo It is estimated that 2023 Will grow to 30.7 Hundreds of millions of people .2020 Asia Pacific players have 14.47 Hundreds of millions of people , China accounts for 6.65 Hundreds of millions of people . For financial services institutions , How to contact and establish stable business relations with young customers in the way they like ? This is a challenge that the financial services industry must meet , Otherwise, it will be overtaken by non-financial institutions .

From the yuan universe lobby of JPMorgan Chase Bank , At present, yuanuniverse finance still lacks substantive business . JPMorgan Chase Bank is organized by decentralized autonomy (DAO) Managed Decentraland Of Metajuku Shopping Mall ( from Republic Realm Own a virtual fashion shopping street , The name was inspired by Harajuku, Tokyo ) Set up a virtual branch , The location is close to the digital wardrobe DRESSX( Virtual fashion shop ).2021 end of the year ,Decentraland There are active users 50 ten thousand people , Own your own currency MANA The coin . JPMorgan Chase Bank supports the technological development of meta cosmic economy 、 The media 、 telecommunication 、 Games and e-commerce business , But the publicity role of this virtual bank is greater than the actual business , The introduction is JPMorgan Chase Bank's blockchain innovation technology development timeline , Next comes Christine, head of bank's encrypted assets and meta universe business · Moi's introduction , Then there is the lobby of the lobby , At the same time, I saw a tiger walking back and forth in the hall ; It's upstairs , Multiple displays show the services of virtual bank and its related products , visitor ( "Avatar" , Digital identity ) Text notes are available from the conference table .

As the business in the real world is gradually transferred to the meta universe , Metacosmic finance is bound to be useful . Just like the real world , The virtual world in the meta universe has its own population ( user )、 Economic scale (GDP) And money ( Cryptocurrency , Or stabilization currency or central bank digital currency ), Then the virtual bank of the bank should have the same function as the branch of the real world , Such as cross-border payment 、 Currency conversion 、 Financial asset creation 、 Trading and custody . In other words , Virtual bank can provide the following services to customers through virtual assistant : Solve difficult problems and interact with customers ; Strengthen the relationship and business contact with customers ; Learn more about customers with empathy ; Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through timely and effective communication ; Track and record customer's virtual transaction data . As far as the present is concerned , The application scenarios of metacosmic finance include three aspects : Virtual interaction ; Virtual training ; Virtual business . Virtual interaction should be the most common way for banks to keep in touch with metauniverse Finance . If above , Many banks have adopted AR/VR Technology to maintain good customer relations . Besides , Yuancosmos can also be applied to the training scenario of financial service professionals , Help them familiarize themselves with the architecture and virtual environment of financial institutions , Further improve the wealth management team of employees and customers 、 Financial crimes 、 Skill level of compliance management and other personnel .

Virtual business is bound to show diversified development . The financial needs of yuancosmos regular customers will promote the rapid development of bank virtual business . The construction and operation of Yuanyu universe requires the participation of multiple industry departments : Digital identification and authentication service providers will play an important role ; Financial data management and financial infrastructure companies will promote value exchange in a virtual environment ; Blockchain and digital asset companies play a vital role in the virtual world ; In the construction of the meta universe , Technology companies that develop virtual assistants and AI enabled agents for financial services still have a lot of work to do . No one knows the future development of metacosmic Finance , But one thing is certain , Meta cosmic economy 、 Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology are bound to permanently change the territory of the financial industry .

Metauniverse finance faces security challenges

Many well-known consulting companies and analysts believe that , Metacosmic finance will be a new market of great value to the banking industry , But there are great differences on the scale of the market . McKinsey estimates , To 2030 The global metacosmic economy will reach 1.5 Trillions of dollars . Goldman Sachs is based on two assumptions :33% From digital economy to meta cosmic economy ; The market is based on 25% growth , Think that the meta cosmic economy will be a 12.5 Trillions of dollars of opportunity . Morgan Stanley thinks , Only in China , The Yuan Dynasty economy will reach 8 Trillions of dollars . With the rapid development of meta cosmic economy , Metauniverse finance will gain amazing growth space . Take the Korean national bank model as an example , In the future, the meta universe financial city will include three spaces : Financial and Business Center 、 Communication center and playground . The financial and commercial center will be controlled by the branch 、 Public relations and recruitment Workshop 、 The auditorium and social space are composed of , The Telecommunication Center provides communication and cooperation services for remote workers and office personnel , The amusement park is a leisure area , Like a park .

The problem of network security has always plagued the development of metauniverse finance . Recently, a very popular game “Axie Infinity” Of players in less than a year by 3.8 Ten thousand people soared to 2250 ten thousand people , However, game publishers (Sky Mavis)3 month 29 Day to disclose , Worth more than 5 Billion dollars of cryptocurrency stolen . Such incidents occur frequently , In addition, cases involving huge financial losses include :PolyNetwork On 2021 year 8 month 1 Disclosed stolen on the th 6.11 Billion dollars ;Coincheck On 2018 year 1 month 31 Daily disclosure value 5.32 Billion dollars of cryptocurrency stolen ;Mt.Gox On 2014 It was stolen many times around the year , The cumulative loss exceeds 4.7 Billion dollars ;Wormhole This year, 2 month 8 Stolen on the th 3.25 Billion dollars ;KuCoin On 2020 year 11 month 22 Stolen on the th 2.81 Billion dollars . The theft of encrypted assets occurs frequently , The modus operandi is impossible to prevent , Therefore, the primary problem in the development of metauniverse finance is to solve the security problem of blockchain .

The yuan universe economy needs strict rules and regulation . First , For their own development needs , Many virtual worlds must be interconnected , To form a unified meta cosmic world , That's the only way , Only in this way will there be broad development space for the Yuan Dynasty economy . In order to achieve this goal , These virtual worlds need to be developed to promote openness (interoperability) Basic framework agreements and rules , So as to facilitate the free flow of products and services in the virtual world , So as to improve the value of virtual assets . secondly , The virtual world needs to strengthen the self-discipline management of the industry , Set up rules and regulations , Standardize the business activities of the virtual world , To eliminate the quite negative views of regulators on the development of metauniverse Finance . Last , Strengthen the cooperation between government regulators and industry self-discipline institutions , To effectively crack down on Internet theft . Successful examples are the U.S. Department of justice and chain analysis ( Jointly cracked 2016 year 8 In June, a young couple in the United States stole 119754 Bitcoin case . In the process of detection , Chain analysis company locks the anonymous account of bitcoin inflow in the virtual world ( Digital wallet ), The U.S. Department of justice monitors the bank account changes of suspects in the real world , And finally locked Ilya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan couple . Just like the real world , The meta cosmic economic world needs a good business operation Ecology , Strict supervision is one of the important contributing factors .

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