Half moon talk: how does the meta universe lead the digital economy with the troika and four tracks?

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Get into 2022 year , Global Internet giants continue to accelerate the pace of layout of the meta universe , Domestic Internet enterprises are also competing to apply for registration of yuancosmic related trademarks , Seize the opportunity of digital economy development .

Since the 18th CPC national congress , Developing digital economy has gradually become a national strategy . Several industry authorities said , Metauniverse may lead the development of global digital economy , There is an urgent need to introduce policies as soon as possible , Crack the laws that restrict the development of the meta universe 、 technology 、 Talent and other obstacles , Strengthen governance and supervision , Guide Chinese enterprises to accelerate their entry into the track of the healthy development of the meta universe , Catch up with the development of the global Internet and the next generation of digital economy .

Hardware 、 social contact 、 game —— The troika heading for the meta universe

Microsoft 1 month 18 Capital contribution announced on 687 $billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard , And all in cash . Activision Blizzard has launched 《 World of warcraft 》《 diablo 》《 BFS legend 》《 Watchman pioneer 》 And other classic games , By 2021 The three quarter of 2014 , Monthly active users reach 4 Hundreds of millions of people . Upon completion of the transaction , Microsoft will become the third largest game company in the world after Tencent and Sony .

Microsoft “ perform a sword dance ”, Intended for the meta universe . Microsoft CEO Nadella said , This deal will play a key role in the development of Microsoft's meta universe platform .

The relevant person in charge of Netease Group believes that , Under the wave of the meta universe , The game industry is the best experimental field of meta universe technology , It is also the best scene for the commercialization of the meta universe . The two complement each other , Promote each other .

“ As the basic model of the next generation Internet , The meta universe has identity 、 Interactivity 、 Immersion and other basic characteristics , And the game is undoubtedly the most ideal entrance .” Kong Rong, chief overseas analyst of Tianfeng securities, said .

The industry also regards this acquisition as Microsoft's contribution to another major technology company Meta A defensive war in the meta universe . Ma Tianyi, chief analyst of Minsheng securities communications, believes that , The acquisition of Activision Blizzard made Microsoft complete the hardware 、 social contact 、 Game 3: driving a carriage to the meta universe .

Four new tracks Three new breakthroughs

The world's major stock markets reacted quickly .1 month 18 Japan , U.S. stocks saw Blizzard soar about 37%; Sony Group's share price fell nearly... In Tokyo, Japan 13%.1 month 19 Japan , In our country A Game concept stocks soared , Fast travel technology 、 Xinghui entertainment limit up ……

All kinds of capital move at the sound of the wind . Beijing Dacheng, who has long paid attention to the meta universe ( Shanghai ) Dong Yueying, equity partner of the law firm, believes that , At present, the Internet dividend has declined , Capital is based on profit seeking , Eager to find the next outlet .

tencent 、 Bytes to beat 、 Wanxing technology 、 Zhongqingbao 、 Netease and other domestic enterprises speed up the pace of layout meta universe , Many Internet giants and their affiliated enterprises scramble to apply for registration of metauniverse related trademarks .“ High allocations capital 、 Sequoia Capital 、 Real fund 、 Five sources of capital 、 Perilous peak 、 Morningside capital 、 Xinghan capital and other front-line investment institutions , The layout of yuanuniverse track has been opened .” Dong Yueying said .

“ Yuancosmos will lead the development of global digital economy .” Secretary of the Party committee of China Telecom Group xinguomai Digital Culture Co., Ltd 、 Chairman Li Anmin believes that , Metauniverse has spawned at least four new tracks : Technology research and development 、 Intelligent computing power 、 Scenario applications and digital assets .

On the technology development track , Virtual reality 、 Artificial intelligence 、GPU( Visual processing chip )、 The Internet of things 、 Blockchain /NFT etc. .

On the intelligent computing track , With GPU Intelligent computing power is the key , The development of the meta universe will accelerate the world into the era of intelligent computing .

On the scene application track , The era of meta universe will give birth to a rich life combining virtual and reality 、 Work, urban governance and other application scenarios .

On the digital asset track , Because there will be a large number of animation characters in the meta universe 、 Works of art 、 Various types IP And other digital assets , Digital assets will become an important part of the world's assets and values .

The relevant person in charge of Netease Group believes that , future , The game industry should be combined with the meta universe , Not only create a virtual world outside the real world , We need to focus more on complementing the real world , Let the superposition effect of the game and the meta universe continue to overflow , Applied to industry 、 Medical care 、 traffic 、 education 、 Physical fields such as culture .

One is Bridge the gap , Form a new way of life and production with two dimensions of virtual reality , Expand more that cannot be achieved in reality , Grand 、 The space scene of the combination of virtual and real , Bring vision 、 auditory 、 Tactile sensation 、 Taste is an unprecedented sensory experience in all aspects .

Two is Break through the limitations of physical conditions , Bring about a significant improvement in ability and efficiency . Take the human body teaching in biology as an example , Can develop a AR game , Let the internal organs of the human body appear in front of the user , Visually display the three-dimensional relationship of organs in the body , You can even shuttle through it and observe . Such immersive learning , The effect is better than traditional teaching methods .

in addition , In rescue and disaster relief 、 Earthquake rescue 、 In application scenarios such as toxic gas treatment , Digital twin and other meta universe technology can break through the limitations of physics and manpower , Improve efficiency 、 Overcoming difficult problems will play an unexpected role .

The third is Game industry and the development of metauniverse , It will bring a new round of technological innovation and technological explosion , Accelerate people's demand for new energy and quantum computing , It is conducive to a major breakthrough in brain computer interface and other aspects .

Guide relevant enterprises to lead the digital economy

First , Formulate relatively perfect rules and regulations as soon as possible , Promoting openness 、 Prevent monopoly , Realize interconnection .

such as , In the meta universe, digital identity needs the real name authentication of the public security system , To prevent users from forging and tampering with virtual digital identity . Another example , Art works are mapped from the real world to the virtual world , Whether there is a copyright problem , Relevant departments need to make regulations , Avoid infringement .

Dong Yueying believes that , With the emergence of the new business form of the meta universe , The confirmation and use of virtual property will bring more complex legal problems . in addition , For the meta universe company carrying out data processing business , Special attention needs to be paid to data security related legislation , Establish and improve the platform data compliance system .

secondly , Technological limitations are the biggest bottleneck in the development of the meta universe , It needs the strong support of the state for the research and development of key technologies , Shorten the gap with overseas as soon as possible , Strive to catch up with and surpass .

The game engine is equivalent to the chip of the game , It is one of the core competitiveness in the field of meta universe . Self developed game engine due to large investment 、 High risk , At present, domestic enterprises are less involved , Over dependence on Unity、UE Wait for imported engines . IResearch 2020 Statistics of , Top of the world 1000 In mobile games ,71% use Unity engine . It means , Once the imported game engine is out of supply and other problems , The whole game industry will be significantly impacted , There is a risk of neck sticking .

Industry insiders look forward to , Set up a special support fund , For enterprises that develop or use self-developed engines , Provide tax incentives and talent employment guidance . meanwhile , For domestic and foreign technicians and scientists involved in engine self-development , Grant a visa 、 Support such as settlement and tax preference .

Again , Metauniverse industry needs more space for trial and error and innovation , Among them, the exploration and innovation of game products is a very good experimental field . since 2021 year 8 Since the month , The distribution of game version number is at a standstill , As a result, most game companies want to maximize the value of limited edition numbers , Retreat to the big category 、 Play mature games , The fault tolerance space of industry innovation has been significantly reduced , Technological development slows down .

Respondents suggested , Explore more standardized game industry management system and industry self-discipline norms , Gradually weaken the total amount control of version number . Accurately support technological innovation game products , For game enterprises with strong self-research ability , Issue the corresponding version number 、 Funds and other supporting policies , Reserve technology and rules for the development of yuanuniverse industry .

Last , Guide enterprises to step up research and cut into the field of virtual reality interaction . Li Anmin believes that , Relevant departments and localities can guide enterprises in 4 Focus on three aspects : First, participate in the forward-looking research and development of the underlying core technology of the meta universe ; Second, participate in the construction of new infrastructure with intelligent computing power as the core ; Third, vigorously expand the virtual reality industry , Cooperate to build the benchmark of virtual reality application ; Fourth, the use of virtual reality and other digital technologies to help the development of the real economy .

Embrace the meta universe carefully

Yu Jingdong

At a new year's Eve party , The virtual human based on Teng Lijun sang with the live singer 《 Small town story 》 Wait for classic songs , Let the audience feel the characters “ resurrection ”、 The wonder of crossing time and space . Metauniverse is becoming a game industry 、 The entertainment industry and the digital economy promote “ Next vent ”.

However , The tuyere is also easy to mutate into a risk mouth . In the near future , Some lawless elements rub hot spots , Make up a false meta universe investment project , Fraud under the banner of metauniverse blockchain game , Maliciously hype yuan universe real estate for money , Engage in illegal profit-making of Yuan universe virtual currency in disguise . Regarding this , Silver circ 2 month 18 A risk warning has been issued on the th .

The risks and crises of the metauniverse , It's not just suspected of illegal fund-raising 、 Fraud and other illegal and criminal activities . From the existing idea of metauniverse , The new organization of virtual world contains some risks , We need to be alert to the systemic governance crisis it may lead to . The freedom of the meta cosmic world 、 The concept of cooperation and open source requires technology 、 Transparency in code and governance , But these can easily become the entrance of hacker attacks . meanwhile , From the election practice of western countries , Vote manipulation and oligarchy in the virtual world cannot be ruled out . Besides , borderless 、 No authority 、 Self help public life , It will not only bring challenges to the real sovereign states and the international community , It may also become a new type of crime 、 A hiding place for exploitation and colonization .

It should be seen that , The meta universe may subvert the objective laws and social order of the real world , But it is impossible to completely rebuild a new set of ethics 、 Concept and value system . therefore , Whether it's an Internet giant or a sovereign government , Will actively participate in and influence the rule setting of the meta cosmic world . Some companies claim to invest in 10 Billion dollars to recruit 、 Inspire and train the next generation of creators , These people are the beginning of the virtual world “ immigration ”, Developing 、 Construction and flow , Spread specific ideas and values .

How to establish these rules and standards , It's transnational capital 、 An important part of the competition between technology companies and sovereign states . This competition will be all-round , Including both the underlying source code 、 Basic algorithm 、 Security agreement and other technical matters , It also includes ideas 、 Cultural and ideological output . How to seize the strategic opportunity of meta universe innovation and R & D , Actively integrate into the remodeling of virtual space rules and values , Become a new and important mission under the changing world situation .( The author is from the school of government and management of Nanjing University 、 Associate professor of Xueheng Research Institute )

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