Yuancosmic infrastructure enterprise magic enamel technology completed US $130 million financing and led investment by Softbank

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yuancosmic infrastructure enterprise magic enamel

Yuan universe infrastructure enterprise magic enamel technology announced the total amount of continuous completion 1.3 $ B round 、C Round of funding . among ,B This round of financing is jointly invested by Qingxin capital and Jinsha capital , Sequoia China and Wuyuan capital have made three consecutive rounds of additional investment ;C Round of funding 1.1 $billion from Softbank vision Fund 2 Jointly lead the investment with a well-known strategic investment institution . The financing funds will be mainly used for product R & D investment , Industry wide multi scenario market expansion , Upstream and downstream ecological construction and layout , Further expand magic enamel in technology 、 Leading edge in products and markets .( Goods association )

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