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translate :Flow Chinese community Ambassador , Interstellar horizon


Design platform  

Before we become Dapper Collectives Before , We are a creative person , The engineer , The artist , A team of writers and producers , Tell together through the Internet Miquela The story and Brud The role of the universe . We've spent years trying to make our business model work on people's favorite platforms . Our mission is to entertain and inspire people around the world to join us through special storytelling :

  • Created a fascinating character world

  • Attracted a large global audience

  • Cultivate enthusiastic fans

  • Two businesses have been established around our content and the happiness of our fans

We created a groundbreaking narrative with beautiful visual effects , Millions of people passed Instagram post 、Facebook Diary 、TikToks、 Songs and videos blog about Miquela The story of . They used to be open spaces for creators to tell stories and connect with the community . But over the years , The platform has changed , They have evolved to gain as much value as possible from their creators . We must reflect on who we are , What we really want ?

stay 2020 year 9 In June, we see the power of decentralization , We realize that decentralization can not only help us solve the problems we faced at that time , It can also help us achieve our original mission . Our team delved into DeFi Summer The results of , Studied Audius And the creation and airdrop of similar passes , And observe Friends with Benefits How it came into being . We decided to conduct a test , take Miquela An original work of art produced by NFT stay SuperRare Auction , It's incredible 159ETH Sell at a price of ( Donated to all these charities ).

■  Building blocks are forming

  • Pass is becoming a way to individual and collective ownership , Create financial advantages for community led projects and products .

  • Decentralized autonomous organization DAO It's starting to spring up , Created under the drive of pass , Examples of how open communities organize themselves around common interests and pool resources for joint construction .

  • NFT Reveals a way to make creative and cultural content universally accessible and personally owned . Can collect Miquela Part of the story , Without restricting more viewers from accessing it . most important of all ,NFT The value generated is distributed directly to the people who created it .

If the Internet passes through real-time 、 Asynchronous communication and cloud based collaboration tools ( Such as Zoom、 E-mail and Slack) Unlock the way of global human collaboration , What other business rules can blockchain technology improve ?

The dominant 、 Top down 、 The one to many corporate structure reflects the power imbalance we face on a centralized platform . Obviously , A mission oriented 、 A passionate community of contributors can replace the Almighty CEO Role , and Web3 Will enable people to manage their way forward . Our founder Trevor mentioned : by comparison , Blockchain brings “ Collaborate around important ideas or careers , And inspire others to create more value , Instead of just asking ”.

We began to develop a decentralized Brud plan , To fans 、 Artists and creators open up our organization and operations , And will support Miquela and Brud People become real owners , Participate and share the value they create .

  • As Brud, Our mission is to entertain and inspire people around the world through purposeful narration .

  • As Dapper Collectives, Our mission evolved through the development of tools 、 Community 、 Builders to support story creation , send DAO The mainstream .


The main task

Dapper Collectives yes Dapper Labs Team in , Dedicated to DAO Into the mainstream . We are a vision oriented partner , Launched a set of core DAO Tools , Support DAO The development of , as well as Flow Open source on DAO Tools .

We are building a new world , Ownership of creators and their communities is established , The cultural values they create are fairly distributed to them . This means creating mainstream for the following goals 、 Accessible and open tools :

  • scale —— More than millions of minority encrypted native users , Influence billions of online storytellers around the world .

  • Popularity —— Design our tools 、 User experience and community contribution opportunities , Make it interesting and fascinating .

  • flexibility —— Lego for creating modular and composable solutions , Provide an optional level of Decentralization for creators and communities 、 To create a special development for them DAO.

  • transparency —— Building tools 、 Systems and thinking are coordinated and standardized in our daily life .


For creators

Our product approach is part of the vision , Part of the practice . When building a tool suite , We've been introducing... To our team members Web3 The power of , Ready to start BrudDAO.

We often introspect : Instead of introducing new jobs 、 Thinking and trading , Can we use popular product interaction and participatory design to help our own creator team inspire inspiration and creativity ?

The following four guiding principles are inspiring us :

  • Accessibility —— Change people's lives in a daily way , You don't need to know anything else .

  • inclusive —— Reduce the use of DAO System access threshold . If you don't understand at all Crypto People can understand , Then others will understand .

  • interest —— Make our tools really interesting 、 Attractive and pleasant to use .

  • flexibility —— Create flexible and extensible tools and systems , So that they can continue to exist and develop for a long time after we leave .


Convenient and powerful collective creation tools

Common decision ——CAST Expand the existing DAO Voting model , Collective 、 Introduce creativity and governance decisions in a transparent way .

■  In practice

  • There is no single person in charge . As “ owner ” Pass holders vote to express their wishes for the organization , And in the right DAO The most important thing is to be consistent in strategy and results , For example, creativity 、 financial 、 Community and roadmap decisions .

  • In order for value to flow to the people who created it , We need a place where this value can exist .

  • Capital pool ——VESSEL Support multi signature , For multiple people to manage and share funds and collections , And visualize DAO Trading history will VESSEL Think of it as a DAO Co managed bank accounts for funds and collectibles , Transactions are managed by designated community members , Pay contributors or invest high value in the community NFT.

■  In terms of products

  • ClosedAlpha Version is running on Flow On the platform

  • Mixed decentralization , Make the Creator DAO Be able to build special types of products and proposals for contributors and fan communities

  • The format that best suits the community and allows them to participate in the decision-making process , Customizable pages encourage more participation by providing more space instead of voting and quitting .

■  Create... Together

  • ODE Is a powerful 、 Masterful creator priority market , The layout supports linear storytelling and customizable experience .

The creator is a storyteller . adopt ODE, They can plan their own works , Create background and meaning for their works , Thus for NFT、 collectors 、 Audience, etc. add value .ODE Return control to the Creator , So everyone will be rewarded .

  • BLOOM Give you easy access to the complete FlowDAO Stack and start a... In a few minutes DAO.

take Dapper Collectives Integrate core products and other tools into Flow On , To help the Creator 、 Fans and builders use out of the box frameworks , And in Flow Develop decentralized organizations .


Have a good time here

We will Flow Blockchain as a cultural sprout , We are here to strengthen the ecosystem by cooperating and supporting development at all levels . In order to really create something that can make 10,000 Fertile soil for the vigorous development of projects ,Flow Must grow from the most trusted community in the world to support the most exciting Web3 project .

  Strategic partnership

stay Dapper Collectives, We ourselves are creators , So we understand the needs of those who push culture forward . From mature fans to those seeking innovation Web2 company , From artist to team , We are ready to help them create . We are committed to Flow The growing ecosystem , And know how to cultivate and attract a large number of fans 、 Collectors and mainstream audiences join Flow Will inspire more creators 、 Dreamers and developers succeed .

  Open construction

Our team is in 6 Started in... Months ago Flow Build on , Still learning ! Inclusiveness is at the heart of our mission , We plan to be open to what and how we are building . We know , The more we can share with ecosystem builders driven by our common mission 、 Contact and cooperation , The more value we can create , Better construction 、 faster 、 stronger . This means sharing success and failure with all of you , And seek your ideas and opinions is necessary .

■  Reward scheme

We'll all finish it together . Long term and sustained value creation will be community driven ,Dapper Collectives The bounty encourages builders to help build open source tools , We know it will be DAO The foundation of success . Let's work together , Push Flow On the Creator 、 The success of fans and the community . We are looking for people from all backgrounds , Builders of skills and interests .

■  Open source

We are working for sustainable development . just as Flow Co founder and product leader Layne Lafrance Once the vision :“ We hope this is designed for Dapps And the platform will continue to develop ,Flow It is a powerful third party designed for the open world 1 Layer foundation . It is gradually decentralizing , So is our product . We will first focus on providing our core roadmap to adapt to the product market , Then start inviting the community to collaborate and contribute to our code base .


When we succeed

We invested a lot . We're not just testing our own products , Building Brud organization ; We are also trying to untangle and rethink operating systems and platforms .

We pay more attention to change . We are pursuing a spark and some winds of change , They can nourish small flames and start fires . A new generation of builders have adopted our framework , At that time, in their first 500 Continue to explore ownership in two branches 、 to grant authorization 、 Basic principles of community and connection driven , Real world changing creativity .

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