Bigger problem with axie infinity

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bigger problem axie infinity

Abstract :6.2 Billion dollars Ronin Theft is only a small part of the problem ;play-to-earn Patterns are not free .

3 month 23 Japan , Chain Tour 《Axie Infinity》 Your blockchain wallet was stolen 6.2 Billion dollars . This vulnerability is related to the structure of the game itself , It doesn't use standard game currency , It's real money —— Heterogeneous token (NFT). That's what's called “play-to-earn”( Play and earn ) Pattern : If you can play , Playing games can really make you money .


《Axie Infinity》 Not directly in a time tested The etheric fang Running on the network , Instead, it uses an exclusive side chain Ronin, Designed to reduce congestion on the public chain . In order to Ronin Application interaction on the network , Users need special “ Bridge ” Move cryptocurrency to this network .

This is where the vulnerability occurred . The blockchain network itself is difficult to break through , The main reason is that cracks begin to appear when funds are transferred between networks . last year , A hacker attacks Poly Network The bridge of , Stole the appointment 6.1 Billion dollars . And just two months ago ,DeFi platform Wormhole The bridge was also hacked , The amount involved is up to 3.25 Billion dollars .

stay Ronin In one case , Its parent company didn't even notice the existence of hackers for about a week , Or notice it and decide to make an official announcement later . All in all , Six days after the hacker took the money , The company just 3 month 29 The theft was announced on the blog on the th .

Axie cofounder Jeff Zirlin Tweet scale :“ This is a time to show our abilities , Chaos is a ladder .”( No source , But obviously quoted from “ Game of thrones ”).

This rash ostrich behavior more or less reflects 《Axie Infinity》 Team mentality .Ronin The bridge is still closing , It means Axie Players cannot extract their own cryptocurrency from the network , But the top management of the company has obviously decided to continue to operate .《Axie Infinity》 Parent company Sky Mavis Indicates that you plan to repay the player's money loss . It will also delay the release of the next major upgrade of the game by a week 《Axie Infinity:Origin》.

But whereas Axie We hope to keep it as the largest single blockchain in all blockchains play-to-earn The status of Ecology , Security may not be its biggest concern .

As early as 12 month ,Zirlin will 《Axie Infinity》 Of play-to-earn The mechanism is described as a liberation of the online game world .“ What we have done is to add an asset system to the game ,” He said , It means that players can really “ Have ”Axie NFT Ideas .“ therefore , We have liberated people in some ways . We gave them something they should have all along .”

However ,Axie It's actually a lesson , Reveals play-to-earn The danger of .

This game can make money , It can also generate debt . You need three... To start playing the game Axie NFT, And these NFT Can only be obtained in the secondary market . If the player can't afford it at the beginning NFT( It usually costs a few hundred dollars ), Can participate Axie Of “ scholarship ” project , That is, the purchase cost sponsored by the rich , In exchange for subsequent profit sharing .

This is called the grey market system . The system has not been implemented Sky Mavis The official recognition of , But in countries such as Venezuela and the Philippines , This has become a common game interaction mode . according to CoinGecko That's what I'm saying , Some popular lenders took nearly two-thirds of the total profits .

According to the research company Naavik The report , That's why most Filipinos Axie Part of the reason why players earn less than the country's average minimum wage . Famous encryption critic Stephen Diehl Compare it to “ Digital serfdom ”. This statement is a little exaggerated , It's more like an extremely exploitative employment contract , That is, a full-time job with low return .

“ Through this system , The sponsor works every day , Then share the profits ,” a “ scholarship ” The manager of Motherboard Express ,“ Everyone is the winner !”

Such an attitude is easy to associate with “ Serfdom ”. Last fall, ,Sky Mavis Valuation of 30 Billion dollars , And got the venture capital giant Andreessen Horowitz Support for . Like any other encrypted Unicorn , Part of the money is obtained through speculation . Its related tokens AXS and SLP You can trade on decentralized exchanges outside the game , And the market value is very high .

meanwhile , The business model of the platform has been criticized as similar to the Ponzi scheme , That is, they rely heavily on low paid workers . They are at the bottom of the system ( The game itself ) Create value , Then most of the value is taken away from them , Reflects a clear hierarchy of power : The richest man at first , You can always make the most money in the end .

Socialists may say the same is true for many jobs , The difference is just words .Zirlin Claim that this is “ liberate ” The player , In fact, the essence is to rebuild an existing exploitation system on the blockchain .

This is similar to Uber Commitment : Anyone can be a driver , And working hours are more flexible . You can plan your own working hours , You don't need permission from the taxi and Limousine Commission . But former drivers knew they were workers , but Uber The driver doesn't think so .Uber Through large-scale publicity , Persuaded voters in California to vote on a bill , Exclude temporary work from some labor laws .

At present Axie Infinity Trying to get from Ronin Recovered from the hacker attack on the bridge , Other basic issues have been put on hold . Essentially , Blockchain does not provide any liberation .

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