Gh0stly gh0sts created by layerzero: NFT ghost passing through 7 chains

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During the long vacation , If you hang out with some active  NFT  Community , You'll probably hear one called 「Gh0stly Gh0sts」 Project .

 The etheric fang

notes : Yesterday,  Gh0stly Gh0sts  The top  OpenSea  Screenshot of daily trading list .

Gh0stly Gh0sts Is a group with a total supply of 7710 A ghost image pfp aggregate ,4 month 4 Open to the public at a free price mint,4 month 5 Once a day OpenSea Top of the daily trading list , Floor price (OpenSea, The etheric fang ) I have broken through 1 ETH, As of the issue of ,Gh0stly Gh0sts Floor price (OpenSea, The etheric fang ) Temporarily to 0.494 ETH, The total historical trading volume is 3900 ETH.

Gh0stly Gh0sts Positioning yourself is the first full chain NFT(omnichain NFT), And some common trusteeship in the market NFT  Cross chain bridging schemes are different ( such as  Wormhole The principle is to NFT Lock in the initial chain , Then issue a... In the target chain NFT copy ), Based on cross chain interoperability protocol LayerZero,Gh0stly Gh0sts Realize multi chain distribution , And it can realize atomic level cross chain transfer between multiple chains .

say concretely ,Gh0stly Gh0sts At the place of creation, it supports seven different blockchains at the same time ( The etheric fang 、Polygon、Arbitrum、Optimism、BSC、Avalanche、Fantom) On mint, It means  7710 A ghost will actually be distributed in seven different chains , Therefore, the real floor price needs the market conditions of all seven chains ( That's why we added one when we talked about the floor price “OpenSea, The etheric fang ”).

According to the place of birth , The background color of these ghost images will be different . As shown in the figure below , The background color of the ghost born in Ethereum is iron gray , Was born in BSC The background color of the ghost on the is yellow .

 The etheric fang

The ghost born on Ethereum

 The etheric fang

Was born in BSC The ghost on the

Next is the most critical cross chain play , When ghosts are born on a chain , The passage between different chains can be directly completed through the contract , For instance from Polygon To BSC, Or from Avalanche To Ethereum . As shown in the figure below , On the main Ethernet network OpenSea above , We can see many ghosts with colorful backgrounds , This means that these ghosts come from different initial chains , Purple stands for Polygon, Blue stands for Fantom, Red representative Avalanche, Today, , These ghosts with different birthplaces gathered in Ethereum ( The border color represents the current target chain , Ethereum is still iron gray ) above .

 The etheric fang

It must be emphasized that , These ghosts that pass through other blockchains are not primitive NFT Copy of , But the truth that can be recognized by the target chain contract NFT, This is directly reflected in , When we take a ghost from Avalanche After transferring to Ethereum ,Avalanche The total number of ghosts above will be reduced by one , Ethereum will add a corresponding . therefore , The ghost supply on different chains is actually dynamic .

that , What can I do to make my ghost travel across the chain ?

Because this function has not been opened for the time being, the corresponding front end , Only at the contractual level , therefore Gh0stly Gh0sts A video tutorial is provided for this purpose , For details, please refer to 「 Portal 」.

 The etheric fang

It is worth mentioning that , In order to handle transactions above the target chain , The ghost's cross chain travel needs a slightly higher advance gas cost , Unused gas It will be returned after the transaction is confirmed .

On the whole ,Gh0stly Gh0sts No doubt in NFT An interesting attempt at cross chain level , It itself gives NFT The new way of playing opens a new window . One side ,Gh0stly Gh0sts The multi chain distribution is to solve gas war A new idea , When Ethereum main network gas When it's too high , Users can choose other blockchains , stay gas After falling back, it will be transferred back to Ethereum ( In fact, many times there is no need to turn back ); On the other hand ,NFT Atomic level cross chain transfer also brings greater interoperability and composability imagination space , Let's be right NFT There are more hopes for the future of .

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