Current situation of virtual Idol: it is difficult to break the circle at the end of B, and the 28 February effect is obvious

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current situation virtual idol difficult

author : The stars

source : Guduo network film and television

Virtual idols are also going to attack variety cafes , And this representative is to praise the immortal , One at the variety show 《2060》 On ,“ Noisy ” To the virtual idol of star guests and program Writers .

The present , It seems that the virtual idol taking the concept of meta universe has ushered in a good time again . according to an uncompleted statistic , In the past year , The virtual character track happened 30 Multiple financing , Wanxiang culture 、 Cishi culture and other companies completed within one year 3 Financing . Nowadays, the companies that distribute virtual idols have covered the upper, middle and lower reaches of various industries , Everyone is in step , To enter the meta universe , Virtual singer development 、 Virtual actors 、 Virtual anchor ...... And the producer behind the praise fairy , Chen Tu, the director of animation at 2:10, told Gu duo , They gave zanxian a different position from other virtual idols in the market , It's a crowd , It's similar to variety Cafe , Outside the traditional quadratic circle .

The division of labor of virtual characters becomes more and more detailed , This seems to show that virtual will become the general trend .

Fengrui capital, as a long-term follower of the virtual idol track , Invested in virtual film last year , And two ten is 2016 I got Fengrui's investment in . It's not hard to find out , Both are companies with senior animation genes .

Chen Zhe, executive director of Fengrui capital, said , The reason why I chose animation company , Because they think , The ultimate goal of the entertainment industry is content competition , Technological advances are actually creating more possibilities for content , The most essential thing in the entertainment industry is the story ,“ Not just the animation team , All teams that can produce good content are our focus .”

Even now, people have different attitudes towards virtual idols , Many people even think that this is a virtual fire driven by the concept of meta universe , Chen zhe also admitted that the development speed of virtual idols is slower than he expected , But he is always optimistic about the long-term development of this track .

B Be more enthusiastic than C End

In the past year , Virtual idols have a lot of business brand cooperation , Whether it's the Internet or FMCG , Almost every company has a virtual image and company logo The same box appears , But the number of fans of these virtual characters is unstable , Far from the celebrity spokesperson , You know, a star who can get business cooperation , The number of fans must at least 500、1000 ten thousand , But so far , On social media , The number of fans of virtual idols is not prominent .

For virtual idols ,b More enthusiastic than c The end is much higher , This is the unanimous view expressed by practitioners .

“ at present , There are two ways to be a virtual idol. The source of funds is relatively stable , Part of it comes from financing , Part is looking for b End cooperation . As for relying on c End pay reward , Income is limited .” This is Chen's true feeling as a front-line Creator .

Although the topic of virtual idols is very hot , but The public has not really formed the habit of paying for virtual idols , This also makes it c It is difficult and unstable to realize at the end . Users' willingness to pay for virtual idols is also very selective . Chen said , image A-soul This type is in c It will be better to realize at the end , Others will be more difficult .

“ Cooperate with the brand side , The other party will give you millions , It must be c The order of magnitude that can't be realized at the end .” however , Chen zhe also said , In the long run ,b The end realization ultimately depends on c End heat , After all b The money is also from c From the end , The brand also depends on ROI( Return on investment ).

The brand side likes to attract new species , Especially for some high-end brands , Leading the fashion 、 The innovative brand concept has a good fit with the new species , Especially now, the risk of traditional real idols is getting higher and higher , They are also willing to try new forms of cooperation , Invite virtual characters to speak for .

But whether this business model is sustainable , No one can give a positive answer at the moment .

After attending the variety show 《2060》 After the title , Wanda 、 Many brands such as Chang'an automobile have found two very , But Chen Tan frankly said , The payoff of praising immortal is not proportional at present , Commercialization is still in its infancy , What they need to do now is to continue to invest .“ Although participating in variety shows has made a wave of transformation , But I want zanzan to receive more endorsements , Our follow-up operations must keep up with , Like building a stage 、 Music single 、 Albums, etc .”

The subsequent content operation determines the life cycle of a virtual idol . What we can see now is , Many virtual idols didn't produce much content in the early stage , Embrace the customer first , First meet the public in the form of commercial cooperation , This is completely contrary to the business logic of traditional real idols .

The general star endorsement process is , After a star has accumulated a certain amount of fans and traffic by virtue of drama and film Integration , Brand owners will find them , Use their traffic to promote products . And the public doesn't know what the virtual character is called , It began to take endorsements .

Capital is pouring into virtual idols , Batch after batch of companies received real gold and silver , But these virtual idol teams seem to be the same as most companies , People say The biggest difficulty I face is lack of money . therefore , Find cooperation with the brand side , Most virtual idol production teams are willing to seize this short-term opportunity for business cooperation , As for the content, put it back first .

Virtual idol as a track that has been active in recent two years , Its competition is no less intense than that of any industry . The 28 effect is particularly prominent in virtual idols , Even eat the head more than real idols . In Chen's words , Over the years, there are not many head virtual characters recognized by the public like Luo Tianyi . And as long as the head is , Others don't have much traffic to share .

And for a company , It takes a long time to hatch a virtual idol , Put too much effort . There are a lot of virtual idols , There is no shortage of large enterprises and capital , However, the track has professional technical threshold and operation experience requirements , These are more important than pure capital investment . Take the variety show that pursues timeliness very much as an example , In a variety show 《2060》 when , The program team gives each virtual idol a stage production time of two weeks , That is, the recording interval of each program , Even if it's two tenths, a company that is quite professional in technology and character design , Two weeks is still tight .

cost 、 Time 、 Competition is an important reason why virtual idols receive endorsements first and then do content .“ however , In the long run 、 Continue to operate , There must be precipitation in the content , A pure image without content is unlikely to continue to explode .” Chen zhe says .

Virtual idol PK Popular Idols

An important reason why virtual idols are concerned by the public is “ Never collapse ”. And with the virtual anchor 、 Virtual actors and other virtual characters continue to appear , Let virtual idols replace traditional real idols, and the voice is louder and louder .

According to iqiyi 《2019 Virtual idol Observation Report 》, The whole country is close to 4 Millions of people pay attention to virtual idols ,2020 The virtual idol market is estimated to have reached 2000 Billion , And earlier airy data predicted 2020 In, the scale of China's idol market was 1000 One hundred million yuan . in other words , Everyone's estimate of the virtual idol market is higher than that of the real idol .

But doubts also follow . According to Huskar culture 《2021 Research Report on China's virtual idol consumer market 》 Show , Only 23% Consumers around have never heard of virtual idols , Although this data shows that everyone knows virtual idols , But that doesn't mean everyone is willing to spend money for it . at present c The low end liquidity also illustrates this problem , And the first generation of virtual anchor trip love 5 The short life span of years is also frequently mentioned by everyone , The public's acceptance of virtual idols is still on the sidelines .

In the eyes of the production team , Running a virtual idol is much more difficult than a real idol .

“ If you think this artist has no potential , The company can choose to terminate the contract , But once the virtual idol starts , Millions of investment in the early stage 、 A production cycle of three months to half a year , Time 、 energy 、 The investment of money is not small , This requires us to Think clearly about the whole commercialization path of virtual idol in the early stage .”

Virtual idols are more complex than real people participating in variety shows , The input-output ratio is much lower . Chen Jian told Guduo ,“ Virtual idol Technology 、 efficiency 、 Application scenarios are relatively heavy , At this stage, it is far less cost-effective than real idols , Take a stage , Even if it's just a few minutes , All need software and hardware together , Several teams of dozens of people have completed a performance .” In Chen's eyes , Think of virtual idols as a business , Keep looking for balance and find a sustainable and stable business model , Let the investment be proportional to the return , This can be done for a long time .

At present, the radiation range of virtual idols is mainly the second dimensional circle , How to break the circle and whether virtual idols need to become public idols , It's also a question we're thinking about .

The second dimension is a good market , This group of users have strong spending power , Users are also loyal , There is a mutually reinforcing relationship between fans and content providers , This ecology is very benign . But if we say that this market must grow very large , Chen zhe feels that there is no obvious trend at present .

Although people like virtual idols and traditional real idols, their mentality converges , But there's no doubt about it , Traditional live idols cover more users , At present, it is still the mainstream demand of the public . Whether it's an investor or a production team , Everyone also believes that virtual idols will not replace real idols .

“ Now the influence of head virtual anchor is compared with that of head real anchor , There is still a big gap . For now , The number of users who focus on virtual idols is not that large .” Chen zhe says .

Even if all the data show that virtual idols will not bring much profit in the short term , But people are still optimistic about it , Although it can't replace , But it will take part of the market of real idols in the future . Chen zhe thinks , If the virtual idol can come out with a top class like the traditional real idol IP, It's not easy to predict how big the market will become .

How to give full play to the unique advantages of virtual idols , Determines the incremental space of this market . Just like a live anchor can't jump directly into the game and fight side by side with the player's character , But virtual anchors can . This is also the focus of Chen Zhe's attention ,“ If a virtual character does the same thing as a real person , I don't find it particularly attractive , Its imagination must come from its ability to do things that real people can't do .”

Enter a cooling off period ? Differentiation and follow-up operation of virtual idols

Because there is a huge air vent in , Virtual idols are favored by capital in the short term , As long as the production company wants to do it and the idea is good , There will be a lot of money invested , This also led Chen to describe the hot state of virtual idols last year .“ And for those who really want to participate in virtual idols, there is no loss , Just come in and do it , Even if you fail, you have accumulated experience .”

however , After the beginning of this year , Everyone seems calm a lot . Chen felt , In a year or two , Maybe 70-80% of people will choose to leave . At present, the test for practitioners is , Whether you have enough understanding of virtual idols .“ Have you figured out its future commercial orientation , Think about virtual idols as a brand , Build from the inside out based on user preferences .”

This model based on the future of chuyin has been successfully verified , But Chen said , There is a high threshold to copy the initial sound .“ Its overall investment and playing style are very important , Even do the whole budget and expenditure in billions , Not all enterprises can afford this way , And generally not born in animation content companies .”

The virtual anchor mainly relies on the reward in the live broadcasting room , Focus on company , Use the live frequency 、 There are also restrictions on the mode of exchanging time for corresponding income ,“ Because the entire IP It's hard to improve the matching brand , Brand owners usually don't find a virtual anchor to endorse .” Chen said , At 20:10, the general direction is clear when creating virtual idols , Be sure to find , Make a difference 、 Individualization , And operate around this feature , They positioned zanxian as a variety Cafe route , Hit the crowd .

For the audience , Nowadays, although there are differences in the presentation of virtual idols large and small , But it's not much different , Technical fidelity 、 It doesn't matter whether the hair is fine to the pores , People are more concerned about What's unique about this virtual idol . This is also the main reason why zanxian can win the favor of the audience , A chatty but pleasant virtual idol .

“ The virtual idols produced by everyone are similar , Even if you do a little better , The audience won't care too much , Instead, it increases the operating cost , If this virtual idol does 70 The cost is controllable , Once you want to ascend to 90 More than , Then a video will cost millions , This is not a small burden for many companies , And the audience doesn't necessarily like .”

Chen said , Virtual idol “ Skin appearance ” The promotion is restricted by the cost performance , But the mature operation team will explore their own role personality , Broaden empathy with the audience , So as to achieve better results . The personality given to dianzanxian by two tenths solves many problems that need to cost , While improving the technology, we also hope to balance the continuous investment and return , Find a stable business model . And this one , They are still exploring .

meanwhile , We also think that it is not difficult to create a virtual idol at present , The difficulty lies in the follow-up operation , Especially for technology oriented companies , It's hard to break through . Like an actor, no matter how good his acting is , If you can't find a good script , Lack of packaging and publicity is also difficult to come out . A factory can produce something of better quality , But it won't sell 、 packing 、 operation , This item won't sell well in the end .

If the virtual idol in the model refinement 、 Motion capture is technically judged by these hard indicators , Chen zhe thinks he can give 7、8 branch , It can even reach 8.5, But at the operational level , He thinks there is still some room for improvement , At present, it's probably 6.5 The level of the points .

Maybe The technical team and the artist brokerage team work together to create a virtual idol , It's a good choice .“ The combination of production and marketing is certainly good , But the key is how to divide the rights and interests of this virtual idol . Chen believes that this will involve many problems , Unless the two teams have strong trust , Otherwise, cooperation will not be reached soon .

At the moment , Virtual idols have exposed a series of problems , But everyone is also optimistic about it for a long time .

Chen Jian believes that Animation type content must finally be converted into traffic through virtual image , Coupled with the maturity of technology at the moment , This makes it logical for virtual idols to be focused by everyone . Chen zhe explains from the core logic of the industry , The entertainment industry is always a combination of new technologies and media with traditional content , The resulting new experience attracts new users , And make users pay for it , From the earliest poetry recitation to the later broadcasting 、 The movie 、 game , All follow this logic . And virtual characters are in line with this trend , Especially when he thinks ,3D There will be more room for the growth of personalized content in the future .

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