From the perspective of Dao, how to realize the meta universe of large-scale cooperation?

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perspective dao realize meta universe

In yesterday's article , I wrote that my vision of the metauniverse is one that revolves around rigid needs and can produce large-scale cooperation 、 A kind of activity that uses high frequency .

Unfortunately, I don't think all the so-called blockchain games we see now have these characteristics , So I'm afraid their development is unsustainable .

2021 year , While blockchain games are booming , We are also pleased to see the rapid rise of another model , That's it DAO.

stay 2021 All kinds of... Rising in DAO in , What I particularly like and have a special aftertaste is the Constitution DAO(ConstitutionDAO). This DAO I have also repeatedly mentioned in the article . Now look back on this project , I think this DAO It contains several features that deserve special attention :

The first is that the threshold for its participation is low enough . Only a sufficiently low threshold can allow broad public participation , Only projects that can be widely participated by the public can attract the sympathy and attention of the public , In order to form a huge atmosphere and cohesion of the community .

Participation in the Constitution DAO, The threshold is too low to require any technology , Just need you to have a wallet , There's a little in the wallet ETH, Then click the button to donate to a donation address, even if you participate in .

This sum DeFi Different .DeFi There are certain technical threshold requirements for participants . Not to mention the complex derivatives transactions , Even the simplest Uniswap, I believe there may still be many crypto asset holders who haven't used it yet . Even if many users have used it, they have only made simple transactions , Instead of using more complex functions, such as providing liquidity .

NFT Unlike DeFi That has a technical threshold , But it has a financial threshold . Not to mention the early NFT project , That is, many threshold prices of all kinds of Shanzhai projects that are emerging now 0.05 ETH, And it's hard to predict whether you will die or live after buying , The risk coefficient contained in this is too large , It's too difficult for retail investors to control risks .

So the Constitution DAO The advantages reflected on the threshold are very obvious .

Second constitution DAO Your participation is completely fair , There is no first come, last come , There are no privileges . Whale can donate more money , A small amount of money can be donated symbolically , Everyone has equal opportunities , There is no who has advantages and who has disadvantages .

Speaking of which , It's still hot NFT There are obvious differences in the field . Almost a lot of new NFT The project has started the play of white list , There's even some praise for paying attention to the free play . in my opinion , Many of these games actually introduce privileges , And once privileges are introduced , The fairness and impartiality of the project will be hurt . This is very unfavorable to the long-term development of the project .

So the Constitution DAO It also shows obvious advantages in this regard .

Third, the constitution DAO Truly realized global collaboration . Although the project itself is very simple , It's also very simple , But the project has succeeded in attracting participants from all over the world . People across races 、 the border 、 Gender , This large-scale collective action was completed through a simple Ethereum wallet .

Last , The constitution DAO In the simplest way “ Work more 、 distribution according to work ”. In this project , Those who donate more gain more , Those who donate less gain less . In the way of smart contract, the project strictly realizes the distribution of income according to the amount of individual contribution . This is more efficient than income distribution in real life 、 Open 、 transparent .

These four characteristics are perfectly in line with my vision of future meta cosmic activities . But the Constitution DAO But there is a fatal problem : The event itself is a one-off event , It can't have a lasting effect , There is no way to form high-frequency activities .

So its outcome is predictable .

Not just the constitution DAO So it is , so far , All I've seen DAO This is true of all projects . therefore DAO It only provides a framework and mechanism for the activities of the meta universe , It enables people to carry out large-scale cooperation under this framework and mechanism , And produce great power .

If we put DAO and X to Earn Combination , We will see such a picture :

On the one hand, we see X to Earn Be able to use the economic mechanism to forcibly encourage everyone to participate in what they are reluctant to do . However, because the current projects using this method can not continue to generate value , Therefore, this economic incentive mechanism is difficult to last for a long time . On the other hand , We see DAO Large scale global collaboration has been realized on the framework . But because this collaboration is almost one-time , It is also difficult for us to see the lasting effect , And so on DAO Almost all applications are short-lived .

If we only look at the optimistic side of the combination of these two mechanisms , We will see the possibility of using economic mechanisms to forcibly attract everyone to carry out large-scale cooperation . But they still lack a fundamental : That is, what areas and projects can make perfect use of this mechanism , Realize continuous value creation and high-frequency use ?

Found such areas and such projects , We found the next explosive opportunity .

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