Germany destroys Russia's dark network market and Hydra seizes bitcoin worth $25 million

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germany destroys russia dark network

At present, visiting the market will pop up the prompt of German law enforcement agencies hanging out , And confiscated 2500 $10000 bitcoin is only a small part , Specifically 4 month 5 Seized in a series of transactions on the th , Yes 88 The amount of the transaction is 543.3 The currency .

Like most dark net black markets ,Hydra Need to use Tor Broswer Commonly known as onion browser to access , The dark net sells all kinds of illegal goods on the black market , Including but not limited to hacker tools 、 Drugs 、 Forged digital documents and other digital services . German law enforcement agencies found this dark net black market along the illegal drug trade , Its infrastructure should be located in the EU before it can be seized by law enforcement agencies .

According to press releases issued by law enforcement agencies , From last year 8 Since January, Germany has been tracking this dark net black market , The investigation found that the black market came from 2015 Annual online , Registered sellers exceed 19000 name , Only in 2020 The annual turnover exceeds 13.4 Billion dollars .

Why do you say detained 2500 $10000 bitcoin is only a small part ? Because these platforms act as middlemen , Buyers first deposit bitcoin on the platform , After the seller delivers the goods, the platform will make a loan , So essentially, what is seized is only the advance payment of the unfinished transaction at that time .

The United States will exchange Russian cryptocurrency Garantex Add to sanctions list , The investigation shows that the exchange helps the dark net black market to launder money , Including converting bitcoin into legal currency or legal currency into bitcoin .

It is worth noting that in the press release, German law enforcement agencies did not mention the capture of the suspect. , However, German prosecutors have accused its operators and managers of commercial money laundering 、 Operating crime trading platform 、 Selling narcotics without authorization , In other words, if its operators and managers are arrested, they will be prosecuted immediately .

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