Turkish cryptocurrency scam faces 40000 years in prison

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turkish cryptocurrency scam faces years

His last appearance was 2021 year 4 At Istanbul Airport . From then on , The Turkish authorities tracked him to four different countries , Including Albania . However , Although Interpol issued a red warrant , But they have been unable to find his whereabouts .

The Turkish prosecutor in charge of the case asked for the participation of Thodex Fraudulent 21 Officials were sentenced to up to 40564 Year imprisonment . According to local media ,Thodex These stakeholders are accused of creating criminal organizations 、 Fraud and money laundering .

If the court supports the prosecutor's request ,Thodex And his associates will spend the rest of their lives in prison .

stay 2020 During the cryptocurrency boom in ,Thodex The popularity of is rising , Investors are looking for safe investments in the context of inflation concerns caused by the legal tender Turkish Lira . But last year 4 month , This has 40 The exchange of more than 10000 investors closed without any notice .

Although for Thodex The lawsuit said the scam caused 2400 Million dollar loss , But according to blockchain analytics Chainalysis It is estimated that , The actual loss may be as high as 26 Billion dollars , Become 2021 The biggest cryptocurrency scam loss in .

After Ozel disappeared , His lawyer said , The reason why he chose to escape , Because he was worried that he would either be arrested , Or forced to commit suicide .

at that time , Ozer also made a pledge to investors in the style of Jia Yueting , call “ From this day onwards , My only goal is to pay off my debts to you . When I pay off all my debts , I'll go back to my country , Surrender to justice .”

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