Insight into data on the chain: the time to build a position has come, and TVL is expected to break through the previous high in the short term

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Market view

Spot view

 Data on the chain  Data on the chain This week, BTC Strong performance . technical ,BTC The weekly line broke through the consolidation range , Enter the weekly bull market . Is expected in the future 1-2 Months , It will be the best long window period in the first half of the year . because BTC The futures market is generally short , It means most people haven't got on the bus yet , Waiting for callback opportunity , Therefore, there will be adjustments in the future , It will only be a small adjustment . On the macro , mixed . The situation in Russia and Ukraine seems to have taken a turn for the better . The yield curve of US debt 30 year -2 Year upside down , Indicates a recession . US stocks callback , It ended COVID-19's worst quarter in two years. .

Chain view

The data on the chain shows ,BTC Is gradually coming out of the shadow of the bear market , Entering the early stage of bull market . Currency age 1 More than years BTC Reached a record high . Long term holders are more likely to experience sharp price fluctuations , Therefore, it is more likely to be experienced 、 Money hoarders with higher beliefs . In the history of , When the proportion of newly admitted investors reaches the maximum , Market top formation , When more BTC The age of the coin is 1 Investors with more than years hold sometimes , The bottom of the market forms .

 Data on the chain BTC The hash value of hit an all-time high , achieve 2010 Billion hash . This figure has doubled since it was affected by the migration of mines in China (1000 Billion hash ), And continue to maintain a healthy upward trend .

 Data on the chain The data on the chain this week tracked , Marked as SBF Your smart money address is about 7.4 Billion dollars .LUNA The foundation increased its position by about 14 Billion dollars .USDT Additional issues in the wave field 10 Billion dollars , Indicates that new funds have entered .

 Data on the chain

Futures view

Futures market sentiment continued to be short this week . Of mainstream exchanges BTC The long space ratio is relatively healthy , The rate of sustainable capital is negative , The number of open contracts decreased . It shows that mainstream investors in the futures market are still short , But compared with last week, some people have closed their short positions .

 Data on the chain

 Data on the chain

 Data on the chain

Market hot spots


THORChain Originally based on Cosmos-SDK Developed decentralized cross chain liquidity agreement , Enables users to trade across chains 、 Non packaged token assets .THORChain It is the strongest value capture ability at present defi project , The overall business can be understood as bancor Second pool mechanism ( Cross link DEX)+synthetic Of debt pool( Synthetic assets + To loan )+luna Of UST Mode of production ( Stable currency ), The whole system is THORChain The huge second pool . Every time 1 Dollar non rune The token is pledged to TVL, It will form 3 The dollar rune Buying demand .THORChain Synthetic assets will be launched in the near future , To loan , Stability currency and many other new businesses , drive TVL Explosive growth 200% Set a new high , expect 7 The main online line of the month .

 Data on the chain


Cult dao yes defi+dao, Is a goal is “ Help those who build a decentralized world ” Decentralized organization of . It is speculated that its founder may be shib Of ryoshi.Cult The token model is a deflationary model , It's the of every deal 0.4% The handling charges will become dao The investment fund of ( Every time I gather enough 15.5 individual ETH, among 2.5 individual ETH buy-back cult The destruction ,13 individual ETH Investing ), then dao Take it to VCs , The money you make is 50% buy-back cult The destruction ,50% Dividends to the pledgor .

Market data

Total lock volume of public chain

 Data on the chain This week, TVL appear 24.39B Rise , The increase is 11.54%, There have been more than... For two consecutive weeks 20% A substantial increase , According to this situation , It may break through the previous high in the short term .

Each public chain TVL Proportion

 Data on the chain This week, ETH The proportion of chain continues to decline , From last week's 54.84% Drop to 54.21%, The share is down 0.63%,Terra Continue to break through the previous high , rising 0.45%, Meanwhile, this week LUNA Currency price breaks through history , At present, it has ranked seventh in market value , The changes of other chains are small .

Lock volume of each chain agreement

ETH Lock volume

 Data on the chain BSC Lock volume

 Data on the chain Solana Lock volume

 Data on the chain Avalanche Lock volume

 Data on the chain Polygon Lock volume

 Data on the chain Fantom Lock volume

 Data on the chain Terra Lock volume

 Data on the chain Summary of this week's agreement

Overall this week TVL There is growth , Agreements have also seen relative growth , Among them Terra The chain grows the most ,Solana Followed by , The rest of the chains showed small growth . In the agreement , With Astroport The most growth , It as a Terra The first of Ecology AMM exchange , by Terra The first liquidity guidance pool has been constructed by the ecology 、 Improve capital efficiency of liquidity providers and reduce transaction slippage . May be affected by Terra The sharp increase in market value affects , Promote TVL growth .

ETH Gas fee History

 Data on the chain

At present, the cost of online transfer is about $9.17,Uniswap The transaction cost is about $31.25,Opensea The transaction cost is about $34.26, The growth of market side promotes Gas Raise , Breaking the continuous downward trend for a month and a half .

NFT Changes in market data

NFT The market value of the index

 Data on the chain NFT Market transaction overview

 Data on the chain NFT" Smart money " Purchase order

 Data on the chain In the near future NFT The overall market value has increased significantly , In terms of transaction volume and smart money purchase ,Gh0stlyGh0sts series NFT More popular , The series is Layer Zero Labs The first full chain NFT, With the past NFT The difference is , The original NFT Can only exist in the source chain , Even if the way through the bridge will NFT Cross chain , In fact, it's just the real NFT Locked in the contract , Generate a copy or map on the corresponding chain ; And this series can be through Layer Zero The protocol realizes real cross chain , It already exists in ETH、BSC、Fantom、Avalanche Wait for a total of seven chains . At present NFT The floor price is about 0.6ETH.

 Data on the chain

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