Niantic acquired nzxr, a New Zealand ar studio, with members from the original magic leap team

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niantic acquired nzxr new zealand

Complete the Tiger Fund Coature 3 Us $100 million financing , establish 2000 Thousands of dollars AR Investment funds , Acquisition WebAR developers 8th Wall…… Augmented reality technology developers Niantic Recent capital movements have been quite frequent . recently , The company also announced that it had acquired New Zealand AR Content development studio NZXR, But did not disclose specific financial details . Prior to joining Niantic after ,NZXR Will continue to focus on building multiplayer AR Experience .

NZXR Our members are mainly from Magic Leap. After the company got into trouble and made extensive layoffs , Still right AR Confident James · Everett (James Everett) Formed with his companions NZXR. Since its establishment , The team has been focused on creating fascinating interactive for the company and brand AR Content and related cross platform tools , And active exploration AR The game field .

It is worth mentioning that , The team worked for Qualcomm Snapdragon Spaces The platform builds a platform called 《The Great Crane Cake Off》 Presentation content .

NZXR Co founder Everett commented :“ For a long time , We've always been Niantic Fans of works and players of their games . Augmented reality is more than just virtual content displayed in the physical world , It also involves the location of use 、 Situational and social to enhance our daily experience .Niantic It provides this service to millions of players , and Lightship For developers all over the world AR The gate of Technology . A better world is not inevitable , It takes a lot of work .Niantic They have shown us that they are willing to work hard , And we are very happy to find a partner who can help us move towards a better future .”

Niantic Express :“ from 《Ingress》 To 《Pokémon GO》, Until then 《Pikmin Bloom》, Our goal has always been to create an augmented reality experience that millions of people can enjoy , And develop technologies that enable the experience and third-party applications Niantic Lightship.NZXR The team will help us accelerate the development of new types of... For the real-world based metauniverse AR Experience , And help our explorers create... In a lasting and shared way , contribution , And interact with digital objects . We very much welcome NZXR Join in Niantic, And we will continue to build AR And the future of the real world meta universe .”

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