Yuan universe entertainment company, a subsidiary of South Korean mobile game giant Wangshi, won an investment of about US $82 million from Hyundai Motor Group

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yuan universe entertainment company subsidiary

South Korean mobile game giant netstone announced , Net stone FC Flag “ Meta universe entertainment (Metaverse Entertainment)” Hyundai Motor Group “ZER01NE No.2 Fund”1000 Billion won ( About us 8207 Thousands of dollars ) The investment of . Through this contract , The virtual human being being being developed by metauniverse entertainment is expected to cooperate with Hyundai Automobile Group in various ways . at present , Net stone FC A platform based on blockchain technology is being developed , Including games 、 Virtual human 、 entertainment 、 Content ( Network cartoon 、 Network novel ) And business , It is expected to complete... In the first half of this year .(News 1)

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