A gamefi thinking experiment: each game is its own country

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gamefi thinking experiment game country
A more appropriate iteration of the metauniverse is game driven , More specifically GameFi.

Most of you may have read / I've seen player one ( No. 1 player ), Be shocked at what life in the meta universe will look like . although 「 Meta universe 」 The word has recently become a popular word , Let people throw money at garbage projects , But the concept starts with 20 century 90 The age already exists . John ・ perry ・ Barlow (John Perry Barlow) Is an Internet rights activist ,1996 In, he issued the declaration of independence of cyberspace .

He said :「 Governments in the industrial world , You tired bodies and steel giants , I come from cyberspace , A new home for thought . Represents the future , I beg your past people not to bother us . You are not welcome among us , You have no sovereignty where we gather . We don't have an elected government , It's unlikely that there will be one , So when I speak to you , There is no greater authority than freedom itself . I declare , The global social space we are building , Nature is independent of the tyranny you are trying to impose on us . You have no moral right to rule us , We have no reason to be afraid of any enforcement method .

Although we may deviate slightly from this vision , But the overall view is still valid , The need for sovereign digital space has always been important . today , We put this 「 cyberspace 」 Called the meta universe . Most people conceptualize the metauniverse in Zuckerberg's way . Zach wants you to live in a place with VR In the pod of headphones and glasses , And you're eating worms , Meet your office mate over coffee in a metauniverse . I'm not saying it won't happen , I won't let a billionaire who basically controls social media fade . however , I think the more appropriate iteration of the metauniverse is game driven , More specifically GameFi.

Let me explain why , Let's look at the evolution of the game . You have board games and card games , Then arcade games , Then it's based on the console / PC The transition of video games , This really pushes the game into the stratosphere . In the current stage of video games , You'll see the line between the beginning of the game and the beginning of the game blur . With the fight Royal game 、 Sandbox games and RPG The popularity of , Games are becoming more and more social . If you attend Travis on Fortress night ・ Scott's concert , Are you still playing games ? Or in GTA NoPixel( Sin city ) Live a complete virtual life in ? You tell me .

For the younger generation , The game is where they hang out 「 Third 」 place . The older generation will be at home 、 Schools and shopping malls / Stroll in the park . The younger generation is at home now 、 School and games / Hang out online . Most people may find it difficult to conceptualize this virtual life , But for the next generation , This will be second nature . After all , We are all products of the environment .

As games become more and more social , I think it's at least the first version of the virtual world , If it's not the final state .

that ,GameFi What does it have to do with this ? essentially ,GameFi Let the fake game economy we are currently involved in become a reality . With the support of blockchain decentralization and open infrastructure , The community focused approach has created a major breakthrough in creating new game areas , Game earn & Play and earn (Play-to-earn & Play-and-earn).

As far as I'm concerned , When I have a bird's-eye view GameFi When ecosystem , I think every game is its own country , Make the whole GameFi The ecosystem becomes the virtual world where these digital countries are located . The game at this stage is far from smooth or interesting , Unable to achieve this goal , But if you look like Axie or SecureDAO Such a game , You can get a glimpse of what a game as a digital country will look like . A strong community , Continuously participate in economic activities and Governance , At the same time, build mini games on top of existing games , To create a broad ecosystem of activities .


The core elements of a country are 3 individual .

  1. Population
  2. Economy and government
  3. territory

I know in the real world , The economy and the government are separated to some extent . But from GameFi From the perspective of , It makes more sense to put them in one category , You'll find out why later in this article .

1. Population

A country must exist , You need people . People's participation in the economy , Occupation of land , Make the country productive . For our digital country , Population is community . Building a strong community , Its values are consistent with the project , That's the top priority . Community building can be successful , You can also fail , You can also lose . It doesn't just apply to GameFi, And suitable for general encryption technology .

The difference between the population of a real country and the community of a digital country is , The community has ownership and management of almost everything . Traditional games are controlled by developers , Although they may have a thriving ecosystem , But developers have the final say on what happens , When things come to a critical juncture , The community has no real ownership . take DAO Introducing games , Completely changed the situation of traditional games , Now the community has a positive voice in the development taking place in the country through symbolic voting ,NFT Give ownership of in-game assets to the community . This version of the meta universe is the representative of the ownership economy . Communities have part of the economy they build and participate in .

More Than This , The community will also be at the forefront of the creator economy . Through the power of modification , Community members can create their mini games on the existing game infrastructure , To create more economic activity , And drive national growth . Transformation can be seen as using the country's infrastructure to build different businesses that people can participate in .

For those who don't know , Modification refers to modifying . This is when community members change some elements of the game or add something to the game , Make it a new experience . image Roblox and GTA( Sin city ) Such games are therefore very popular . even to the extent that Day Z( Armed raids 2) It is also the result of a variety of multi-functional modules , This type of modification helps keep players 、 Increase player participation , And create new user streams . In traditional games , Some publishers don't really support retrofitting , Because it won't directly benefit them , And in the GameFi In the game , Refitting will actually be motivated and seeded , Because it will drive the demand for game underlying tokens .DAO The vault can also benefit by charging additional revenue from the transaction fees generated by modifying the game , Because they use the game's infrastructure . Because it promotes this ,Treasury ureDAO Very popular .

Measuring the success of changes depends on the overall system created by the developer . This means that the construction of the whole mechanics and feature system must make it flexible . Knowing how a game will be accepted by the audience is a predictive game , You won't always be right , So being very rigid and deadly to the system means that you are limiting players to accept the game the way you want , This is usually not a good way to build a community . If you enable flexibility in your system , It allows you to update the game according to how you accept it . By focusing on the community , You can constantly adjust and add more functions , To expand your user base .

Although it sounds interesting , But we must be careful . At present GameFi It's too early to say . We have never seen an open 、 free 、 The game economy with real monetary value runs for a long time . When developers have complete control of the game , Management is relatively easy . When it's open , When managed by the community , It will be more difficult to manage 10 times . There may be hundreds of problems that haven't been encountered yet , because GameFi It hasn't expanded to this level yet .

2. Economy and government 、 government

Every country needs a well functioning economy . The economy of digital countries may seem simple on the surface , But it's actually complicated . The ultimate goal is to establish a proper balance between the sink and the faucet . Balance capital inflows and outflows . The faucet is a mechanism for creating tokens and items , And the sink is removed / Mechanisms for using tokens and items . about defi deegens( Decentralized gamblers ) Come on , This can be thought of as burning and casting .

Examples of sinking include utilities , For example, small players upgrade or buy some public goods , Regular auctions of rare collections , Players pay for super rare items and gamble , A tax on land or trade , Can be used as symbolic objects and sinking handicrafts , A donation that encourages people to pay for an experience or a rare item / Activities , And bet currency , Faucet mainly includes token release schedule and reward for completing certain tasks .

The task is to establish the function and mechanism of the game , Make a proper balance between the faucet and the sink . These features should motivate users to maintain this balance . There are too many things in the faucet , You will lose your retention of players , Because things in the game become less valuable , This will reduce the player's enthusiasm for efforts . Too much sinking , Then members become too difficult to do anything , Finding balance is the key .

As you may know , Most games follow the dual token model . A token is a governance token , The second token is a practical token ( for example :axs/slp、cra/TUS、raider/auum). The holder of governance markers essentially becomes the government of digital countries , They voted on the proposal , And tax through agreed income redistribution ( That's why I connect economics and Governance ). Utility tokens are used to drive the economy in the game . It is released as a reward for completing the task , And used for the sink in the game . But the current economy is not perfect , They lack some elements to take the user experience to a new level .

This is it. DeFi Where to get involved

In the virtual world , If the game is active and social , that Defi Will support the financial layer . at present , Most games have been used, such as AMMS and STAKING etc. Defi The original language , But they haven't been fully released yet Defi The potential of . To better understand what this might look like , I will refer to @0xAikoDai& @0xkydo An article written . Their blog came up with ideas . I highly recommend reading this article , Especially if you want to explain this concept in more detail , however , I'll give you a very simple overview .

Blog represents 、 lock 、 Comprehensive and governance . The overall goal is through an all encompassing AMM Improve the trading experience , Reduce selling pressure through long-term locking , Increase the utility of locking token through governance control , And increase the purchase pressure through efficient repurchase .

adopt Bancors The omnipotent pool improves the trading experience .Omnipool AMM( Universal pool automatic market maker ) Perfect for games , Because the game has many tradable items and tokens , Liquidity is not very good . adopt OmniPools, You have a central liquidity pool , This allows you to trade without a real counterparty , Therefore, everyone's trading experience will be smoother , Liquidity is no longer fragmented .

Long term lock through Curve(CRV) Vote escrow (VE) Model implementation . The longer the user locks the token , The more rewards and governance power they get , It's like putting money in the bank , This effectively reduces the selling pressure .

Governance control comes from Andre Cronje(AC) General ve (3,3) Model . Suppose the token discussed here is XYZ, Users can use their veXYZ Buy GovNFT, This will give them governance and other capabilities , To provide locked tokens Dapp It can also be used to control where liquidity flows in interesting ways .

Repurchase is through Bancors The vortex system performs , It allows agreements to be made at a discounted price instead of 1:1 Buy back at a price . The vortex basically creates a deal XYZ/veXYZ The market of . Because each veXYZ Represents one or more XYZ, So you can put veXYZ Sell to XYZ To get a discount repurchase .

This is just Defi How to communicate with GameFi An example used together ,DEFI Will consolidate the economic structure and activities of digital countries , It will serve as a key infrastructure .

3. territory

The beauty of digital countries lies in , They don't have to worry about territorial disputes or threats of violence . The war here is to attract people's attention , That country can attract or retain more talents . In terms of available space , The real world is limited , There can only be so many countries . But on the Internet , You can have an infinite number of countries , People can choose to live with their favorite community . in any case , Whether the game engine runs on the chain or off the chain , Everyone has space .

Because digital countries are not limited by physical land , We can see the occupation of territory as attracting people's attention , And keep them in your community , This is the product of identity and culture . The culture created around the Olympic Games , And the way people identify in the community . In digital countries , You have a choice , You won't be born in a place you don't know , Just forced to integrate into that community . You join a community that suits your atmosphere . People are eager to integrate into , The way the identity of a digital country is portrayed helps to expand the country with the right people . The more people who eventually integrate and stay in your country , The bigger your footprint in the virtual world .

Investment countries

In my submission , To judge the long-term potential of digital countries , The best way is to integrate into the community . It's a cliche , But it's important. . If you're hiding in the community Discord Or in a telegram , Then you begin to understand how people view the project , They are famous members , Whether they want to build their own mini games on it, etc . The early information you get basically allows you to get an early understanding of what is happening in this country . You can also measure how many people have been engaged in this business for a long time , How many people are in this business to make a quick profit and leave . You can interact with the core team , To understand their vision and depth of knowledge , If you're lucky , You can also secretly learn about the roadmap and overall plan of the project .Crypto Raiders and TreasureDAO Checked these boxes for me ( project ), That's why I'm optimistic about them . I'm sure there are more such communities , But I just haven't found .

Another way to look at it is through game centered FAT( fat ) The lens of the agreement paper , investment L1 The token is 2021 The best deal of the year , Because of the infrastructure, all its activities are L1.L1 Projects on have never been better than what they are based on L1 The project is more valuable ( It means that the project value in the public chain is higher than the public chain value ), Although cross chain and multi chain applications may change this .

Also for the meta universe , You have a virtual world . image SAND and NFT World Such a project , It acts as an infrastructure on which people can build anything . You can buy land , Create anything on your land to promote economic activity . If games build their digital countries on these virtual worlds , So by investing in infrastructure , You can access the benefits of everything in the virtual world , And it's done very well .

Another area that needs to be studied is game design and game economy . I mentioned them briefly above , But I suggest looking at the resources below , To get a more detailed outlook on how to evaluate game economy and game design . As repeatedly mentioned , The main thing you have to focus on is , Whether there is an appropriate balance in their economy . It takes time to figure out , But once you figure it out , You can understand the sustainability of the game . In addition to Sustainability , You can also measure the incentives driven by creators . They are trying to attract users quickly , Or liquidity for short-term speculation or potential exit scams , Or try to build something that will be big in the long run ?

To sum up

This framework is a useful thinking experiment , You can conceptualize what the virtual world will look like in a few years . I think the Olympic Games will be the reason for the country , At least in the short term , Because people need some activities to participate in . The game has proved itself , Has more than one in the world 30 Billion user base . adopt P2E&P&E(Play-to-earn & Play-and-earn) Monetize the game , This is a kind of by GameFi Driven virtual world , Looks very likely .

I do understand that it's a little dark , Because technically , To be optimistic about avatars is to be bearish about reality , But when change is happening , And when most people seem to value it , It's foolish to sail against the current .

As Bruce Lee said :「 Be like water , Adapt to what's happening , And make the most of it 」.

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