Bloomberg Intelligence: according to the discounted cash flow model, the value of eth is $6128

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bloomberg intelligence discounted cash flow

Bloomberg Intelligence According to the report , According to the discounted cash flow model ,ETH The value of 6,128 dollar , About... Of the current price 180%. Ethereum after the merger , The pledgor of Ethereum will be entitled to some future income , Or transaction costs incurred on the network . meanwhile , Because blockchain has no direct cost , Income is profit . This allows the use of traditional financial ratios , For example, P / E multiple .

The transaction cost of Ethereum is 2021 Years to 98 Billion dollars , yes 2020 Year of 16 times , because DeFi and NFT Space is booming , While most of the DeFi and NFT Activities are hosted on Ethereum . The report estimates that , Ethereum will be in 2022 Annual production 127 Billion dollars , Than 2021 Annual growth 30%. It also expects cash flow to grow annually over the next three years 30%, And then in 2035 Annual decline to the final growth rate . According to the report , According to the data , The report uses three different discounted cash flow models ETH The values are 6,128 dollar 5,539 The dollar and 9,328 dollar , Average is 6,998 dollar .

According to the same report , Driven by increased institutional demand and changes in U.S. regulations , To 2028 year , Cryptocurrency exchange traded products (ETP) Assets under management may exceed 1200 Billion dollars . encryption ETP At present, the asset management scale of is about 600 Billion dollars .(Market Watch)

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