Starbucks launches digital strategic plan to deal with internal crisis

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starbucks launches digital strategic plan
Schultz Believe that by entering NFT field , Starbucks will be able to “ restore ” The experience of its customers and employees .

The founder and new interim manager of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz I hope the company will enter NFT field .

On the first day of this term ,Schultz Discuss their... With employees in an open forum “ restore ” The company's new strategy for the future .

This is a Schultz The third of CEO term , He returned to the company when there were problems inside Starbucks . The company's employees have been voting for the establishment of unions in several states in the United States , In pursuit of higher wages and better working environment .

Presumably ,Schultz Our return is to meet the requirements of employees , and NFT and Crypto May be one of the means to be taken in the future .

Schultz He shared his strategic plan for Starbucks on his official blog . He said Starbucks faced new practical obstacles , Include “ The tightening of the supply chain ” and “ Lack of management ”.

To improve the situation ,Schultz He said he would spend more time with the company's employees . This will help Starbucks become “ transparent ” and “ be responsible for ”.

As a first measure ,Schultz Announced the suspension of Starbucks' stock repurchase program . Companies usually repurchase shares in order to raise the price of shares , But this may ignore other business units .

Schultz Express “ from now on , We will suspend the stock repurchase program . This decision will allow us to invest more profits in our employees and stores , This is the only way to create long-term value for all stakeholders .”

Schultz Seems to focus on winning the support of employees , And try to understand their “ Ideas and suggestions ”.

Producer and journalist Jordan Zakarin Express :“ This is no joke ,Schultz Tell Starbucks employees , They will launch Starbucks sometime this year NFT, And may give employees some new benefits .”

In public forums ,Schultz Express , He is not. “Crypto Advocate ”. However, a large part of Starbucks' future strategy will be based on the digital world .

At this event ,Schultz The participants were asked about NFT View of the upsurge . since 2021 Since then ,NFT It has had an impact on many industries . In this context ,Schultz It means that Starbucks will be in 2022 At the end of, we launched our own digital assets .

Schultz Believe that by entering NFT field , Starbucks will be able to “ restore ” The experience of its customers and employees .

Schultz Express , Digital assets will provide tools for Starbucks , So that it can adapt to the current era , And provide new ways for customers to interact with stores .

This new possibility will keep Starbucks as a unionized company .Schultz I hope Starbucks will continue to be a “ There is no need for someone between us and our employees ” The company .

At the time of writing this report , Starbucks' share price is still falling , Indicates that the market may not be right Schultz Excited about your digital plan , However, time will prove everything .

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