After the merger of Ethereum 2.0, these types of applications will become game rule changers

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This article is applicable to those topics that I like “ Think Ahead ” People who .

The etheric fang Is changing , And it changes quickly . As we transition to proof of interest (PoS), Next year will bring fundamental changes to Ethereum network .

Here are some things to pay attention to ……

Recently discussed ETH 2.0 There is a lot of content . In this post , I will pay special attention to projects that may change the rules of the game . Premise is , Only ETH 2.0 And the upgrades it introduces to make things possible .

Pledge pool

After Ethereum merger , Pledgers on the Internet will begin to receive token Release and transaction costs . Verifier qualification requires 32 ETH To pledge to get . However ,“ Pledge pool ” The mode allows multiple small users to gather together to become verifiers and distribute rewards .

image Lido Finance + Rocket Pool Such services are bound to receive attention .

Collateral derivatives

Pledged derivatives usually represent pledged ETH Of ERC-20 token.

With the usual pledge ETH Different , Pledged derivatives make pledged ETH It can be like any other ERC-20 Like tokens in DeFi Use in .

Safest + The combination of liquidity will absorb tens of billions of value .

stETH Strategy

Now we have introduced token pledge ETH, In fact, there are other use cases .

stETH There is a large demand for . The maximum revenue generation agreement will be rewarded by users trying to maximize revenue .

Revenue strategy + stETH It's a delicious combination .

Span Rollup framework

Cross chain things are cool , But span rollup Tools ? This is something that people don't pay close enough attention to . bridge Optimistic Rollup and zkrollup Between the gullies dApp There will be a bright future .

for example ,Hop Protocol

Relay service

Rollups Used calldata.Calldata It's very expensive , One of the most expensive operations on the Ethereum network is writing to storage . For things like Arbitrum & Optimism In this way Rollup, Support bundling txs The robot network will be very helpful to reduce the cost .

for example ,GnosisDAO + Argent


It's not just ETH 2.0 The season of , And it's zkproof The season of . This is the result of years of research .zkproof Technology can make ETH Expand to incredible levels . these dApp It has been launched and will help billions of users use ETH

for example ,zkSync, Road seal

Streaming media / payment

Layer 2 The extension of will be L2 Local dApps Lay the foundation for real growth . This is where things like streaming media will really shine . Once they are further adopted , Users will flock to these with unparalleled UX Solutions for .

for example ,Sablier + Splits

Multi Chain Governance

Tokens are not the best choice for voting , Because of them :

  • Limited by chain safety risk

  • Not conducive to participation

Competition is becoming cross chain DAO Tools to establish the next industry standard . There are many unique ways to do this .

for example ,Guild


mention zkproof, You have to mention privacy , Right ? Our privacy should be the most important thing for us .zkproofs Zero knowledge verification can be carried out for any function without disclosing the underlying information . This is very important .

counterfactual (Counterfactual) wallet

The counterfactual wallet will enable users to use directly ETH To L2, At the same time, avoid initial L1 High deposit gas The cost of this technology will be top CEX and DeFi The protocol is used to bring a large number of new users

for example , Road seal

Cross chain accounts

Many rights and interests prove that blockchain has been quietly committed to the cross chain future . Cross chain accounts will allow different blockchains to interact with each other easily ETH Interact with all smart contracts on the . This will help release billions of dollars ……

for example ,Cosmos

Back to fundamentals ?

Everything I describe in this post may be the spark we need for our next trend . If they work accordingly , This will be ETH Bring a refreshing new chapter .

These are not things you want to ignore .

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