Ready player Dao completed a financing of US $10.2 million at a valuation of US $150 million, led by the Chernin group

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ready player dao completed financing

Bo chain finance and economics learned that ,4 month 5 Japan , According to the Ready Player Dao Announce to 1.5 Billion dollars valuation completed 1020 Ten thousand dollar financing .

This round of financing is from The Chernin Group Lead investment ,Sterling VC、1kx、Hashed and Consensus Mesh Wait for the vote .

Ready Player DAO It is a decentralized autonomous organization composed of a group of game lovers and meta universe explorers , Committed to using collective strength to create a fair game environment for all .

Ready Player Dao Rent to NFT Game assets represented by , Allow people to access the game and earn Token or NFT And so on .

at present ,Ready Player Dao There are more than... In their community 10,000 A gamer .

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