Magic enamel technology has completed a financing of US $130 million in the hope of "building a yuan universe infrastructure"

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magic enamel technology completed financing

4 month 6 Japan , Metauniverse infrastructure enterprise magic enamel technology announced the continuous completion of B round 、C Round of funding , Total sum 1.3 Billion dollars . among ,B This round of financing is jointly invested by Qingxin capital and Jinsha capital , Sequoia China and Wuyuan capital have made three consecutive rounds of additional investment ;C Round of funding 1.1 $billion from Softbank vision Fund 2 Jointly lead the investment with a well-known strategic investment institution , Northern lights venture capital 、 Index venture capital and investment , Index capital as the exclusive financial advisor .

Magic enamel technology was founded in 2018 year , Is a company based on computer graphics and AI Technology centered technology companies , It has full stack end-to-end virtual content intelligent production 、 Virtual human creation and operation technology , And self-developed professional and consumer level virtual live broadcasting technology , And three dimensions AI Virtual human capability platform , Created a full stack product matrix .

Founder and of magic enamel technology CEO Dr. Chai Jinxiang introduced , The company's products include : By creating end-to-end intelligent tools , Reduce the production threshold of meta universe content , Increase capacity , Accelerating the scale of the content of the meta universe Xmov Virtual content collaborative production intelligent cloud platform ; By building mature Standardization 、 Full stack virtual live broadcast and social interaction products , Cover To B Professional and To C Of consumer application scenarios Avatar; And based on artificial intelligence technology AI Virtual human capability platform AI Human , It can realize the of full intelligent virtual human 「 create - Cultivation - application 」, help To B Professional and To C One stop shop for consumer customers AI Virtual human , Put the virtual digital human into various application scenarios , Such as virtual customer service 、 Virtual sales 、 Virtual teacher 、 Virtual HR Officer 、 E-commerce anchor 、 Virtual training, etc .

With the original full stack AI Performance animation technology 、 Intelligent modeling and binding technology 、 Virtual content intelligent collaborative production technology 、 Virtual live broadcasting technology and AI Virtual human technology accumulation , Magic enamel technology is building virtual world infrastructure and creating high quality 、 high efficiency 、 Intelligent virtual content , Achieved many breakthroughs .

Magic enamel technology has cooperated with many upstream studios , And including game companies 、 Entertainment film and television company 、 Internet platform company 、 Consumer goods companies 、 Technology companies and other downstream industry customers have cooperated , Build ecological barriers with participants in all links of the industrial chain .

Up to now , Magic enamel technology has served more than 200 Enterprise customers , Covering the game 、 entertainment 、 consumption 、 Online retailers 、 Finance 、 technology 、 education 、 Medical care 、 Cultural tourism and other industries .

among , Virtual content collaborative intelligent production cloud platform not only creates original virtual content IP Ling , Also for Alibaba , tencent , , L 'oreal , Interesting ( Kraft ), Erie , MENGNIU , IFLYTEK and other well-known enterprises have created virtual image spokesmen or high-quality virtual content . Virtual live broadcasting technology and products and services include Ye Xiu ( Reading passage )、 Linghu ( tencent )、 Octopus mother ( Alibaba )、 Saratoga (B standing )、 Little love students ( millet )、M The elder sister ( L 'oreal ) And so on IP.AI The virtual human has already served 、OPPO、 The xinhua news agency 、 China Mobile 、 Bank for economic construction 、 Everbright Bank 、 Huaxia bank 、 Bank of nanjing 、 Head customers such as Taiping Insurance .

Chai Jinxiang said , Based on full stack technical capability , Magic enamel technology is the scale of 3D virtual content 、 Interactive 、 Provide platform solutions for intelligent production , More virtual consumer services and products will be provided in the future , Further extend the application scenario to 「 fictitious +X」.

“ Magic enamel technology hopes to build a meta universe ‘ Hydropower coal ’, Let all enterprises 、 All ordinary people can use platform services in the future 、 Create your own virtual human at the lowest cost , Produce high-quality virtual content , In the combination of emptiness and reality 、 Virtual ecology in the interaction of all things , Create value , Circle of life .” Chai Jinxiang said .

Founder and of magic enamel technology CEO Dr Chai Jinxiang said , The essence of the meta universe is to upgrade the information carrier and interactive mode with three-dimensional original virtual content and virtual human as the core , The value of magic enamel is to focus on the scale of virtual content and virtual people 、 Interactive 、 Intelligence provides infrastructure , Enable all walks of life to enter the era of meta universe . The financing funds will be mainly used for product R & D investment , Industry wide multi scenario market expansion , Upstream and downstream ecological construction and layout , Further expand magic enamel in technology 、 Leading edge in products and markets .

“ 3D virtual content has been widely used in games 、 Movies 、 Social and other fields , And as the basic constituent element of the meta universe , The capacity of 3D virtual content will become a scarce resource in the era of meta universe .”C Zhang Kaixun, managing partner of Softbank vision fund, the leading investor, said :“ Compared with the traditional single point software tools and labor-intensive content production process , The end-to-end full stack virtual content and virtual human intelligent production product matrix independently developed by magic enamel , It can greatly improve the production efficiency of 3D virtual content and virtual human , Enabling large-scale 、 Intelligent production . We believe that magic enamel's full link intelligent technology can bring a new round of technological changes to the traditional 3D content production industry , It is also optimistic that magic enamel will become the infrastructure of virtual content production in the meta universe era .”

Deng Feng, founding managing partner of Aurora Borealis venture capital, said , Next generation Internet platform , Will be with 3D Mainly in the form of media , Virtual human will play an important information carrier . current 3D The modeling industry lacks process 、 Standardization , The high cost 、 Low efficiency , The cost of virtual human remains high , It is difficult to popularize and apply , Aurora Borealis continues to look for subversives in the industry . Professor Chai as AI+CG A global leader in the field , Led magic enamel to achieve remarkable results , It has rich technology and product line . The meta universe is not far away , Aurora Borealis believes , With the establishment of magic enamel Ecology , Virtual human technology can change the existing forms of interaction in many industries 、 Media form .

The angel of Sequoia technology investment , And make additional investment in the next two times . Wang Hao, managing director of Sequoia China, said , Optimistic about the company's technology in Metaverse、AR/VR、 The application prospect of virtual content and virtual human .

Cheng Yu, a partner of Wuyuan capital, also said , stay Metaverse In front of such a huge wave unfolding slowly , technology “ infrastructure ” Is the core challenge , It is also a major opportunity .

Chai Jinxiang holds a doctorate from the Institute of robotics, Carnegie Mellon University , Before the founding of magic enamel technology, it was a famous American Engineering School TAMU Professor for life , In graphics 、 Three dimensional virtual human 、AI Domain owned 20 More than years of research experience . The core members of the team are from Microsoft Research 、TAMU、 tsinghua 、 Shanghai Jiaotong University 、 Zhejiang University and other well-known enterprises and Colleges .

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